188 Chapter 187. The Answer! The Sage of Six Paths Was Doubting Life.



'What the hell is that thing?!'

'Indra has done something outrageous!'

The Sage of Six Paths looked at the monster in front of him, feeling pins and needles on his scalp.

He could swear that he had never seen anything so terrifying.

The shinobi world couldn't and shouldn't have such a horrible thing.

Looking at the monster's growing body, in the blink of an eye, it had grown to 10,000 meters! The Sage of Six Paths was shocked!

It was as if a chill ran up Sasuke's feet, up along his spine, hitting him straight in the soul and sending his soul into an instant freeze.


Another roar rang out, and the Sage of Six Paths instantly reacted.

Now wasn't the time to stop and stare; that scale was attracting him more and more. He had to go.

With the power of his soul, Uchiha Sasuke and Itachi instantly flickered away from the monster.

In the next moment, he reappeared in the Uchiha clan's area, in Konoha.

A translucent Sage of Six Paths emerged from Uchiha Sasuke's body. The Sage of Six Paths looked at Uchiha Sasuke and his brother without any emotions on his face.

Uchiha Sasuke was Indra, but his eyes were damaged.

Uchiha Itachi was nothing and was already on the verge of death.

It was clear to him who had more value and who should be saved.

What's more, the presence of Uchiha Itachi's eyes also saved him a great deal of strength.

The Sage of Six Paths' eyes looked slightly dull. With an unnoticeable move, Uchiha Itachi's eyes instantly flew out of his sockets and into Uchiha Sasuke's eyes.

Watching Sasuke's eyes fusing rapidly, the Sage of Six Paths gaze slightly condensed.

He didn't know what that monster was and wasn't sure.


Whatever it was, the immediate priority now was to seal his mother once again.

Therefore, improving Indra's strength took priority.

With Sage of Six Paths' right hand pointing like a sword, the immense soul power was instantly transformed into the purest form and poured into Uchiha Sasuke's body.

Uchiha Sasuke's eyes slowly rotated, and the Mangekyō turned into the Eternal Mangekyō.

One of Sasuke's eyes turned into the Rinnegan.

Turning one of Sasuke's eyes into the Rinnegan, the Sage of Six Paths stopped his hand.

He couldn't give Indra two Rinnegan. Otherwise, the other party would surpass him.

This was something the Sage of Six Paths couldn't tolerate.


Just when the Sage of Six Paths greatly improved Sasuke's strength, in Rōran, the monster had attracted many people's attention.

Rōran's ancient Dragon Veins patrol team also found it, and they tried to attack it with jutsu.

The monster was tens of thousands of feet in size; even the city walls were half the size of the monster's scale.

A jutsu smashed into the monster, and suddenly the image of the wielder was reproduced on the scale struck by the jutsu.

A human face protruded from the scale, with its mouth wide open, and an eerie glow emanated from its eyes, looking at the wielder himself.

One by one, the wielders were staring at their own faces. They felt their scalp go numb and were about to back away...

Before they could retreat, an ominous voice instantly sounded in their ears. Their consciousness instantly blurred.

In the next moment, when their consciousness was clear, they were shocked to find that their bodies were on the opposite side!

"No! This is impossible!"

Their souls wailed in the scales, but their voices simply couldn't come out.

Their souls had been imprisoned in the scales forever.

What made them even more desperate was that under the scales that imprison their souls, new scales have emerged.

"Roar roar!"

Tempting food disappeared from in front of him, and the monster was instantly enraged.

After killing all the ants that were trying to attack it with bizarre means, the monster's eyes snapped open, and instantly a spatial rift appeared around it.

With a slight move of its beak, the huge beast, like a starship, drilled into the huge crack in space.

In the next moment, it was already thousands of miles away.

It was moving towards Konoha!


Because the screens that were originally live broadcasting the monster were now showing Ryuji, the people of the shinobi world weren't aware of the changes.

Coupled with the fact that only a few shinobi at the Dragon Veins were under attack, the information didn't spread too fast.

Therefore, the crowd of people was still concentrating on the screens above them.


On the screen, the astonishingly imposing Ōtsutsuki Kaguya answered with unparalleled dominance, as if no one was allowed to object.

Especially Ōtsutsuki Toneri and Uzumaki Nagato. Ōtsutsuki Toneri didn't care about this, anyway. In his view, with his Tenseigan, no one could stop him now.

'It's all coming to an end soon!'

It's just that, to his annoyance, that guy named Uzumaki Naruto was holding his wife, Hinata's hand.

Ōtsutsuki Toneri had decided that, when this exam was over, he was going to tear Uzumaki Naruto, the guy who defiled his wife, apart, even before the destruction of the shinobi world!

'The destruction of the shinobi world can wait, but Uzumaki Naruto's death can never wait!!'

"For this question, I choose A! Gamamaru!"

The sound of Ōtsutsuki Kaguya's answer rang out. In the next moment, her answer was deemed correct by the exam space.

Then, it gave them a line of text, analyzing the question in a thoughtful way.

[In order to steal the power of chakra, Gamamaru compelled Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo and Ōtsutsuki Hamura to seal Ōtsutsuki Kaguya and volunteered to provide the method and plan for sealing.]



At the moment she saw the analysis, Ōtsutsuki Kaguya's hands instantly squeezed. The air in her palm actually sent out an explosive sound.

Ōtsutsuki Kaguya coldly withdrew her gaze from the analysis, looked to the side, and slowly spoke out.

She knew that in the exam space, everything she did would be seen by everyone in the shinobi world.


"If you're still alive, come and claim your death before me!"

"Otherwise, I will slaughter the entire Toad clan!"

Her killing intent was almost condensed into substance. The people and beasts of the shinobi world saw such a scene on their screens.


"Husband, I think, something's not right..."

Shima lowered her head in contemplation, and there was a hint of tension in her voice.

"Don't think about it! Wife, you and our son should go back to Mount Myōboku first!"

Fukasaku's anxious face was a little hard to read. Ōtsutsuki Kaguya got one question right, and Fukasaku felt that there was a good chance that her strength would be improved again.

Therefore, the method of using Uzumaki Naruto to seal the other party was likely to fail.

In addition to that, she was furious with the Toad clan.

Fukasaku, as one of the leaders of the Toad clan, had the desire to escape back to Mount Myōboku.

But what the Great Toad Sage told them to do must be done.


"To steal the power of chakra?"

Seeing the analysis given by the exam space, the Sage of Six Paths, who was in the Uchiha clan's area in Konoha, was stunned.

He gawked at the exam space's live broadcast.

'Wasn't it because Mother killed innocent people, so she had to be sealed?'

'Wasn't she going to kill everyone in the shinobi world and create White Zetsus?'

'How did this become Gamamaru's scheme?'


'From what Mother said, could it be that Gamamaru is still alive?'

'How is that possible?'

'Even my true body, the Sage of Six Paths, is dead...'

'That toad lived much longer than I did?'

'How is that possible!?'

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