98 Chapter 97. Raikage! Rampage to The Max!

[Challenger, Ōnoki, eliminated!]

Hearing the verdict from the duel arena, everyone snapped out of their daze.

They mechanically looked at the top of the screen. They didn't know what to say.

Everyone was silent...

It was a weird and unimaginable silence!

At the moment, in Iwagakure.

All the shinobi who heard Kitsuch's analysis looked at Kitsuchi with strange eyes.

'What kind of mouth is he running?'

'The Third Tsuchikage collapsed right after he said that?!'

Even Kitsuchi himself looked at the live broadcast in astonishment.


He truly felt numb!

'Flesh striking the air, producing a strong air cannon for long-range attack...'

'His attack strength... comparable to a Kage-level?'

'No, Might Guy, could you make more sense?!!'

The light flashed, and in the next moment, the eliminated Ōnoki appeared in front of him.


As soon as he appeared, Ōnoki looked at the screen in awe.

'Too strong!'

'The strength of Might Guy with all Eight Gates open is too strong!'

'His blooming momentum alone had far exceeded a Kage by several times, plus his bizarre vitality...'

'Might Guy was called the number one taijutsu user in the shinobi world by the exam space... there's absolutely no dispute!'

The corners of Ōnoki's mouth pursed slightly.

From the fight just now, he could also see that Might Guy's forbidden technique was extremely taxing on his body.

It belonged to the forbidden technique that sacrificed one's own body.

But on the contrary, he was able to fight off anyone in the process of self-destruction.

This was very similar to Kakashi in Konoha.

One of them could fight with anyone 50/50, and the other could fight with anyone to death.

Thinking of Konoha, Ōnoki sighed quietly, with an indescribably sour sound.

At the same time, Danzō, who saw Might Guy picking off the two Mizukage and Tsuchikage, one after another, returned to Konoha's Anbu with a slightly relieved look on his face.

Originally, he still felt ashamed of his defeat. After all, he hadn't executed all his moves, but now...

He was relieved!

Even the Mizukage and the old and powerful Tsuchikage were defeated. In this case, even if Sarutobi Hiruzen was alive, he had a great chance of failing too.


Looking at the green figure that the exam space had cured, Shimura Danzō's eyes flashed out again.

Might Guy had such terrifying power. As the leader of Root, to ensure peace in Konoha, Danzō felt he had to grab hold of him!

After all, this terrible combat power, without checks and balances, would certainly cause great trouble to Konoha in the future.

Danzō began thinking about it.

Now, everyone in the shinobi world knew that he had Sharingan on him and that this one in his eyes was a Mangekyō.

But they didn't know about this Mangekyō's technique.

Thinking of Mangekyō's art in his eye, Danzō's expression fluctuated for a moment.

He didn't know whether Kotoamatsukami could affect a taijutsu user at this level.


"Pa... Pat... Patriarch. This ..."

In the Hyūga clan, the elder's voice had a trembling tone.

Seeing Might Guy kill the Third Tsuchikage with a long-range air cannon triggered by pounding the air, he felt that Hyūga Hiashi's glory was slipping away.

Hearing the sound of the elder behind him, Hyūga Hiashi suppressed the loss in his heart.

At the very beginning, he was a bit dissatisfied to see Might Guy being titled as the number one taijutsu user in the shinobi world.

Just because they were both Konoha's shinobi, he didn't go looking for the other party to compare strengths with him.

He was, after all, the Patriarch of the Hyūga clan, a giant in Konoha, and Might Guy was just an ordinary Jōnin in Konoha.

There was no comparability at all.

Now it seemed...

'I made the wise choice at that time!'

'There is no comparison at all!'

The head of this Hyūga clan was indeed very self-aware!


'The Gentle Fist and Strong Fist. In the end, Strong Fist techniques were better.'

"There's nothing to be discouraged about. We, the Hyūga clan, are the largest taijutsu user clan in the shinobi world. Moreover, we practice Hyūga's Gentle Fist."

Hyūga Hiashi's voice was flat, without any emotional fluctuation.

It caused a group of Hyūga people to look over immediately.

"We practice Gentle Fist. What does it have to do with their taijutsu?"

Hyūga Hiashi said so and found that everyone looked at him in astonishment. His face turned a bit red.

He knew what their gazes meant, but what else could he do?

With so many young people from the Hyūga clan looking at him, could he directly admit that the Gentle Fist of the Hyūga clan was inferior to Might Guy's Eight Gates?

Of course not!

What else was there to say?

Not to mention, even Hyūga Hiashi himself wanted to go to learn the Eight Gates technique from Might Guy now!

'Too strong!'

Hyūga Hiashi could imagine how Might Guy's status would rise in Konoha when the exam was over!

He wasn't Uzumaki Naruto, who needed time to grow up. He was shown in the video, and it was his real strength!

It seemed that when he returned to Konoha, the number of people who would like to learn from him in Konohagakure could line up from Konohagakure to the Valley of the End!


"That guy... He's that strong?"

The owner of a clothing store in Konoha was looking at Might Guy in astonishment.

She never thought that that guy, who had been begging her to make a new outfit for a while, would be such a strong shinobi!

At that time, he brought the drawing of clothes and searched Konoha for someone who could make clothes for him, but everyone refused him because the clothes he designed were too ugly.

Only her, because her son died in the war and needed to make ends meet with her widow daughter-in-law, agreed to make them.

And for that, he gave her a lot more money.

Over the years, she had been helping Might Guy to make clothes, and now she still had several sets that Might Guy hadn't taken away.

However, the old shopkeeper suddenly had a question in her heart.

Since Might Guy was that strong when Akatsuki invaded Konoha in the future, why didn't she see him come out?

"Mom, did you make Might Guy's clothes?"

Just as the old shopkeeper was thinking, a figure rushed in and frightened the old shopkeeper.

Looking at who it was...

'What? Isn't this my own daughter-in-law?'

'Her panting face is so red. What is she doing?'

"Mom, I remember that you helped him make clothes, right?"

The young woman's face was red and excited at the moment.

"We're getting rich! Mom! We're going to be rich!"

"I just heard that many people want to be his student. Mom, you have always made his clothes. And it will definitely be the same in the future. Mom, we will have to make countless clothes!"


In the shinobi world, seeing Might Guy beat Danzō, Mizukage, and Tsuchikage, one after another, everyone realized how powerful Might Guy's strength was.

Watching Might Guy blast Ōnoki with a few punches, everyone's mouth went dry, and their eyes swept the screen in sympathy.

They needed to know which unlucky guy was going to get blown up by Might Guy next.

Soon, they found their goal.

They saw the Fourth Raikage, with an amazing aura, close to the arena.

Chiyo from Sunagakure, as if greeted by the door, met him.

"Why aren't you going in?"

"I'm not good at fighting alone."

Chiyo shook her head, not dodging the question at all.

"Who has been in?"

"Mizukage, Tsuchikage."

The Fourth Raikage nodded, then smiled disdainfully.

The woman who took several years to stabilize civil unrest and an old man who always used schemes. If they had lost, then they lost.

"Oh, what a shame!"

The Fourth Raikage directly mocked them.

'The titular Kage lost at the hands of a man defeated by Akatsuki. What a joke!'

Bypassing Chiyo, he stepped into the arena. Next, the voice of the Fourth Raikage suddenly rang everywhere in the arena and the shinobi world.

"Might Guy! Hand over the position of the number one taijutsu user in the shinobi world. Give it up!"

In the shinobi world, listening to the voice of the Fourth Raikage, everyone was stunned. Then, they started to gloat.

They wanted to know how great the look on the Fourth Raikage would be when he faced Might Guy's explosion later on?

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