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Shielde Academy


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The power to phase out to another dimension irrelevant to the real world is an aquired skill called the ability to “seek”. It is aquired by a person through chance when they are born as a baby, however, they will have access to the ability to seek once they are 8 years old. The body of the seeker would become invulnerable to all physical contact making it immortal. Although when the body of the seeker takes damage in the phase realm, the real body takes damage. Seekers also gain the ability to wield a unique weapon, in terms of its design and skills, to their own called a shielde. Shieldes are classified into three categories depending on its abilities, these classifications are light creation, dark bringer, and the spirit summoner. There is one shielde classification that only one seeker wields which is known as the divine shielde. The shieldes are passed on to another seeker when the previous owner dies. In the small town of moniker, Kenji Miramisu, a 15-year old kid, has a dream of becoming a squad leader in the ARSD or the Anti-Rogue Seekers Division. ARSD has the goal of exterminating the Rouge Shielders group of terrorists using their seeking abilities and shieldes to terrorize the world. Kenji realizes he’s far away from this dream since he simply lacks the strength and his family, specifically his mother, is against the idea since joining the ARSD is a life threatening occupation. However, Kenji still tries to pursue this dream and will try to prove to his family he can bring honor to them by joining the shielde academy where thousands of seekers are being trained to become the best shielde wielder.


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