1 Child of the Ocean

A large civilian ship was trap amidst a very large and powerful storm. The surrounding waves crashed and rocked the boat as if furious. All it took was one mistake and they would all die. They had already committed that mistake. They were unbalanced. The majority of the passengers and cargo were to the back of the boat.

All it took was one massive swell, before the boat was submerged. Sinking rapidly. The hundreds of Victims hardly had time to scream before they all died. Well, all but one. Miraculously, in a small basket, floating in the oceans breeze. A giggling was heard.

Inside the basket is a small infant. Hardly, 4 months old. Small, pure white fuzz decorated the child's head. It was a boy. Blue eyes glinting in amusement as the waves rocked him to and fro as if the Ocean was a mother trying to get her fussy child asleep. Slowly the storm calmed down. Yet the child floated assuredly in one direction.

A current was pushing the basket in a single direction, as the Ocean itself moved the child to a large cluster of rocks in the middle of the Ocean. Among the rocks is a perfectly circular space that the boy floats into. The moment the child enters the center, Nature itself roared in victory.

The boy began to glow a deep blue, an angry wind bursting from his body as lighting sparked around him. The child screamed in agony as the element's themselves intended to mark the boy as theirs. In the end, the deep blue won. The lighting and gales dispersed, but Nature did not.

A hurricane stood over nearly the entire ocean, rocking the entire world by it's fierce power. Lighting started flashing through the sky as if demanding to be heard. Wind raged through the sky angry at it's loss. The Ocean.


She danced in victory at her find. Her avatar. Waves danced in joy, whirlpools formed and the rain caused by it's furious movements graced everything, spread The Oceans joy.

The boy stopped glowing, but he was marked. The Ocean moved the boy close to a family fishing in a small boat. The Ocean can not raise a human infant. It needed the the boy to grow. Grow to be the strongest. By the time the boy unlocked his powers, the entire oceans knowledge would be inside the boys head. Waiting to be used.

The child needn't be good or bad. Evil or Holy. The Ocean was unbiased. It does as it pleases. It simply needed an avatar in order to cure boredom. Then again, who can truly understand Nature?