She Belongs to MeShe Belongs to Me

She Belongs to Me

by DaoisttuQGYy

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he fucked her like a whore, he used her like a slut, every day, every night, every second he humiliates her, he didn't spare her for a single second, he used her like a pleasuring toy, he treated her like a sex slave but still she stayed with and bear all his atrocities with only one question. "why!" " strip you fucking bitch and spread your legs for your husband, " said Rohan so angrily he is fully drunk and looks like a monster. because of his slap, her beautiful face is still stinging, tears are flowing out of her eyes like naigra fall, she doesn't believe she is the same girl with particle thinking. in a blink, Rohan riped her wedding dress and she screamed in fear. her bra clearly visible for anyone, she hugged herself quickly but when neha heard

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