1 Chapter 1

"In a dark endless road,

Shadows of your fears starts to grow.

You always fear your shadows,

but fear makes it grow stronger.

Streetlights glow,

giving you hope to continue.

Just trust in me,

I'll guide you till we reach the end.

Dont be afraid to show your shadow,

because I'll always be your streetlight and hope."

Im just a simple guy, wanting some time, attention, and love. Nothing more, nothing less. Every night, in my dreams you are always there. Giving me the love that I want. Giving me all the things you have.

Ever since we're young, and innocent, he is the one who is always by my side. Guiding me, supporting me, and protecting me. He is like a guy riding in a white horse, confidently carrying his sword ready to fight. He is like knight and shining armor.

Days, Weeks, Months and Years passed but he is still here. I'm so glad to have him. I know my feelings for him are getting deeper and deeper, it's wrong yet feels so good. The way his eyes looks at me, the his lips curves everytime he wants to console me. He is everything to me.

"It's been a long time" I smiled as I look to his eyes, those eyes that keeps making my heart beat so fast.

"Yeah, I missed you" he said with a sweet smile. Thank God, he is back. He walks towards me a d gave me a hug. It's still feel the same. His smell, its still the same.

His hug is the safest place for me, his hug makes me comfortable and happy. "You never changed, you still like my hug" he said as he ruffles my hair.

He is right. I really like it. "N-no, it's just I missed you" I said. Here I am again, lying into myself.

He nods as he stops from hugging me.

"How are you?"

"How are you?" We laugh as we realized that we both ask the same question to each other.

"You go first"

"O-okay" I answered. "Im doing fine. Im still pursuing my dream to become a chef."  I added.

"Im also doing fine. Honestly, I go back here because I want study with you." He said.

Those words makes my heart skip a beat again.

"Well, that's good. Are you also going back to our dorm?"

He is about to answer my question when his phone rings.

"Excuse me for a while." He said as he moves away a bit to answer the call.

He looks very happy while talking to other person in the phone. I wonder who is he talking. Is it his parents? or his girlfriend?

He came back to our place with a smile on his face. "What is your question again?"

"Are you going to share a dorm with me again?" I repeated the question.  I wish his answer is yes.

"About that—" He got interupted by someone.  I got shocked when a girl walks towards us. Who is she? What is she doing here? By the way, she looks beautiful.

"No." She said and holds my bestfriend's hand. "He is going to share a dorm with me."

My brain suddenly stops working. Did I hear it right? Is this real?

I feel my heart broke into pieces when she said, "I am your bestfriend's girlfriend."

—end of chapter 1

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