4 The Investigation Results Are Out!

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With her mouth half-open, Nora looked at Justin in astonishment.

The man was very tall, and was a little over 6'2". Dressed in a black bespoke suit, his legs were long and straight.

The lavish hotel lights spilled onto his expressionless face, making his facial features appear three-dimensional and refined with a firm outline, and he gave off a sense of loftiness.

However, the mole at the corner of his eye forcibly merged allure and coldness, adding a sense of abstinence to him.

The little boy he was holding was also wearing a suit. He was leaning on the man's shoulder and had buried his head into it to hide his appearance, so as to prevent the media from secretly taking photos of him and exposing information about him.

Unfortunately, she was in no mood to appreciate his good looks.

Had Justin Hunt… caught wind of her identity as Anti?

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