1 Demise Of Youths

The softness of the cushions of the sofa pressed against Jenny's back. Her eyes closed and her shoulders jerked to let go of the soreness, making her feel like a feather. It was quite hard to study both English Literature and Communication for her. But she had to, as she wanted to follow her dream; well, one of her dreams to be exact.

Her old T-shirt was lying on the floor, written 'Jenny is imbecile'.

"Jack!!" She glared at her elder brother.

Jack tried to look confused. "Uhh what's written on your T-shirt? A new style I guess?" Jack chuckled.

"You're not funny" jenny rolled her eyes.

"That was a good joke" He opened a small packet of snacks. But jenny snatched it. She ate it before even he could protest to his maximum level.

Jack sighed and said after a moment of silence, "Can I see your birth certificate, please?"

"Absolutely not" Jenny searched for the TV remote.

"My suspicion's confirmed now." Jack said in a serious voice which made jenny starled.

"What do ya mean?" Jenny raised her left eyebrow.

"You're the most powerful of them all. Your hunger was the reason dinosaur went extinct." He put his hand under his chin.

Jenny gritted her teeth.

"If you don't wanna get eaten by me, your primitive people, then shut up!"

"I didn't call you a human though." Jack was ready to run at any point but jenny didn't try to beat him.

"Stop spouting nonsense." She opened the TV and started to watch the news.

Jack loved to watch news, Jenny also didn't despise it and they nevet really liked movies or TV shows. So when they spent time with each other, they usually fought or watched news together.

'Hello, welcome to you should know it show. I'm Cokie O'Donnell, here to give you the latest real news.' The lady said in a high pitched voice.

They saw the highlight Break out of mysterious murders.

'In the last 3 months, 45 people have been murdered mysteriously. How they've been killed is still unknown to the police, scientists and doctors. Only young people are losing their lives to this killer. Let us hear what the specialists...'

Jack took the remote from jenny and closed the TV.

Jenny gave him a puzzled look, then started to laugh. "Yeah, nowadays, every news channel is talking about it only."

"Yup and about MMIO, Mysterious Murder Investigation Organization, a team of the most intelligent and successful investigators of our country" Jack imitated the journalist's voice.

Jenny chuckled, "it's still weird though and I don't get why they are doing publicity about it? It's almost like saying hey it's our plan, take this fact and make your plan more advanced."

Jack ruffled Jenny's hair. She furrowed her eyebrows and spoiled his hair.

"HEY! Not my hair!!" Jack said.

"You started it first! So don't play innocent." She raised her right eyebrow.

He sighed. "Okay sis. And about your question, I think they're doing it to reassure the people that the government is taking steps and also to scare the killer by these 'most successful investigators'; it'll buy them some time." He put his hands on his black jacket's pocket.

"Um that makes sense but I don't think it'll work though. The killer already knows how he/she is putting an end to people is still unknown. No blood, no poison, no weapons are found. It's also next to impossible to track his/her location as it's happenin' all over the country." Jenny put her right hand under her chin.

"Yeah but I wonder, why only youths? It's fascinating that..."

She interrupted him, "Jack, it's 2 am. Go sleep. You've a meeting tomorrow." She patted his shoulder.

"Let me finish what I was sayin'..."

"Nope. Time to sleep."

"Jenny" he asked in a serious tone, "Are you the killer?"

"Wh-wha-what are you s-saying?"

Jack laughed in a way that made Jenny feel uneasy. "Why are ya panicking? I was just kidding. Good night love." He left the room.

"I-I didn't panick and ye-yeah goodnight." She sat in the silent living room. The room was decorated with beautiful furniture picked by her late mom and the pictures of her family, happy.

After reaching her bedroom, which used to be her parents', she atttacked her king sized cozy bed. Her eyes closed and she got lost in the darkness.

In the morning, she put on her casual clothes, made breakfast; roasted and hugged Jack before leaving for university as usual.

Jenny was stepping carefully as the road was wet due to the previous day's rain. As far as could be seen, was green trees. The leaves were dancing with the rhythm of the wind. It was worth appreciating, after all it resembled the environment she spent her childhood in.

Thinking of her hometown always gave her comfort, no matter how terrible things were, even after she lost her parents. But after, that happened, she wondered if she could ever think of her hometown as a comfort rather than a place where that horrible aura awaits...

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Someone's footsteps was heard. She felt uncomfortable so she walked faster. But to her surprise, the person behind her also started to walk faster, even faster than her. Was that person following her? She fasten her pacing and did not stop, until a cold hand touched her shoulder.

Beige skin of her face became pale.

Cold sweats dripped off her face when her medium length weavy hair was lightly pulled. There was no trace of moisture on her lips. She slowly turned back. It was someone she never expected.

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