2 2 Unlocking Chakra

Shigeo headed out of the room just in time for the other's to arrive.

"Oh, Shigi-chan you woke up" The matron Akira Masato, an old woman that seemed to be in her late fifties said with a smile.

"Mm, I just woke up baa-chan" Shigeo said calmly.

"Okay, the rest of us just got back but the others went out to play. Have you eaten yet?" She asked

"No but I'm fine, I'm not hungry right now. I'll just eat at dinner" he said "Anyway baa-chan I'm going to head off to the park to play"

"Oh? That's wonderful Shigi-chan, I'm glad that you finally want to start making friends. Just make sure to comeback before sundown" The matron said.

"Yes, sure thing baa-chan!" Shigeo said as he rushed out the door as the matron nodded her head before continuing her work.


Running outside Shigeo soon found himself staring at the sight of Konoha.

'Wow, to think that I am now in a fictional world. This really does look amazing' he thought as he stared at the stone carvings of the hokage's. He saw that there were only 4 carvings and from memories of the previous Shigeo, he knew that he was the same age as the boy who was named after the series.

He only shook his head and headed to the forest. He only used the park as an alibi to get out but what he really wanted was to try out the power of the goro goro no mi. But first he had to be able to use his chakra.

If he was correct, clan children should have already started training by now so he too wanted to start training so he doesn't get left behind.

'Especially the Uchiha kid' Shigeo thought. If the pieces of memories of the anime and manga were correct, then Sasuke Uchiha, one of the main characters of the story should be the strongest and talented out of the current generation of kids his age.


Shigeo clicked his tongue. 'Clan children have a better starting point than me. I should start my training, but in order to do that I have to start working out my body first. After all two of my golden fingers are related to the physical conditioning of my physical body' He thought.

After all, how could he start training on the six powers and his haki with such a weak body? The most he could do right now is some chakra exercises, as well as regular workouts like push-ups, sit-ups, and etc.

Hopefully he could start practicing the six powers after a few months or at least by this year. After all, children should be stronger than those back in earth due to being strengthened and using chakra.

As for haki, he should start out with observation haki first. It was more benefitting for him to learn it first, after all it somewhat mimics sage mode and is a counter to the sharingan. Well the normal sharingan at least, with observation haki he could fight with his eyes closed so he doesn't need to look in the eyes of his opponent.

Soon after he was done planning he looked ahead and saw that he was already close to the outskirts of the village and was in front of the forest. Was somewhere between the second and third training ground but he made sure to avoid them and found a spot near the river.

He chose a place that no body should visit as it was at the edge of Konoha and was in the outskirts. He could already vividly see the wall that surrounded the village. After nodding his head he went be a tree and sat under it in a cross legged position.

'So if my memories are correct, chakra is the combination of physical energy and spiritual energy. I should be able to unlock my chakra by mixing both of them together, but how do I do that?' Shigeo thought. 'This is harder than I thought'

After a few minutes of no progress Shigeo gave up and tried other methods, inspiration from some knowledge he gained from his other past selves general knowledge plus the other methods and ideas of other animes.

'Calm my mind and try to imagine an ethereal energy surging around my body' Shigeo thought as he breathed in and out in a steady pace. Gradually his body soon began to relax as he felt something different, it was hard to explain. But it was like suddenly gaining a new limb or something of that sort. 'It seems that meditative exercises the teacher made us do from my past life helped a lot'

'This is chakra?' Shigeo thought as he tried to circulated it through his body and he slightly felt himself himself become strengthened.

'appraisal' he thought as a window appeared in front of him.


[ Shigeo Murakami ]

[Age: 6]

[Status: Healthy]

[Chakra : 248/250]

[Will: 250/250]

[Chakra Control : 8%]

[Strength: 3]

[Defense: 3]

[Speed: 3]


He looked and saw that his chakra control had gone up as well as his his chakra had decreased a little.

'So I indeed unlocked my chakra, this is good now. How do I use the power of the goro goro no mi?' Shigeo thought as he remembered information of the anime One Piece. But from what he remembered they instantly knew how to use it. He remembered that Sabo had instantly knew how to use the mera mera no mi after eating it.

'Is it just an imagination thing?' Shigeo questions as he looked at his hands and imagined lightning coiling around it.

*Zzzt* Zzzt*

Sure enough the next moment he saw small blue lightning covering his hand. But it was still weak, but it was fine. Shigeo was content that he at least knew how to use his ability.



[ Shigeo Murakami ]

[Age: 6]

[Status: Healthy]

[Chakra : 245/250]

[Will: 250/250]

[Chakra Control : 8%]

[Strength: 3]

[Defense: 3]

[Speed: 3]

Kekkei Genkai(Bloodline Limit):

[Goro Goro No Mi](basic 3%)


[Conqueror's Haki](Un-awakened), [Observation Haki](Not learned), [Armament Haki](Not Learned), [Soru](Not learned), [Rankyaku](Not learned),[Rokuogan](Not learned), [Geppo](Not learned), [Kami-E](Not learned), [Shigan](Not learned)


'Hmm, basic? It seems to be the category in which my control and power of my abilities is categorized in. Interesting' Shigeo thought.

He dismissed his status window as he started experimenting on his new found power.

'The goro goro no mi also known as the lightning lightning fruit or rumble rumble fruit is a logia type. Giving me the ability to create and control lightning as well as turn myself into said element becoming intangible' He thought.

'The goro goro no mi is only second in terms of speed compared to the glint glint fruit which grants the user the speed of light. So if mastered, I should be able to rival the speed of lightning.' Shigeo thought 'The fourth Hokage's flying thunder god is instantaneous teleportation which is infinitely greater that the speed of light. But he is already dead so the fastest Ninja currently alive is the fourth Raikage which is at the speed of lightning.

So if I master my abilities as a lightning human I should be on par with him, this is also not mentioning the theory of adding Soru(shave) to boost my speed into question.

'Well never mind, I'm not at that point yet. For now I'll focus on chakra control exercises, mastering the power of my lightning, and working out and conditioning my physical body.



I don't know if I'm correct in this. I don't know if it's canon but I read some fanfics where the mc has to unlock his chakra to start using his chakra early. Well I already wrote this chapter so It's probably not going to be of use to me even if you guys do correct me.

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