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She's A Badass Teacher


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Being born and raised in a cruel world is not easy. She was trained to kill, to abduct those people that their clients wanted to be eliminated. She kills not because she wants to but because she was raised in a family that kills anyone they want to and hired to. Kills thousands of people at thousands of places. This isn't the life she wanted to have. At 5 years old, she killed a person with her own bare hands. At 14 years old, she escaped and ran miles and miles away. A lonely woman adopted her. That woman died after a year and gave all her money and assets to her. In this woman's arms, she felt loved. With the inheritance, she chased her dreams. Built schools, companies and more that makes her one of the top billionaires of the country. Her dreams is to be a teacher. She graduated at 20 with flying colors. She never dated or love anyone except her adopted mother and herself. Now she's a teacher at one of her own school named Carly High. A school that only accepts delinquents and brats. They thought that she's a simple teacher but SHE'S A BADASS TEACHER. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is one of my favorites in wattpad tagalog. So I decided to post it here and translate it to english. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ DISCLAIMER: I'm not claiming this story. ------------- I will update every sunday guys.