She is Faithful: The Untold Paradox Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

She is Faithful: The Untold Paradox


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"How can I trust you if I don't even know your name?!" She walked with grace and fierceness as she removed her Chanel cat-eye sunglasses. Intimidated by the lady in front, the gentleman lost his cool and almost faint. She smirked as she put back her glasses and continue walking in the veranda. "Are you deaf-" "Just trust her. She is....Faithful." Her assistant uttered. But before he can even respond, everything went black. "After seven years, I have finally met you." He stepped out of the mansion and walk slowly as he intently looks in her eyes. "Who the fuck are you?!" her eyes were bloodshot and tears are slowly forming on her eyes. He lowered his head so that they will become level. He caresses her cheeks and wiped her tears. "Why forget me?" And she fainted before she can even hear his answers. A girl with no dreams meets a boy who dreams for her. A boy who lost his dreams meets a girl who lives for a dream. Four personas, two worlds, one parallel universe. Who will remain faithful?


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