She Brightens His World Book

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She Brightens His World


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She is the only Princess of the land of Heart who was kept hidden right from her birth by her family in an attempt to safeguard her life. Being a princess, one may think it's all about glitters and gold but that wasn't the case especially when she is the only hope of her kingdom. He is the King of the land of Soul. At a young age of 13, he was forced to rule the strongest kingdom among the four. Being forced with all the responsibilities from a young age, people tried taking advantage of him thinking of him as a naive young kid. But that let to the largest reconstitution in the kingdom. Everyone who were disloyal to the King and the throne were wiped out in a single night. What would happen when such two people, a Prince and a princess, meets in an academy in their own kind of disguise? Would she bring some colors in his dull world or would her drag some dull realities to her? But the main question is, why exactly were they in that one place? Especially when they are engaged since birth. Follow the story to find out. #Coverphoto not mine. I picked it from the internet. CTTO


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