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What is Shadow

Shadow is a popular web novel written by the author Mahum, covering Horror&Thriller genres. It's viewed by 29.9K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 72 reviews. The novel is completed and can be read all 33 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"I dare you to say that again." "You look like Gollum's twin brother." _____________________________ Officer Genevieve Perez. A diligent police constable. She's quick, both mentally and physically, with a gun by her side at all times. The 24-year-old does her duty to the best of her ability, and absolutely nothing can distract her when she sets a goal. Detective Alec Walliams. At 27, He has managed to accomplish countless tasks over the span of a few years. An egotistical male during the day, and a skilled undercover investigator by night. Sometimes, the two personas occur at the same time. Alec and Genevieve cross paths. One thing leads to another, and they have to team up in order to catch a twisted outlaw. The only problem? They're like oil and water. She abides by the rules. He makes his own. 18+

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This book just keeps getting better and better, I don't usually enjoy a lot of thrillers mostly because I get scared, but I'm so intrigued by the story that I can't drop it. 👍 to the writer.


I am honestly in love with this book. Get me two strong leads and I'm good to go. I love Genevieve's spirit, and Alec's arrogance. 🤣🤣 The style of writing is chic, the use of words spectacular. I am wowed.


The description is spot on! I could cry from how good the description is🔥 It is like I am in the book experiencing everything. I am honestly in love with this book and I love the verbal fight between them. Kudos to the Author. I absolutely recommend this.❣️


Outstanding Introduction to Characters, Zero Grammar mistakes, Strong-spirited female mc, arrogant yet dashing male detective. since the start of the first chapter I haven't stopped reading until I reached chapter 4 just to give this positive review. I haven't read any much Thriller but this sure packed a punch to my mind, Keep up the good work, your novel is amazing


The characters were amazingly written, honestly, I liked the way the author is very excitedly engaging the readers with the novel. World background and the thrill, cliffhangers were my favorite. keep it up, author!


i am so in love with this book. it's awesome. the plot, character description, flow of the story everything is awesome. I would surely recommend to read this book.


Flawless work! It's like I'm reading the book Hong Kong by a bestseller author in US! I don't usually read mystery thriller since I have a weak heart but I can't stop reading this 😊 I'll gonna read this until the end 😍


Love ittttt!! Its so good and its made me want to read books again after i had stoppEd for a while. Good job and more GRease to your elbows❤️❤️❤️❤️


Read the synopsis and I am already hooked. Really in love with this story. Wow the relationship oil and water is amazing. The trill, mystery you have wrote in this book is so good that it captured all my attention to it. Wow, what a love-hate relationship...Pure fun reading this book. Great work dear author.👏👏👏👍


This is such a great book witha an amazing plot , the blurb of the story says it all , you write so well and top of all this is an outstanding book . I like the spirits of both of your leading characters . keep it up and would sure recommend this book ❤❤❤..


IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK A GREAT STORY! I love everything about this book from the synopsis to all the chapters. It is something I normally enjoy reading but I enjoy reading this so much more. woww


An uncliche plot there. I like how you separate the paragraphs. And you write so well. Good job! I expect more action scenes. Hehe nice one there, author!


This has that classic feel, but is fresh. I really like the decision to make the protagonist a woman in a story like this. A unique take in a genre that needs it.


this is a nice one the storyline the plot and the setting is just wow so astonishing i must admit this is a well organised wonderful literally work


I was really looking for an enemies to lovers kind of book, and I'm so happy I came across this. The banter between Genevieve and Alec is very entertaining, and you did a good job at decieving readers (in a positive way lol). One chapter i felt like they were finally getting along, and then the next, they hate each other again. Amazing ❤️


As soon as I started reading the book I was already drawn into Genevieve's world... The gestures, body language, the flow and attention to detail Is extremely beautifully artistic... Definitely adding this to my reading list awesome just awesome... [img=update]


It has mystery, it has thrill, it has attraction, it has hate-love romance, it has brutality and what not??!! Adding this beautifully crafted work to my library asap!! Well done Mahum!!🤩🤩


And now we're talking about detectives. I LOVE DETECTIVES. This should be worth more than a thousand reads! The writing on the synopsis alone is very well written. But I hope the chapters will be balanced—solving cases and well, romance. Continue writing, author!!


24 year old???? This is so amazing. As a detective, overly determined and comitted to her work, she's great. I love where this story is going. Can't wait. 😍😍


Great work!!! Good job in making the plot and characters. The storyline is quite attractive too. Looking forward for more.[img=recommend][img=recommend]


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