1 Prologue - The Beginning

I woke up deep with the bowels of the prison known as Impel Down, also known as the Underwater Prison or the Great Prison.

Just how did I wake up here? I had no clue, for my mind was a whirring mess of various memories. These memories… I knew them to be of my life, but parts were missing, like my very own name, family members and even the events surrounding my death.

I knew I had died, down to my very soul and yet, somehow, but had no recollection of just what went down to end my twenty-two years on Earth.

What did remain was a vague and hazy memory of meeting someone, or something and being rewarded for it. But how was waking up in Impel Down as a prisoner a reward?

I had somehow ended up in the body of the man known as Shiki the Golden Lion, also known as the Flying Pirate thanks to his powerful Devil Fruit.

Even without Shiki's memories, I knew he was a powerful man who could fight toe-to-toe with the strongest. He stood at the peak of the world in terms of strength and had the ambitions to match the lofty peak he stood on.

A peak that was shared with the likes of Garp, the Hero of the Marines. The Fleet Admiral himself, Sengoku the Buddha. The Strongest Man in the World, Whitebeard. Gol D. Roger, the goddamn Pirate King and Shiki's former fellow crew members from Xebec's Crew, Charlotte and Kaido.

So, just how did little ol' me, end up in the body of Shiki and also the one in charge? I wasn't some man who had lofty ideals and wanted to change or claim the world for himself. I was just a student who was working part-time in a café to make ends meet.

I wasn't special, I wasn't some genius, though I did consider myself smarter than your average joe, and with recent events around the world prior to my untimely demise, my own self-worth in terms of intelligence had risen by a certain degree.

Anyway, the point I was getting at was that I was, well, just me. And somehow, I'm now in the body of an imprisoned Shiki and in charge? With all of his skills and memories now a part of me, but barely any of his ego, or will to remain.

It was ludicrous and all I had to go on was the fact that I was somehow now in an anime world and that this was a reward. How ridiculous.

I wished I were dreaming, truthfully, but I knew, instinctively that this was no dream and I was now the Golden Lion himself.



After a few minutes of just, laying there in the Shiki's battered body I noticed an uncomfortable sensation on my head and just as suddenly, it was gone.

Raising my hand to my golden locks of hair, I felt around for where the wheel was meant to be embedded, but it was gone and in its place was just hair.

I turned to my left and saw that the red wheel that used to be embedded in my head was on the stone floor.

"Huh," was all I said as I noticed I was now no longer some weird chicken/rooster looking man.

It was this that got me thinking about escaping Impel Down, distracting me from my thoughts of existence, the meaning of life and just how in the hell I got here.

I raised myself up from my back, feeling extremely weak thanks to the effects of the Kairoseki, or Seastone that was shackled to my two feet.

Shiki had escaped Impel Down by removing both feet, circumventing the effects of a Devil Fruit's users' major weakness.

I let out an internal whimper at the thought of having to literally tear apart my own feet with my bare hands. Thankfully, my nerve and whatever aspect of Shiki that remained allowed me to keep the contents of my stomach from leaving said stomach.

But with the wheel now out of my head, maybe I could use it to try and open the shackles? But they were wood and wouldn't make a very good instrument for lock picking.

I ran through dozens of scenarios of getting out of Impel Down that didn't involve me cutting off my fucking legs but came up with null other than waiting something like twenty-two years for Luffy or Blackbeard.

Ridiculous, no way was I going to spend that long in a shit hole of a prison with even greater pieces of shit as company.

It was during my planning that I noticed something strange happening, something that should very well be impossible thanks to the nature of my imprisonment.

My strength was returning.

The effects of Seastone should have made that impossible, but it was happening. I could feel strength flooding my veins, overcoming my natural weakness along with access to my masses of Haki.

I didn't dare do anything just yet, I just waited as I started to recover at impressive speeds, undoing the damage Garp and Sengoku had wrought upon this body that was now mine, damage that had never had the proper chance to heal here in level 6 of Impel Down.

Slightly in awe, I continued to be patient… and then it happened.

I could feel Shiki's Devil Fruit, now my Devil Fruit, the Fuwa-Fuwa no Mi (Float-Float Fruit) become accessible to me.

Following this, a vague memory came to my mind, of a meeting with some strange godly being and the word 'reward'.

Was this it? Was this my reward? Having that god-awful wheel removed from my head along with my immunity to Seastone?

It was all I had to go on, so yes. I decided that this was my gift or part of my gift for something I may have done… and god was it an amazing gift… in the regards to my situation, of course.

I was now free of the effects of Seastone! I didn't know if I was also free from seawater, but my gut was telling me yes, I really was free from the detriments of having eaten a Devil Fruit.

Smirking, I activated the power of my fruit, which was could be better defined as control of gravity rather than 'floating' anything I touched.

Due to it being on the skin of my calf, I had no need to touch the shackles to activate my power and granting me control over them.

I could have gone for something flashy, like crushing the shackles or breaking them apart, but I just willed the small mechanism within the shackles to turn, using an intricate touch of my power to control gravity.

And what do you know? I was no longer shackled and could freely move.

I chuckled to myself loudly, which soon turned to laughs of unbridled joy after doing my best to keep it in.

"Hey? Shiki, what's got you laughing like an idiot for?" Avalo Pizarro asked in an annoyed tone.

Using my memory from the anime and also from Shiki himself, I knew Pizarro was a former King who was deposed from his throne by his subjects for being such a vile and despondent ruler.

"Nothing to concern yourself with, you washed up fool," I said, tapping the bars to my cell with my right hand, activating my Devil Fruit.

"Piece of shit. Get off your high-horse, you're stuck down here like the rest of us," he replied immediately, his annoyance clear as day.

Following his response, he definitely heard a loud smashing sound, as I decided to just blast the bars off from their iron sockets to get out of my cell.

Shouting immediately erupted around me, my fellow Level 6 cellmates, all clearly awoken by the noise I had created with my escape.

"Oi, oi, oi! Shiki! What the fuck?" one voice asked.

"Holy shit! He's out! He's fucking out!" another joined in, awe in his voice.

I didn't pay any of them attention, just using my memories of how to get out of here to make my way to Level 5 of Impel Down.

"Hey! Shiki!" I heard Catrina Devon shout at me as I walked past her cell.

I didn't give her any attention, just like the rest of them, but that didn't stop the ugly cow from speaking.

"If you break me out, I'll give you some of this pussy. How does that sound, eh?!" she said with her attempt at a lusty voice.

I nearly threw-up again at the sound of it. Part of me wanted to respond, but I just shivered and made my way up, wanting to get out of here as soon as possible.

All the while they roared and whined about me also getting them out. A few of them just laughed uproariously, wishing me luck and to kill a few guards and marines on my away out.


Chapter 1 - The Escape

Freezing Hell was aptly named as I ran towards the exit at extreme speeds, stomping on fellow inmates as they got in my way and crushing the wolves that wished to feast on me.

I needed to get out of here as soon as possible. While no one here could possibly match me, given enough time Admirals may even be called to contain me. Now that could prove to be dangerous, but again, not an impossible scenario for me in truth.

Shiki was immensely powerful after all. Absolutely no way Luffy could have defeated him, the movies were non-canon bullshit for sure.


"Sir! Sir!" a guard shouted, panting heavily after running as fast as he could to Magellan's personal chambers.

Magellan let out a groan, and asked, "W-What do you want?"

Gulping, the guard explained, "It's… it's Shiki, sir."

"Hmm? What has the Golden Lion done now?" Magellan asked in a curious tone, his constipation forgotten for a moment.

"He's escaped! We don't know how, but he's gotten out and he's already on Level 3!" the guard shouted frantically.

"WHAT? How did he get out? No! How is he already on Level 3?!" Magellan roared in anger.

The guard whimpered, feeling the pressure of the Head Warden, even as he relieved his bowels.

"We don't know, this was only reported just now..." he answered in a meek tone.

Ignoring his constipation, Magellan shot up abruptly, pulled up his trousers and smashed open the door, accidentally knocking the guard who reported the issue with Shiki into the stone walls of Impel Down with a loud crack.

Shiki…" Magellan said darkly as he reached for his Den-Den-Mushi, paying no mind to the fact that he just crippled the man that had the unfortunate job of reporting the incident to him.


I grabbed a guard by his throat and started to choke him, ever so slightly.

He gurgled in pain as he tried to pry my hand away from his throat with his feeble hands, but to no avail.

He was just too weak.

"Where are my swords?" I asked him kindly, not wanting to hurt the man attempting to do a job that was way out of his paygrade.

Seriously, dealing with someone like me was Vice-Admiral level stuff, not some random guards job on the third level of Impel Down.

He tried to speak, but it seemed I was clenching too tightly.

I chuckled and let go of his throat, dropping the guard to the floor as he gasped for that precious, precious oxygen that I had been depriving him of, "Sorry, sorry. Seems I forgot my own strength. Two years in Impel Down will do that, ya know?"

Now, the reason I was after my swords was simple.

All I remember of what Shiki had said about them in the movie were that they were famous, but that was putting it lightly. Very fucking lightly.

The two double-edged swords were in fact, Meito swords. Swords of such exceptional quality, their fame had reached the ends of the world and back.

They were actually part of the Saijō Ō Wazamono or the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, the pinnacle of bladed weaponry in this cruel and beautiful world.

They were known as Oto and Kogarashi, the only twin blades to be part of the vaunted 12 Supreme Swords.

Shiki really was downplaying how famous they were, these two swords were as famous and Mihawk's, Yoru and Whitebeard's, Murakumogiri. Though… Mihawk wasn't famous just yet.

Exceptional blades that didn't need to be infused with Haki to be able to cut an individual already defending themselves with Armament Haki at all.

Of course, anyone capable of having one of these swords was obviously extremely proficient in the use of Haki, making that point somewhat mute.

Anyway, I was not leaving without these swords. That would be the height of stupidity.

"In… In the Head Warden's, Magellan's office…" the guard said in a defeated and pained tone.

"Thanks. No need to tell anyone about this. I certainly won't," I said with a smile, patting the guy on the shoulder and disappearing instantly.

Not a single guard could put up a fight against me in this prison, so I made my way to Magellan's office as fast as I could, battering away the weaklings who thought they could stand up to me.

Thankfully Shiki knew where it was, having glimpsed it on his way down to Level 6, allowing me to waste no time at all and just make my way there.

I wondered If I would have to fight him. Or maybe he would he be elsewhere once I arrived at his office? I could easily have missed him by now, for while the man was strong, I was stronger and faster.

Could totally have just run past him without noticing. Think I actually did that to that Hannibal guy, no, I think it was Hannyabal. Yeah, that sounded right, that Hannyabal guy.

Thinking of the other guards reminded me of Domino. Damn was she hot, shame she was basically a Marine and would totally be against a relationship, or even a quick fuck… I was no Boa Hancock after all.

"SHIKI!" I heard a roar as I dashing through the Second Level, Wild Beast Hell.

"Oh. It's you," I said simply as a raging Magellan stared me down, some distance away. I all honesty, I was a little bit high on power right now.

As soon as I stopped, the various beasts that were the jailors of this place rushed to attack.

"Foolish," I said in a dark tone, letting out Conqueror's Haki in a short and controlled burst, bringing them all the ground, defeated and frothing at the mouth from my Willpower made manifest.

I did notice that it was even stronger than what it should have been… Nice. Another perk, this one from mine and Shiki's will become one, perhaps?

Magellan sweated a little as he saw my display of Conqueror's Haki. But he was strong enough to resist it, as the Head Warden should.

"Return to your cell and I won't be forced to kill you," he said to me with a totally straight face.

I was honestly a little stunned. Which delayed my burst of laughter at this deceleration of him being able to kill me.


Seeing me laugh, he gritted his teeth and started oozing his poison. Or was it venom? I didn't remember and it also didn't matter.

I grasped a few dozen rocks I had placed in my black kimono's pocket.

Before I attacked, however, I offered him an out, "Step aside and I won't brutalise you, you little upstart."

He nodded to himself in acceptance and replied stoically, "We have nothing to discu-."

But unfortunately for him, I had already acted, thanks to foreseeing his response with my Observation Haki. It wasn't as strong as Katakuri's ability to see several seconds into the future, but enough for a couple.

I imbued each stone with Armament Haki and used my Devil Fruit on all of them, taking control of their gravity.

Now, I could have just peppered his entire body with holes, leaving him dead in an instant, but I didn't want to kill the man.

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Shiki might have, but I wasn't him. He was needed here to keep the scum from trying to rebel and escape after word of my escape reached all the ears within Impel Down.

And so, with the clear intention of allowing him to live, as long as he got some mild medical attention, I put a bunch of holes in various parts of his body, causing him to gasp in pain and fall to his knees.

I slowly walked towards him, my immense pressure being brought forth with each step.

He was coughing up blood and doing his best to stand back up but weakened as he was and along with my Haki pressing down on him, he stood no chance.

"Stay down and live another day," I told him in a dark voice that threatened violence if he dared to attack me.

Alas, he was truly a fool and a loyal member of the Marines, so even in this state, he shot out a burst of poison at me, trying to engulf me when I had my guard 'down'.

But I was still actively looking into the future with my Observation and saw the attack coming seconds before he had actually done the act itself.

Truly, Observation was superior to Armament if you could utilise it correctly.

Using some fancy footwork, I just ducked underneath the stream and appeared face to face in front of Magellan.

Thinking that he was probably dead already, he just said in a confused tone, "You look different…"

I raised my brow at that, thinking about it for a moment, but decided to just knock the man out, get on with the recovery of my swords and then escape.

All it took was one punch into his gut and he was out for the count, and just like that, I was making my way to Level 1 and to my precious, precious swords.


The swords may have different names, but they were identical. Both were short, double-edged blades with a unique shape.

The blades themselves were made in the style of a usual katana, having a hard blade and soft spine, as many of the Famed Swords were. But mine were double-edged and come down to a sharp point, truly unique among the various famed blades in the world of One Piece.

With them safely tucked into their scabbards and tied to my waist, it was time to escape.

Now, I could have just knocked out and killed any guard that crossed me individually, but that was a waste of time so I just released a massive wave of Conqueror's Haki and knocked out everyone in an instant and at a brisk walk, made my way to the outside world and freedom.

I soon found myself in front of the massive gate that closed off Impel Down to the rest of the world.

I paused in front of it, savouring this moment, the moment where I begin to make my mark upon these seas.

I ignored the fact that I didn't know what I wanted yet, just that I wanted something…

Coughing in disguised self-shame, I grasped the bottom of the gate with both hands, and using my immense strength, pulled with all my might.

Yes, yes. I know I could have just taken control of its gravity, but I wanted to test out some of these debilitated muscles of mine.

The gate almost destroyed its hinges but Impel Down was made of sturdy stuff and it wasn't my intent to just destroy this place.

So, with the very gates of Impel Down shaking, I strode forward with a massive grin on my face, allowing the cool ocean air to fill my lungs.

It was exhilarating.

Unfortunately for me, the Marines decided to cut short my joy of freedom.

The roar of "FIRE!" was what broke that serene moment, killing my peace in its footsteps.

The Warships stationed at Impel Down were already firing upon me, disregarding the damage they were going to do to their famed prison.

Now, a moment of annoyance went through me, but I decided not to give in to it like a petulant child who couldn't control myself and just sighed.

Instead of murdering hundreds, I just shot off into the air with the use of my Devil Fruit, leaving the cannonballs headed for me to batter into the stone walls of Impel Down.

Looking down upon the Warships, I picked one out that was the farthest away and in an instant, I was on its deck.

"Run!!! It's Shiki!" some of the marines on board shouted in fear at their comrades.

"Stay your ground!" an officer of some sort roared back in anger, trying to inspire his men to fight me and die.

"No, no. It's best if you run," I said nodding, encouraging the men and odd woman that had paled at the sight of me to ignore his orders. It seemed to work, as they were all rushing in all sorts of directions away from me.

The marine who was in charge decided he would attack me head-on… by himself.

I shook my head at him as he rushed at me with an overly long katana raised overhead.

Seemed he wanted to do as much damage in a single attack, likely knowing he was going to die.

"Don't be so rash, kid," I said to him as I stopped his oncoming, Haki infused blade with a single black finger. I totally ignored the fact that I was most likely mentally younger than this Marine before me.

"Silence, scum!" he shouted back at me, redoubling his efforts to overcome me, but it was for naught. I was too strong.


Pushing back, I left him reeling, almost losing his footwork as a result.

I dashed to the side and with a simple chop with my hand to his neck, he was out cold.

I quickly patted him down, seeing if he had a Log Pose or not, but found nothing.

I decided the next best place to look would be the Captain's Cabin, which would be located at the back of the Warship.

Thankfully, by the time word got out I was on a Warship, I was already in the cabin and had found a few Log Poses in a wooden chest.

One was to Marineford, which I absolutely didn't need, but pocketed anyway.

While the rest led to other islands in Paradise which I knew thanks to Shiki's memories, the one that caught my attention was the Log Pose labelled, 'Water 7'.

Water 7 was an Island known for its shipwrights and most famed among them was Tom, the greatest shipwright in the world.

If my memory was correct, Tom was currently building the Sea Train after being found guilty of building Roger's ship, Mister Jackson or something along those lines.

Strapping the Water 7 Eternal Pose onto my wrist, I decided to just take the entire chest of Log Poses with me rather than giving the Marines an idea on where to find me.

And so, with a Log Pose pointing me towards the Venice like Island, I was off instantly, with the various Marine Warships unable to adjust their positioning and fire upon me once more.

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