Shadow of Midnight Book

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Shadow of Midnight


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He was a lone wolf She was an assassin He was a Caelestian She was a Human He was intrigued by the mundanes She despised the supernatural She was his calm and he was her storm Yet she was his life and he was her soul Both of them had targets on their backs yet both targeted each other •°•°• In an era where the caelestian's roam the realm of Terrae. The humans and the caelestian's created a pact: No harm to one another. If whoever should break this treaty, blood will be shed and the realms will once again rage war on humanity. Willow Reinhart, protects the humans at night from the caelestian's. By day, a college student. By night, an assassin. On the summer of her third year at college, both humans and caelestian's have been disappearing from the dorms of where she resided. And later found brutally slaughtered. It's up to Reinhart to find out who is behind this massacre before the treaty is disbanded. While trying to evade the wolf that's trying to find out her identity. Can she catch a killer that doesn't leave a clue? Can she save everyone else before the end?