40 Chapter 40. Exclusive Rewards.

Looking at the series of rewards, everyone hadn't woken up from the shock. The live screens all over the world suddenly disappeared.

They disappeared so abruptly; it was as if they had never appeared before.

Seeing this scene, everyone knew that the space was going to be issuing exclusive rewards.

At the thought of this, a group of extremely dissatisfied people began to comment in succession, guessing what the exclusive rewards the space would be.

After all, even the team rewards were so magical and terrifying, how could individual rewards for performing well on the exams be any less than these group rewards?


In the exam space, see the white fog rising again. Everyone knew that others could no longer monitor everything here.

As his eyes swept past everyone's faces, Nagato reached out and took hold of the golden token suspended between them.

There was only one make-up exam token, which also involved the exam space. Nagato would never let it fall into the hands of others.

Fortunately, neither Orochimaru, Jiraiya, or Black Zetsu said anything.

Although their eager eyes had revealed their thoughts, they all knew that they had to accept the reality.

Whoever took this token would face endless attacks from Nagato, Pain, and even Akatsuki.

"Exam space, issue the rewards."

[Exclusive reward: Modern Education in Essence. Recipient: Uzumaki Nagato.]

[Exclusive reward: The Gate of Time. Recipient: Uchiha Itachi.]

[Additional reward: Water of Life. Recipient: Konan.]

[Exclusive rewards are for your own use only.]

Almost instantly, the three people had extra information and usage functions of their respective exclusive rewards in their minds simultaneously.

Unlike the physical objects obtained by Uchiha Itachi and Konan, Uzumaki Nagato received a video directly instilled in his mind.

'Killing people, cannot solve a dispute. War cannot achieve peace. Jutsu is the primary productive force.'

'Education starts with children.'

'Studying for the peace of the shinobi world.'

The picture in his mind had just begun to play, but just the opening three sentences made Nagato's whole body shiver.

He had a vague hunch that this so-called "Modern Education in Essence", contained the method he was struggling to find that would bring peace to the shinobi world.

Nagato looked at the footage expectantly, and then a vast scene that he couldn't imagine or even dream of appeared in his mind.

The dark starry sky suddenly lit up with a light, and it was a water-blue planet.

It rotated quietly. The picture was beautiful.

In the next moment, the perspective shifted violently, like a dive in the starry sky, Nagato fell rapidly towards the planet.

If it weren't for the constant suggestion in his mind that this was a video and there was no danger, Uzumaki Nagato would already have opened up the repulsive force from Shinra Tensei.

In the next moment, the picture suddenly changed- row upon row of tall buildings, schools rising high, streets busy, and pedestrians walking by.

When had Uzumaki Nagato ever seen such a scene?

He froze.

He gawked at the prosperous era he couldn't imagine and carefully observed every pedestrian.

They may strut or hurry, but in their eyes, there was no concern for the future. There was only deep confidence, and even, a little ... pride?

This made Nagato extremely shocked. He couldn't help wondering: 'Where is this place? Is there no war here? Why do people here live so …'

Nagato found that he couldn't find a suitable adjective to describe this place.


This was the prosperous era he wanted to realize. It was even more perfect than he had imagined!

Suddenly, the scene around Uzumaki Nagato changed.

The next moment, he was already sitting in a classroom.

At the front, an old man with an abhorrent face was banging on the blackboard with a walking stick.

"Don't be distracted in class. You, yes, don't look behind you. It's you, the new boy."

"Alas, you guys are the worst class I've ever taught."

"Today, we're talking about the first lesson: Tomorrow will be better."

Looking at the old man on the podium whose saliva was splattered everywhere, for a moment, Nagato was ... dazed.


Just as Nagato was undergoing transformation, Uchiha Itachi was looking curiously at the small, palm-sized door in front of him.

He didn't expect to get an exclusive reward even if he performed well in the exam space.

[The Gate of Time brings the user back to a certain period of time for 5 hours, which can modify the past timeline and influence the present world.]

Looking at the analysis in his mind, Uchiha Itachi instantly went dry at the mouth.

'Travel through time and modify the past! Influence the present!'




Uchiha Itachi's hands began to tremble violently, and the three tomoe in his eyes instantly turned into Mangekyō.

He took a deep breath and pressed down the impulse to use it immediately.

It's terrifying!

This was terrifying!

This Gate of Time's energy efficiency was by no means achievable by jutsu.

If this was given to certain people ...

The consequences ... were terrible!

Fortunately, this gate's user was limited to him alone.

Itachi closed his eyes so that no one could see anything different about him.

He was going to take a trip to Konoha when the exam was over.

Uchiha Madara, who assisted in the extermination of his clan, could be a fake, and there were some things in the clan's territory that most likely were also tampered with.

If that's the case, this Gate of Time came at the right time.

However, whether one decided to use this thing or not, some preparations had to begin.


[Water of Life: Heal all injuries.]

Just this one sentence, made Konan's hand tremble as she held the small green bottle.

"Exam space, this Water of Life, can I use it for Nagato?"

[No restrictions for your exclusive reward.]


Konan instantly cried tears of joy when she saw the response from the exam space.

'Sure enough...'

'Sure enough, there is a way for Nagato to recover given by the exam space!'

Since Nagato was disabled, they tried countless ways, but they started with hope and ended with despair every time.

Nagato had also become more and more withdrawn.

But now!

Nagato finally had a chance to recover.

Konan held the green bottle tightly as if it were the most precious treasure in the world.

In fact, it was exactly so. With the ability to heal all injuries and illnesses, it could drive the whole shinobi world crazy if news got out!

As a shinobi, who didn't have a few hidden illnesses and injuries on their body?

The effect of this Water of Life was to prolong life!

Just then, several lists above the space were simultaneously scrolled down but stopped at just one name slot.

[Jutsu List: Number 1: Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion.]

[Taijutsu List: Number 1: Eight Gates.]

[Binding List: Number 1: Chibaku Tensei.]

[Summoning List: Number 1: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path.]


At the same time, above the space, Ryuji also received his reward.

[Host's reward, Genin level chakra.]

[Host's reward, three taijutsu techniques.]

[Host's reward, five D-level jutsu.]

[Host's reward, one C-level jutsu.]

[Host's reward, Taijutsu: Intermediate Sky Walk.]

[The rest of the rewards have been subtracted.]



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