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"Where am I ? what is this place? What's going on?" When Simon woke up the only thing he saw was the darkness surrounding him.he couldn't feel his body he couldn't even move, the only thing he could do was thinking.

Suddenly he remembered that before he came to this place he had an accident which caused by huge glass that uses for building windows.it happens to he extremely liked kids, when he passes by new building construction site he saw little kids playing around. Then wires which are pulling huge glass to the upper site of construction. Then as things always go he tried to save kids and huge glass crushed him to bits.

"So I'm dead, then where is the god?" Simon already guessed since he was dead and he didn't lose his previous life memories he is going to reborn born. as a shut-in neet, it's general knowledge.

"That right my child you are dead and ill send to a world which you chooses." Supposedly 'GOD' spoke to Simon without showing himself.

Simon didn't mind the details now he is extremely excited about his new life "Great one how about my karmic points?" According to his senpai's, without a greater amount of karmic points, he wouldn't be here.

"ha-ha child of men you even know about karmic points, I m impressed"

Simon felt embarrassed it was not his original knowledge but purely from light novels. then god spoke again "you have an almost unlimited amount of karmic points, so you could ask anything from me but keep it low more thing would only bring harm than good"

Simon surprised why does he have an unlimited number of karmic points, the only thing he did was saving a bunch of kids who were playing around like fools, thinking about this he felt something wrong as if God felt his thoughts with his godly voice he started to explain things to Simon.

"Child if you weren't there to save those children it would have case rift between worlds and cause apocalypse to earth, so you have saved millions of people and even unborn children.so those points aren't unreasonable"

Eh!! How in the hell saving those kids would be caused to stop the apocalypse, now Simon even more confused "how come saving those kids would cause this?" Simon thought Since 'GOD' is here he should know the answer.

"This...hmm I'm not supposed to talk about this with anyone but since you have this much karmic points ill tell you" GOD's seems like he was reluctant to talk about this but he still decided to tell this to Simone.

"Those kids aren't normal kids, they are kids of God king who oversees everything, so you get the idea I can't tell you more than that"

Simon had more questions but he decided to pass that since he's ready to start his new life.

"God I'm ready to go to a new world," he said make up his mind.there is no need him to think about those things. he just wanna to enjoy his new life.

Voice was slightly surprised because his sudden change of attitude, but didn't push it further "good then since you have a huge amount of karmic points you can choose world you which you like also five abilities, powers or whatever you like to call it"

Simon had another list of questions but he decides to go with a flow, as for what world he chooses he already knew where he needs to go it was his favorite and favorite of others who came before him it was Naruto of cause.

"I want to go Naruto world"

"Alright, what timeline?" God didn't find it hard to do with this amount of karmic points so he directly went Q&A phase.

Now it's Simon's time to think, he didn't want to babysit Naruto and do a bunch of mission or watch drama between Sasuke and Naruto his first goal to get 40 years old virgin. as for age gap he didn't mind that he had plans for that.after thinking this he said to go "timeline is, one and half years after Naruto and Jiraiya went to train" at this time Tsunade was alone and most of the relationships aren't even started yet, so for archive his dreams this was the best time.

God voice again asked a question "as a what do you wanna to go, as a newborn or as a young man?"

"As a young man with age of 17-18 years old"this time Simon answer without much delay.it's not like he didn't want to have a family it's just that if he were to born as a newborn baby he would lose all the action and all the fun, also Tsunade would never accept him."oh and make me handsome" Simon said shamelessly.

"Granted, Boy now chooses your five perks"God's voice seems like he enjoying from Simon's requests.

"First Immorality and ability to make others immoral too, Second Chakra reserve which exceeds nine tail by the whole realm, Third is Rinnegan which could use rebirth ability without any backlash simply means Rinnegan without limiter,forth is tail beast that could rival ten tail,finally 100% fertility rate" final one he asked because he feared as in his old life he lost two potential wives because of his inability, so he didn't want the same thing happened in Naruto world too.

Hearing Simon's requests God could help but laugh out loud, a few seconds later he knew Simon felt embarrassed so he quickly said "ill grant your requests but as for immortality, even us gods aren't immoral,even he would have to take reincarnation one in while so ill make some change and grant you 300 years and ability to grant 300 years,are you ok with this?"

Even though Simon felt embarrassed he didn't say anything, as for Immortality he also felt immortality would be boring as time goes, so he agreed and ask "so what would be my beast? oh! And make him loyal to me"

"You beast will be wolf which has power as you requested, "God's voice said.

"Alright thank you" Simon bow his imaginary head.

"No need for that now it's time for me to go home my wives and kids waiting off you go" then Simon surrounding change to blinding light he felt like he was falling down from a very high place. Simon felt awesome so he yells loudly "Ladies here I com...." before he finished his face hit the ground with thud!!

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