Shadows Alpha 2089
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Shadows Alpha 2089


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What is Shadows Alpha 2089

Read Shadows Alpha 2089 novel written by the author Rage_1 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, system, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A story about a 16 years old boy, named Dante, who one-day mysterious flying shadow figures attacked his hometown, and killed everyone dear to him. Now he's on a journey to find the killers, get stronger, and have his revenge no matter the cost. In a world where people can use ki to gain superpowers, and new dark experiments are used on people to turn them into half machines half-humans by a secret organization under high city. Dante will slowly come to a realization that the world is darker than he thought and humanity might be on the brink of extinction as he discovers what the dark organization is planning. Shadows Alpha is a fast-paced novel that takes place in a cyberpunk/Fantasy world set in 2089. ____________

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A five-star from me. The first few chapters are definitely well written and kept me continue reading. this novel is going to my library. the story development is good, keeps you on edge all the time and the way the MC thinks is pretty relatable. A great novel... keep up the good work.


Reveal spoiler


Sci-Fi. Already, that draws me in. First off, the title is mysterious and makes you want to know more, don't tell me it doesn't. The world the novel is set in is futuristic and cyberpunk, just as the synopsis says, but it still shares resemblances with the world we know. Characters are relatable and detailed, and the story moves pretty quickly which is nice. This book has a lot of potential, keep it up, author!


Hey author I really like cyberpunk novels, it's a good story, I like it . Story developement is also good . I haven't finished yet so I will keep it in my library. keep it up.


great story, characters are so RELATABLE, i already have my biases picked lol and its a great novel worth a read! 4.8 overall, im ready to change it to a 5/5 tho because its just the grammar that could easily be corrected with any extension on google like grammarlyyyy


It's a lovely story, but not without its flaws. It does a good job of creating tension, it is entertaining, and it has relatable characters (Dante, Jake, Rex) Grammar could use a little work. It is a creative and unique story with the potential to be a classic. The combat sequences are solid.


I have been able to read few chapters, and so far so good the novel has been amazing. love the storyline, and how well the descriptions are.


First off, I like the title. It has a sense of cyber vibe. This is a first point of view and I like it since I can feel myself as the character of this book. The author is improving his writing so do support the author!


Great world background and characters, but the writing quality could use some work. Too many commas in some sentences and too few in others. There are grammatical mistakes but nothing to be worried over; the story is still perfectly understandable. Keep it up, author!


This is a fighting novel. I just binge and read it until i realized i already read it all More pls author [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=update]


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The synopsis really did not do justice to the story. This story is amazing. I can't believe what was I even doing till now that I did not read it. The plot is Great and MC is fascinating. I really enjoyed reading it. Good work author. This story is fabulous


Hello, I hope you enjoy reading my novel as much I'm enjoying writing it. this is my first time writing a novel. There will be a lot of dark twists, fights, and romance. please leave a review if you want. Thank you,😁


So far so good. I have never read cyberpunk before, but this seems true to the genre. There's a few hiccups with the grammatical errors, but this can be tackled with something like Grammarly. So far, it has potential. The dialogues are well written and the book is easy to read through. Keep going!


So far its a good story. The world building is excellent, and the characters feel genuine. Keep pumping out chapters, you’re doing a great job so far.


Personally I don't like cyberpunk novels. But I can see the potential here. Minimal grammatical errors and the plots seems great. However, there are only 7 chapters. Keep doing the good work though


The novel as a pretty interesting storyline. It's always fun to read cyberpunk based novel not that I have read many but from whatever I have! This a really great novel and enjoyed it thoroughly, although there aren't much chapters so I'll be eagerly waiting for more chapters :)


Wow!!cool new concept, cyberpunk novels are rarely tackled. The characters are funny, and the dialogues had made the story even more engaging. Looking forward to more chapters.


The world building is well thought. The pace is a little bit fast for me but it's the charm of the story. The writing quality could still improve. Nice story!


A great story with a fast pace that takes you along for its intense, sad, enraging, happy, beautiful rollercoaster of a ride. The development is fantastic, thIs novel is fantastic. No one should allow themselves to miss this.


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