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Nyctophilia : Love for Darkness of night; finding relaxation and comfort in the Darkness. She was use to it, the darkness; it provided her with the comfort that the daylight failed to do. It soothed her, better than the arms of her family and laughter of her friends. She cried and rejoiced in the cold atmosphere of the dark nights. They say "The world sleeps at night, when Shenoir comes to life." Shenoir, the city of nights, and the glory of wild. He ran through the woods with his friends tailing behind him, the howls of laughter rumbled through the forest of Shenoir. He looked up, to the shinning moon in the dark night. The light in his darkest nights, he loved the moon. His eyes stuck to its bright light as he waited for his moon to take away his darkness. The loud howl of longing heard through the woods.


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