1 Chapter 1

Much to my dismay, I slapped the alarm clock's off button, making my already hella comfy bed feel like heaven. I knew if I didn't get up now I'd be late. I ran downstairs seeing my roommate, her cooking is the best smell I could ever wake up to.

I walk over and grab a piece of her bagel and stick it in my mouth, she makes her own cream cheese so it was bound to be amazing. "Hey! that was mine." She says with a playful pout. "Oh yes, cus you can't survive without half a bagel," I say back sarcastically, this is a normal morning for us.

I ran into our shared closet and pulled out a black turtle neck sweater and red sweatpants, the combo looking professional, yet comfy. "Y/n, are u dressed?" she knocked and then questioned. "Yeah hold on R/n I'll be ready in a sec."

I open the door to find a bored R/n waiting to say I've been in there for 'forever'. We grabbed our bags with our school supplies and began to head out. Looking at each other nervously, she gives me a nod of approval and reassurance. Today, was our first day at UA.

We began to go our separate ways as she was in class 1B, I only made it into 1A because of my dual quirks, it pissed me off as R/n was stronger than me, but she said it's fine, so as long as she's happy that's all that matters.

I began to zone out strapping my gloves on to protect the others around me. "Oi, you blind or something." I hadn't even realized I had run into someone until I looked up, it was a tall male with blond hair that made him look like a pompom. "Oh I'm so sorry I was completely zoned out," I say unfazed. "Oi, are you ignoring me!?" His hands slightly sparking, "Yo, I just answered you didn't I? Chill out." I begin to walk past him and he surprising lets me, unknowing the wide-eyed boy I left behind.

I made my way inside the classroom and sat down, observing the ones around me. There was a small boy with green hair, he seemed to be mumbling something to himself. Another boy that had split hair seemed to be doing the same thing as I, we locked eyes and he gave me a silent nod, understanding that had the same idea. I also saw the boy I ran into earlier, he was getting yelled at by a boy with glasses about having his feet on the table.

Then, the teacher walked in. I could only glance at the yellow caterpillar that was before me, telling the blond boy who he addressed as 'Bakugo' and the glasses boy 'Ilda' to stop their arguments. I sunk back into my seat, and closed my eyes, not caring much about the lesson, as it was orientation. I had already taken it online. This was going to be a long day.

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