She fell inlove with her classmate Book

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She fell inlove with her classmate


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Mary,a beautiful and sound child always looked forward to time she would go to high school,she felt all the freedom she would need is there but she didn't know high school was a different kind of game entirely. She was so delighted on her first day at school,she was looking so good in her uniform and white stockings. She thought now is her chance to get a boyfriend but in fact she never knew what fate has in mind for her. She met this beautiful girl on her first day at school and interacted with her,made a friend she thought. But she knew she felt differently when she was around her,she felt alive,she felt her heart beating faster than usual. She didn't know what to say,she was suppose to love a boy and not a girl,she kept this feeling to herself,she kept going to school and being with her friends but she never forgot to always steal a glance from the one she has fallen inlove with,Favour from the next class.