Shift! The Side-Character Heroine
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Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Drunk for Her

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What is Shift! The Side-Character Heroine

Read Shift! The Side-Character Heroine novel written by the author Drunk for Her on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering adventure, comedy, yuri, femaleprotagonist, parody. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An introverted girl has had enough of the isolation inadvertently formed by her solitary nature. Things changed when she discovers that she has the ability to transverse across the fabric of our universe into the dimensions of multiple storylines. Not only do these storylines leave her with invaluable lessons - they also impart a portion of their power - if she is deserving of it. The time has come for Zhao Youyue to change her fate. Never again, will she remain as a Side-Character!


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Website : qidian china Views : 950thousand Rating : 7.9(500) Chapters : 693 Status : ongoing Word count : 1.41million author level : lv5 No of works : 4 If you are interested my reviews are in almost every novel with atleast 3 likes. Please do not reply for this review, as this an ongoing novel, I would like to update it time to time in my replies. Like is suffice to show your appreciation.


Wow... Iam a number one fans of tranmigration novel with this kind of storyline, well from my perspektif the perfect tranmigration novel is the one that will make mc goes aroun other world not just one or two maybe eleven or more. There many story that adopt this kind of storyline where mc goes aroun the universe but the one that I really love isnt that much. So I hope this story not disappointed me. <my native is not english, sorry for typo>


I hope this novel is like quick transmiggration cannon fodder counterattack where mc is hardworking, she don't give **** about male lead and romance. she work hard to change fate of this canon fodder and help their future bright.


Seems interesting!! Hohoho~~ But well what the user above said, is much more reasonable!!! 😂😂 Thank you! Thank you!Thank youThank you! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!


So far so good. Since some people don't seem to understand the beginning, I'll explain. It is about a girl from our world who transmigrated into Zhao Yaoyue, a rich Megumi Kato, who has the cheat to transmigrate into characters in webnovels, mangas, and other in progress literary works when she goes to sleep. So it's like a double transmigration, but she is able to come back to reality. Also, I wouldn't put any stock into the cover pic, as she looks nothing like that at any point of the novel. She has to create iconic or high profile characters in the dreams in order to be eligible to get the skills related to the character she possesses into the real world. The more "classic" the character, the longer the skills can last for her. On her first try, she made a side character a Mary Sue (of the crappy type), and out of no-where (plot-wise), killed the main character of an existing webnovel. This led the fans of that webnovel author to berate him, and the author apologized, saying he was drunk and erased the character and revise his plot. Not only does Yaoyue receive no power-ups, but she also experience bad luck in real life due to the backlash, and so Yaoyue reflected on her mistakes. She goes on to possess a different side character learning from her mistakes. The logical choice is to take on characters with appropriate skill sets for appropriate story theme with appropriate story actions. She can't just willynilly add random power-ups to the character she takes over and do whatever she wants (well technically she can, but it would be highly unlikely to create a "classical" or "popular" character). And the story goes on. Quite frankly, the idea is fun. Is it original? It's a character self-insert type of novel, and no doubt she will become a Mary Sue in reality once she gains a ton of powers from parodied works. In other words, its a more blatant wish-fulfillment novel. If that's not your taste, so be it. It's really a story that either you would like or dislike. Now with all said, you should throw out any initial bias you may have about this. This is not an otome game simulator, nor will the protagonist quickly become a martial arts expert. She has yet to have a love interest that stays with her, and not every story she delves into will get an ability from the character she took over. In the end, she is her own person, and has the power to choose whether to be either the side-character or main character in real life. I would recommend reading at least the first 100 chapters before making your own conclusion.


Thanks for pickup this novel. Please pick more female protagonist novel. this novel has comedy, adventure tags remind me of side character which is my cup of tea. love this novel


Yay Ihis novel didn't have romance which is making me interesting in this novel. I liked comedy novel and game system. This summary sound interested. Looking forward to read this novel.


Wow just wow... I tried... that's all I can say.... I don't understand one thing about this.... it's not the translation. Translation seems good it's the development of the story... who is she? Did she die? ... when did she fall asleep? What is she doing? Now normally this would interest me to continue reading... but my goodness this 💩 is exhausting to read...lol


The story really just jumps into it. It's almost jarring how the MC starts ranting about turning into a pretty girl. It almost makes me suspect the original was a male. Then it goes on about Japanese light novels and makes a lot of references to them. It's like reading a parody and it might put you off at first. The synopsis made it seem a tiny bit more serious but nope. Slap the comedy or parody tag if one ever comes out. Her inside mental voice is funny and exaggerated but her actions in real life are real bland. Like a normal person, like a side character. Anyway the MC decides that studying is too hard and being a **** start is good. Just kidding hehe. There are SO MANY light novel references in the novel. If your not familiar you might miss out on some humor because it's not always obvious. Just kidding they come right out and slap you in the face. Pah! Reference! Pah! Parody! Pah! Light novels! Many parody references right to your face. Her power is she can turn into any female character and play her roll. It has limitations, the more detail and effort the author put into the character the less control she has over her actions. I think the story is very funny. It has a lot of references I understand but I read a lot of junky novels.


Basically a half assed copy of famous novels and manga. School Days, King's Avatar, etc. The MC is a rich "sensible" girl whose only fault is laziness. Yes she was born with a silver spoon that she never forgets to use, no real hardship. It's fine if you never read the originals it references from otherwise it just seems like a lackluster copy. Good for wasting time not good for much else.


That's an ugly ass cover photo Can't rate much as there are no releases yet, but I hope the story won't fall on the cliché subcategory of most transmigration novels.


A girl MC, another world, and a dating systm which Basically sums up to "A Boy Dating Game world" and nothing more. You should had add something like "Evil Husband, Don't Tease" or some other novels which are in the forums than this typical japanese sh*t.


Reveal spoiler


This book seems very cliche at the beginning but I will beg you to keep going. It started changing from a generic novel around chapter 20 and from then on it was extremely unique. I would recommend this novel to anyone. I hope you enjoy it too!


Seeing many people made bad reviews with avarage 3☆s or so, I decided to join in. The story, ch 19, is quite good as far as I read. It involved an MC with ability that can allow her to play a role in a story. The story is a work of an actual author there in her reality. So, the act she does there will affect the storyline of the actual novel/manga in real life. I consider it good because: 1. The ln not really rushing, she is not really op. 2. She is a girl that think that she is just a ur-avarage-jane-doe and it's the way she was. (It just recently that she has some people recognise her) 3. She is a traveler. You understand, that kind of novel that travel to new body, new life etc etc), but that didn't made her to know everything and can do every sort of amazing things like how usually other mc does. 4. Her real life is describing about novel author, how webnovel author got his payment, all sort of things author may be thought while writing his/her novel and manga. It just made readers know about author's line of thinking. Lastly, I'm not really know how this novel will progress in the future as right now there is only some 19 or so chapters, but that is all I can review so far. Thanks for you whoever read this. If you see some newly released novel(or maybe even the old one), please read some 5-10 ch to judge whether the ln is good or no before you all give a review. I just recently know that author just paid 5 cent for 1000 words/one reader. The pay is actually not that high-(exception if the ln is well known or it's popularity is high) Even if Qi really applied payment system for this app, I think that most of the money should go to the author pocket and not the corporation!! Give right to author!!! Yeayeayea!! P. S Do forgive me if my grammar is hard to understand as there's may be many wrong spelled and mistyping words or wrong grammar! I am satisfied as long as you understand what am I saying!! -Best regards, a sincere reader.


I see boring sypnosis.... uuuurrrrgggghhh ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) I see comedy tag.... YEAH BABY!!! ψ(`∇´)ψ Only now I pray that she has a system. Please let this be a system 🙏.


Was a decent read besides all the stupid stuff. Now down to the bad stuff. The whole premise is of Mc wanting to be popular, to stand out. Guess what happens once she DOES just that? We get a couple of chapters of her getting recognised, 1 "candid" picture taken, some controversy and BOOM. MC doesn't want attention anymore, she is sick of it. So yea she goes back to being invisible. And how the **** could some1 famous possibly do that? Plastic surgery? Wearing a mask? 24/7 Disguise? NOOOO Cut her hair shorter!!!! It's the ultimate disguise. From a school flower to some1 no1 recognises BECAUSE SHE HAS A SHORT HAIR CUT. I'm not making this shit up. It's ridiculous how obsessed author is with long hair. Like MC decides to turn her friend into a popular beauty to have less attention on her (yeah, basically her whole goal of standing out is out of the window, she apparently doesn't care anymore, and apparently never knew that if she was famous, she would get a lot of attention and little privacy, WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT? RIGHT?) ugh, back to the point. So guess how she manages that. Some beauty lotion. AND LONG HAIR. She made her friend grew out hair and BOOOM, WHOLE WORLD WAS SHAKEN, NEW SCHOOL FLOWER WAS BORN. No1 recognises MC by her side, every1 is drooling, masturbating, ejaculation just from the sight of her friend WITH LONG HAIR. Then we have a shitton of chapters from the POV of Han Leng. He is always blabbing on about his love, his delusions etc etc, like who gives a shit. We got more than 50 chapters out of 380 just from his point of view. And in most of them he is thinking of MC, how she is this, how she is that. And for the final thoughts. Author has a serious long hair fetish, I bet if there was a dog with long hair author would hump that. Like it's unreal how he makes it look. Author tries to mention how faces are all that matters, but what really matters is always the hair length. I know i'm repeating about the hair, but it's so fucking emphasised it's unreal. Author is obsessed with China, China superiority, China this, China that. China best at everything. Be prepared to cringe whenever the word China is in the sentence/paragraph. I used to ignore this shit "China patriotism" in other novels, but in this1 it's obnoxious. It seems like the author has been brainwashed by China regime and he actually thinks China owns the world. I barely got past this shit by skipping paragraphs whenever i stumbled upon the dreaded word of CHINA, but i still had to cringe just from what i read up to that word. As a yuri lover and the reason why i even read this, It looks like i'm at the chapter where yuri might start being more visible but i just can't be asked to read this anymore, even though i'm sure this is where the yuri stuff starts. Yeah i'm just burned out of all this hair nonsense, han lengs pov and China "patriotism" (more like brainwashed since birth)


Just realized I didn't rate this... But just try it out! It gets much, much better. This is probably my favorite novel. You won't regret it!


I like this story a lot hopefully it continues. Simply because of how fun is to imagine going into manga and novels to alter them. I also quite like the MC sure she is ordinary at the moment, but with her ability she'll become extraordinary. Since I already like the MC it's gonna be hard to find a flaw in her form me at least. With my rambling done. I only read up to chapter 21, but I'm not planning on updating this review. Unless I end up really really hating it later. In short I only wrote this to rate 5 stars.


Actually, I must agree with foxfire92 for recomending this story... And dare I say this story is one of my fav that I just can't wait for another update and more chp to show... This kind of Side Chara Mary-sueish-yet-not story is kinda got me. And that ZYY is almost like myself in my class except for some part...


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