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What is Shadow

Shadow is a popular web novel written by the author GloriouslyFamous, covering HARÉM, REINCARNATION, MATURE, MAGIC AND CULTIVATION, CULTIVATION, ACTION, ADVENTURE, ROMANCE, WORLD BUILDING, FANTACY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 203.2K readers with an average rating of 4.81/5 and 96 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 157 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After an exalted powerhouse uses an ancient artefact that shakes the universe, a dark soul is born. The dark soul finds a body and takes it over. He finds out that his new life will be filled with dangers, uncertainties and schemes. To ensure his survival and live a fulfilling life, the Dark Soul must find a solution and a path that is suitable for him to conquer adversity and become powerful.

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The Autor here, I think you will like this story if you are a fan of cultivation novels with action, adventure, harem, and world-building. If you read the first 30 chapters, I am sure you would not be disappointed, as long as you consider yourself a fan of the genres in the novel's tags.


Reveal spoiler


It has a nice beginning and a refreshing feel. The plot was kinds slow but I enjoyed every bit of it. The author seems to focus more on character development which is simply...WOW. I mean, I want character development is a plot where power and related stuff is deemed important. The author manages to find a nice spot between the two, wavering between plot progression and character progression. And, the refreshing way this has been written gives the story an immersive feeling. The author has a sound grasp of the language which makes the descriptions of each background vivid and detailed, while at the same time not making them feel like info dumps. This is a great story to read and enjoy.


This story was lit. The start was strong and also the author got a good sense of words. I recommend this story because it is intriguing. It also flows at a steady pace. However, there is one thing. Sometimes, I was confused because many first sentence starts not with a name, making me a bit confused.


Definitely a hidden gem, Author has done a fabulous job writing this. The story is well done, taking cues from overused cliches and tropes, such as a soul transmigrating into a body and taking it over, or cultivating two opposing forces. And yet it's surprisingly refreshing and weaved right into a compelling story that hooked me straight from the prologue. And best of all, it ain't a cookie cutter novel like most others which somehow happen to be more popular. Grammar wise, there a so few hiccups, there's nothing to complain about. Trust me, I've seen worse. What really got me is how satisfying it was to read the story. Each chapter felt complete, like a chapter from a paper book story. A lot of other novels, mine included, often have short chapters even when they have over 1000 characters. The author, however, somehow managed to make reach of his chapters filling and wholesome while keeping it exciting and mysterious (at least for the first 14 chapters). After that, the story picks up and you just want to read more and more. If anything, I can only say that there wasn't enough chapters for me. I've already reached chapter 30 and noticed there's only a dozen or so chapters left before I catch up.


The author's writing style really carriers and hooks you into their story from the first sentence. The stories description really helps build the mental picture of the scenes and this story is a Master class.


Hi guys,I really appreciate the engineering the author made in this story..I really couldn't stop reading and I really love the chapters.i hope you update more chapters soon💚The world you have created in the story is seriously fascinating.


Author has done a great job describing the scenes. It was graphic enough for me to visualize what was happening. The story is captivating and makes me click onto the next page until all the chapters were done. Waiting for the next one. Keep up the good work!


Woah Woah Woah... Finally a cultivation story that snared me right from the beginning. This is just wonderful. Other than the story being amazing, the author has a nice writing style with a good flow of narration. Right from the first chapter the curiosity keeps building around it. Just hooks you onto it from the beginning. I will be looking forward to this... Maybe wait sometime to binge on this. hehehe


I got hooked from the first chapter literally🎣! It's an amazing story so far and I'm definitely going to keep reading it...Each scenario was explained in such a way that I was able to imagine it, my heart's still racing from the adventure😄...Keep up the good work author! In the mean time, *adds to library🔖* 😊


Nice premise. Author has good quality writing style overall, though some parts could be smoothed out a little. The author has crafted a unique world, and the first chapter draws readers in immediately. Looking forward to seeing the author and story grow!


As a fan of fantasy novels, I would like to say that this really is a well thought out story with an interesting plot, fresh and not like those stiff characters. I like how the author describes the scenarios which most authors tend to not do, only focusing on dialogues. So far, after reading the latest chapter, I think the story development is also good. The writer has a diverse choice of words which I believe is also the reason why I enjoyed your story. I recommend readers to try this novel once and experience the fantasy world which is built meticulously by the Author.


Wow! This one novel that really make my brain hemorrhaging with awesomeness! You don't know what I'm talking about if you wont start reading this incredible novel. The Author is simply talented and skillful in waving a world so vast and huge, it made me feel like I'm the one being transported in another dimension. Good job Author! The plot is amazing! Try it!


Ha, It feels like we have a slightly similar way of storytelling and writing, so of course, all I can give are compliments... hats of to the author. I'd like to point out some flaws but currently, I am not at the level that I can point anything out that could be considered a major flaw; minor grammatical errors that can be found in everything on this site, even the paid translations. If you read this Author-San let me know, <div> <p>what are the div looking elements at the bottom of the pages</p> </div>


The way you wrote this story is amazing. It is very intriguing and the choice of words are 👌. I really appreciate the detailed explanations of the things happening inside the book as it made the story less confusing. The idea of this novel is also very refreshing, hence it hooked the readers to keep on reading the book. I will definitely add this to my library and read more of the chapters!


Writing Quality: The quality is present in this novel and outshines quite a large variety on this platform. Release Schedule: From what I have seen, 1/day consistently which is better than most, Story Dev: The story is definitely coming along, but the pacing is very good. Character Design: Every novel's author could use some work in this area because it is never until the end of a novel, where you could truly feel an all around design of characters to reflect on. World Background: The setup was not bad at all. :) -The Sleeping Tadpole


A refreshing novel.A believable explaination for the beginner gifts and mc's power.Good grammer and nice flow. Hah,time flows fast when you are binge reading!!!!


The writing quality is good. I'll give it a 4.5/5. I like how you describe the scenes, it makes me feel like I'm also part in the world. Although there are a few that I found quite confusing, a little edit could do it. So far, it's well-done. Good job, author!


I love this! It took me a few hours to read due to my school work, but I enjoyed this book. I can not wait until the next chapter! I love how you describe the world and how the interactions do not seem forced!


The writing quality is top notch.There were no grammar errors or misspellings of any sort. And the author did a good job with a very intriguing prologue that would hook the readers from the start. We got a glimpse of the world and the power setting before the MC was even introduced. And oddly that made me connect to the MC easily and the way his character is being developed makes me look forward to his future adventures. All the best.


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