1 Chapter 1: The Past

"Why did you not kill that child ?! Our client wanted that kid to die!!" a loud shout of a man towards a 14 years old girl.

"I'm sorry! I can't! She's just a child for Pete's sake!" a loud reply from the girl towards her father.

The man slaps the girl with extreme strength that caused for the girl to fall to the floor.

"How dare you raise your voice at me! You're a worthless brat! You don't know how much money I've lost because of you!" shout of the father with too much anger.

The girl stays at the floor, heads down and tears flowing at her cheeks silently.

"I didn't raised you to be like that! To cry like a weakling! I raised you to have no mercy when in comes to killing! You stupid!" from the father towards his child not minding its cries.

The girl stays head down thinking that this is not the life she wanted to have.

That at a young age, she needs to kill whoever and wherever her father wants to be killed.

In this age, she should still be innocent, playing around, meeting new friend and socialize to others at the same age.

But no,

this is not the life she in to.

She didn't experience any of it.

Her parents and family is the only people she's always with. She can go out whenever there is someone she needs to kill.

She is homeschooled together with her twin brothers that is 4 years older than her.

Her family is the reason why she's like this. The family of killers.

When she reached the age of 12, she is already a member of the work her family's into.

It should be studies that she should focus but instead they wanted her to focus on killing people.

She can't kill a 5 years old kid that the client wants her to kill. Their client wants to kill the child for the reason of she is a child from another woman of her husband and that she can't accept the humiliations that they might get because they belonged to a very successful families in united states.

But she can't kill this child. This child that can still see the beauty of the world.

That she herself didn't experienced at all.

But she's going to suffer because of letting it escape.

"Because of the stupidity that you've done! You can't eat and go out from this room for 3 days! No communication to others! You pathetic brat!" another shout from her father towards her. Then angrily went outside the room and locked it tightly.

She can't eat for 3 days. She will suffer of hunger but she accepts it. She must be thankful that her father doesn't kill her even though he could do it.

Crying is all she could do. 3 days, for 3 days she is a prisoner in her own house. No one wants to help her even her mother or brothers.

She wipe her tears, stands from the ground. Go to a mirror and touched her red cheeks due to her father's slap.

"I don't want to be here. Please someone help me" she whispered in herself with the tears in her cheeks.

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