47 Oh, No! It’s the … feeling

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Qin Lele's bold and unrestrained action instantly caused Xu Nan to earn a large number of activity points.

This place was the city center, and there was a flood of people coming and leaving. Usually, no one would be interested to hear the casual conversation between others.

Also, it was already 2019. Having 'godfather' and 'godmother' (s*xual connotations) was quite normal. Most probably, many people were already used to seeing such a thing.

However, the key point was that Qin Lele and Xu Nan's appearances created an intense contrast, the visual impact was too obvious.

Qin Lele's appearance was very clear and attractive. Everyone would find her adorable the moment they looked at her. She was a very energetic girl.

By hugging Xu Nan in his current appearance, the effect of the [Disguise] spell was even more prominent due to the contrast created.

Xu Nan could sense that if the gazes of contempt around him had weight, he would have long since been crushed to death.

He dragged Qin Lele off his body and pulled her along as he ran for a distance. Only after some time did he stop and berate her.

"Comrade, Captain. Did you see my message at all? The keyword is 'elegantly'! By doing what you did, everyone instantly felt uncomfortable, but where's the elegant part?"

Qin Lele pouted. "I feel that was done quite elegantly."

"Never mind, we won't be speaking about this…"

Xu Nan felt his teeth aching. He was mental to have thought that Qin Lele might have some good ideas!

"Where is your mother?"

Honestly speaking, Xu Nan still felt some trepidation. During this period, Qin Lele didn't go to school at all and had been mixing around with him. To those who didn't understand the inside story, they might feel that he was a lolicon.

Meeting her mother now, wasn't this a little too quick?... Pui! Things wouldn't be good if her mother misunderstood that he had some intentions toward Qin Lele.

"She will be here shortly. Let's go and wait at the side."

Qin Lele smiled and spoke to Xu Nan. "My mother kept scolding me, saying that I'm ignoring my education. Hence, I can only ask you out."

Xu Nan didn't mind. Although he was afraid of trouble, Qin Lele was one of his people. Hence, he naturally had to help her out.

"What do you need me to do?"

He asked.

"You don't need to do anything, you just need to be handsome...ehhh no, just be ugly and that will do." Qin Lele giggled. "In any case, I told her that you are my boyfriend."

Xu Nan, "???"

(You didn't freaking mention this in the text messages!)

Xu Nan frowned. "What's going on? As a future underground city lord, I can't possibly engage in a messy boy-girl relationship with my subordinates."

Qin Lele looked at him pitifully. "I've got no solutions, I said I formed a study group and had tuition with everyone else daily, but she didn't believe me. She even scolded me, saying that I was wasting my time and neglecting my duties.

"The moment I said I found a rich and powerful boyfriend with authority, she immediately stopped speaking. She even booked a flight ticket to come back because she wanted to check on this. She even said she was scared that my judgment wasn't good."

Xu Nan was stunned.

"...studying is considered wasting time? What does your mom do for a living then?"

Qin Lele cocked her head and pondered. "Searching for rich guys I think."

Xu Nan's world ideology, view, and outlook were instantly shattered.

No wonder although she and Zhang Yingluo were cousins, their differences were so big. With such a mother, Qin Lele could be considered outstanding considering that she didn't become a barbaric delinquent after being brought up in such conditions.

"Alright then, I will meet with your mother later."

Xu Nan's heart began to feel sorry for Qin Lele.

This child appeared simple-minded but was actually very sensitive and meticulous. By growing up in a single-parent family and given the fact that her mom was frequently not around, it was truly not easy for her.

Just so coincidentally at this moment, a woman wearing shades hurried over.

Qin Lele lowered her head and called out 'mom' reluctantly.

Xu Nan subconsciously wanted to follow her and call out 'mom', but his senses were irritated by the other party's perfume. He managed to stop himself in time.

"This is your boyfriend?"

Truthfully speaking, if it wasn't for Qin Lele saying this woman was her mother, Xu Nan truly wasn't able to tell from her age.

Qin Lele nodded.

"Go to the side and wait quietly for a while. Let me speak privately with this Mr. Xu."

Qin Lele's mom spoke unhurriedly but forcefully. The mischievous Qin Lele cast an encouraging gaze at Xu Nan before fleeing away.

Xu Nan braced himself and greeted, "Hello, aun…"

Before he could say the word 'aunty', the other party interrupted him. "My surname is Fang, you can just call me Madam Fang. Little fellow, your make-up skills are quite outstanding."

Madam Fang spoke in a somewhat overbearing manner.

Xu Nan started slightly.

Could it be that she was also a job-holder? His disguise wasn't effective against her?

Madam Fang seemed to have seen Xu Nan's astonishment as she smiled.

"Don't be startled. Your make-up skills are already very good to the extent of a true disguise. I can't see anything wrong with it. But I still understand my daughter very well. If she looks for a boyfriend, he would definitely be an extremely handsome lad."

Xu Nan awkwardly scratched his head, didn't know whether he should refute or answer it.

He couldn't possibly say that he was an ugly guy, right?

Xu Nan didn't like to lie.

"Did she tell you to intentionally uglify yourself? Hehe, I'm very clear about the thought process of that child." Madam Fang laughed.

Sweat appeared on Xu Nan's forehead, but he still complimented, "Madam Fang is brilliant!"

"Rather than being brilliant, it's more like the daughter is the same as the mother!" Madam Fang was immensely pleased with herself.

Xu Nan, "???"

These words seemed logical. Xu Nan didn't know how to rebut it!

(But is this the reason why you are so pleased with yourself? Isn't it considered a form of self-mockery?)

Xu Nan could only smile awkwardly to indicate his respect.

His conversation with Madam Fang couldn't be considered joyful as she was the one controlling the pace.

Xu Nan's minor tricks could basically be considered nothing before this demoness who had interacted with an unknown number of guys before.

He knew that the more things he said, the more he would expose himself. In any case, he was only here to take the rap as Qin Lele's boyfriend when her mother was here. Since that was the case, he might as well stay silent and listen to Madam Fang speak.

"...I heard Lele saying that your family's influence is very great and you can control a city?"

After half-a-day, Madam Fang finally brought out the main point.

Xu Nan contemplated, the underground city could seemingly be considered a city.

Hence, he nodded. "More or less."

Madam Fang then spoke with gratification, "She also said Mr. Xu is a very learned man and is proficient in reciting poems?"

Xu Nan thought about it. He did know all the poems from the school language textbooks, so it could be considered so.

Hence, he nodded again. "Not too bad, I know how to recite a little."

Madam Fang's smile was like a blooming flower. "She even said that you ardently love nature and animals; you even rear a national treasure at your place?"

There was no problem with this.

No matter how wanton and unrestrained Soupy was, unless Xu Nan gave her a new skin and transformed her into a husky, she was indeed a national treasure.

Xu Nan calmly nodded. "Due to a lucky encounter, yes."

Madam Fang was very satisfied. She nodded. "I'm in a rush to catch my flight. I will leave my daughter in Mr. Xu's capable hands then."

Xu Nan, "???"

(Giving your daughter to me like that? Are you sure she's your real daughter?)

Xu Nan and Qin Lele then sent Madam Fang into the taxi. She cast a few more evident glances at Qin Lele who pretended not to see anything.

Madam Fang's taxi then departed.

Xu Nan heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Lele was somewhat bashful. "My mom is quite good to get along with, right?"

Xu Nan thought about it. Compared to those fiancee's mothers in the novels and dramas who always looked down on the guys and would force their daughters to break the relationship, Madam Fang was already considered extremely amiable.

However, her world outlook, view, and ideology were a little crooked.

"I told her that I snatched you from Zhang Yingluo's hands, and she was extremely happy about it. I heard that back then when she and my great aunt were competing in snatching a man, she had failed…"

Qin Lele sighed. "Xu Nan, tell me why would I have such a mother?"

Xu Nan didn't know how to console her and could only pat her head.

"Actually, Madam Fang was quite nice."

Qin Lele grabbed hold of him suddenly, a look of wariness on her face. "You actually say that she was nice, but you didn't say that I'm? Tell me the truth, did you fall in love with my mother? Did she seduce you earlier?"

Xu Nan almost coughed out blood when he heard this.

He looked at Qin Lele in disbelief. "Why would you have such thoughts?"

Qin Lele snorted coldly and took out her phone. On the interface, a text message Madam Fang just sent to her could be seen…

[The brat isn't bad. He actually has wealth, power, and good looks. Hoodwink him into our family first; after you did the deed with him and got pregnant, it will be too late for him to change anything. In the future, I, your mother, will be able to benefit from the association with him as well!]

Xu Nan stared at the text for a while. There were simply too many points wrong with it. He didn't know what to reply.

"From what I know, she wants to f*** you!"

Qin Lele stared at Xu Nan. "You truly have no feelings toward her?"

Xu Nan could only roll his eyes.

Qin Lele was madly joyful. She pulled on Xu Nan's hand as she broke into a jog.

"It's rare for me to come to this place. Why don't you accompany me to shop this afternoon?!"

Xu Nan turned pale with fright.

He had never accompanied a girl shopping before; this was his first time.

However, Qin Lele was extremely energetic. She basically didn't give Xu Nan any chance to reject. As he accompanied her, he was half-willing and half-unwilling, but he eventually compromised.

The two of them spent half of the afternoon strolling around the shopping mall.

Xu Nan was so tired that he was panting.

In a certain branded shop, under the stunned gazes of the staff, Qin Lele was trying on a piece of fur clothing, which was markedly different from her image as a 15-year-old girl.

"How is it?" She was filled with anticipation as she jumped in front of Xu Nan.

"Oh no!"

Xu Nan only spoke half-way before clutching his heart, indicating for Qin Lele to figure out his feelings.

The young girl had a shy look on her face. "...Is it the feeling of your heart being emotionally moved?"

Xu Nan coldly laughed as he inclined his head.

"...It's the feeling of my heart growing colder."

[Activity points +2,000, from Qin Lele]

Xu Nan smiled. As expected, the 'harm' he caused job-holders would result in double experience!

(This daddy accompanied you for so long, it's only right that I collect some interest.)


At 8 p.m., at a certain teahouse near the university city.

Elegant music from a zither could be heard in the air.

Xu Nan sat there with some trepidation. Facing him was a middle-aged man with quite a good fashion sense. During the night, he still wore shades, and this couldn't help to make people feel astonished.

"...I've seen your information, your appearance is still passable. You will temporarily belong to our department."

The voice of the middle-aged man had a hint of magnetism. If there were no unexpected accidents, he should be Xu Nan's tutor from the Thousand Awn Agency.

Xu Nan kept feeling that this tutor looked a little familiar.

"My name is Wu Sanpao. In the newbie training camp three days later, you better not throw our department's face. You might not know this, but all of them look down on us warlocks. They feel that warlocks basically depend on their bloodline to eat, and our future is bleak. Also, they feel that our skills are too limited. Hmph, are they not simply jealous of our good looks?

"The warlocks in the Puluo World caused the reputation of all warlocks to stink, so we have to endure this. There is actually much prejudice against us.

"For example in the current internals of the Thousand Awn Agency, many people felt that us warlocks have an innately promiscuous nature, and our private lives are very messy. I can only laugh helplessly at this!"

The tutor grew increasingly agitated as he spoke, he even took off his shades!

"Do you feel that your private life is messy? I don't think mine is. I merely made love to some of my fans when I was younger. Everyone was a willing party, so what else could these people who are jealous of us say? This daddy is good at s*x; what qualifications do they have to say that my private life is messed up?"

Xu Nan felt his scalp turning numb.

He suddenly realized why this person looked so familiar.

Wu Sanpao, wasn't he a very famous star in show business a few years ago? After that, someone exposed that he had countless s*xual relationships with his fans, and he was forced to retire from show business silently.

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Why did he suddenly become someone from the Thousand Awn Agency?

From his appearance, he basically didn't seem to be someone with a military background, right?

Xu Nan's heart was filled with suspicions.

However, he still decided to ask some questions on the main point of today's meeting.

"Teacher Wu, can you tell me more about the newbie training camp?"


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