She Doesn't Want Kids After Seeing The Future Book

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She Doesn't Want Kids After Seeing The Future


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"Chu Wei and Chen Ji had been engaged since they were young, but she knew that Chen Ji only treated her as a younger sister. Who would have thought that Chen Ji would suddenly propose to her? Marriage, wedding ceremony, consummation… Three days after the wedding, Chen Ji left silently to join the army. There was no news from then on. Six years later, Chu Wei was waiting for her twin daughters to finish school at the school gate. At the same time, she received news that Chen Ji had won and was about to return to the city. It was obviously good news, but Chu Wei did not have a smile on her face because she had a dream. In the dream, she was a supporting role in a book, and Chen Ji was the main character in the book. He was an iron-blooded and proud military general, the biggest backer of the female lead's family, and the stepfather of the female lead's children. In the book, she would die from childbirth. Her cute twin daughters would die early as cannon fodder. Her existence with her daughters was only to show how outstanding the female lead and the female lead's children were. Everything that happened in the dream was too real, and Chu Wei had no choice but to believe it. She decided that she would definitely not give birth to a son. As long as she did not die from childbirth, she would be able to protect her two daughters well. After six years of separation and reuniting, Chen Ji realized that his wife was different from before. She avoided being close to him and kept asking some strange questions. Chu Wei said, ""Do you think Commander Xu's child is better or our child is better?"" Chen Ji said, ""Of course, our child is better."" Chu Wei said, ""Do you want a son? I don't really want one for the time being. So perhaps we can only share a room when we want a son?"" Chen Ji, who finally coaxed his two daughters to sleep in the next room, was speechless. ""…??"" He could choose not to have a son, but he had to sleep with his wife! "


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