1 Prologue

A family can be selfish when it comes to each others' wellness. It cannot be ruled out by simple money, bribery, murder or something to be meddled with. A family is something you should cherish, in times of happiness and worse. A family can be...

"Stop lecturing, Cassiopea."

That voice was owned by the head of the Forensic Team, Chivalry Lilmton also known as 'Ry'. The woman who had opened, examined and run an autopsy to over 8,603 dead bodies for the past years.

She walked towards the lady she called Cassiopea and handed her the autopsy result. It was everyone's been waiting for, the truth.

It was said that its not just a living people can tell a truth but also a dead body and that was always proven by Ry.. She ruthlessly pinpoint the truths by running autopsies on dead bodies.

But what she hates the most are those was considered as unknown deaths.

Why would she hate them? That was my only way to be alive again, bullshit.

"What now, Ry? Now, really? You can hand me this result later after class!" Cassiopea shouted at Ry.

Ry just shrugged off and pointed at the papers containing the results. It's her initial reaction. After all the years I've been watching her, this reaction of her is not new. She often shouts her favorite line, "Get out!"

Sighing, Cassiopea read the papers and she suddenly gaped and sat down. Ry just stared at her and didn't even bother to help the lady.

"Are you sure about this?" she unbelievably asked Ry who is staring down at her, emotionless. If I were to be asked, this woman is cold as dead.

"Would I give it to you if not?"

"We'll wrap things up now," Cassiopea announced as she rushes towards the door and went somewhere I don't know.

"You know that I can see you, right?" Ry suddenly asked the air before turning her head to me and continued walking again.

"Yes, I'm aware of that, Ry."

I just followed her until we reached the autopsy room she's ruling. I've seen this for many years, I also watched how autopsies were done.

What I don't understand is that, if Ry can see me from the day she conducted my autopsy, why did she let me roam around her? I tried asking her that but she just ignored me and continue her business.

I don't like being ignored but what can I do? I'm dead as fuck and only this examiner can see me. Total unfair.

At first, I thought that even her toxicologist can see me but ends up that she's talking to someone behind me. The fun part is that she walked through me! I felt my body- soul dispersed and became one again.

Ry said that I maybe have a strong will for something that's why I am still in this world.

"Hey Ry," I asked her as she lies on the operating table. Yes, she sleeps there.

She didn't move an inch nor look at me but I know she's listening.

"What do you feel when you found out the COD of your patients, I mean the corpse?"

COD- Cause of Death

I got no answers. Hmm. I guess her "No private conversations" is now on the roll.

As much as I want to leave, this autopsy room is something to me. Something precious that I cannot just leave...

Because in this room is where my body have went. It's kinda weird to see your own body being examined but I was also curious how does my body looks like.

My heart is really as big as my fist and its healthy, it also weighs 418 grams. My other vital organs are also healthy and good. The toxicologist said that my body is normal and healthy yet I don't know what's the reason behind my death. Funny, right?

The moment Dr. Ry said my cause of death and the type of death, my vision became pure white and my hearing became unusual, its like I'm deaf temporarily.

I guessed that even the God doesn't want me to hear it. Since that time, I always hanged around Dr. Ry and her autopsy room. She talks to me every once in a blue moon and our conversation is just short.

"I'll go out for an hour," I said even if she's gonna ignore it.

I went through the glass wall and walked in the hallway. Along my way, I've met Dr. Jong, one of Ry's rival in this field. Tho in my opinion, it was just Dr. Jong who made a wall between them.

He can see me.. that was my reaction when he made an eye to eye contact with me. But again, I just assumed. There was a lady behind me who is same height and eye level with me. He was staring at her and not me.

Tsk, until when will I hope that someone can see me aside from Ry?

I went out of NFS and went to the Prosecution Firm. For some reason, I always end up here. Aside from the autopsy room, this is where I found myself happy.

NFS- National Forensic Service

I love watching these prosecutors, investigators, and lieutenants running around, doing their errands here and there. I concluded that maybe this is where I have been working but every time I try to know everything, I become deaf and blind.

I always seek for truths, I helped Ry found out the truths too.

My will..

Does my will.. have a connection with this?

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Then.. my will is to help others find the truth.

"There will be a new prosecutor who will come," the fat investigator announced making his colleagues panic. They fixed every mess they made and even moved some appliances.

The moment the new prosecutor came in, I feel like my heart stopped from beating, if ever I have one.

She is an exact carbon copy of myself, except for the hair styles.

"Good afternoon! I'm Erika Sandoval. It would be a pleasure to work with you all," she beamed and smile.

A family can be secretive to the point that they'll hide the truth that you killed someone.