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Shadow Lord Reborn


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What is Shadow Lord Reborn

Shadow Lord Reborn is a popular web novel written by the author DarkDestiny, covering SYSTEM, MALE PROTAGONIST, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, MODERN, ACTION, WEAK-TO-STRONG, GAME-ELEMENTS, KINGDOM-BUILDING, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 136.2K readers with an average rating of 4.56/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 62 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Follow the story of Dominic Bellmore, a man who reached the apex of human power by rising through the levels of a system that controlled the rules of the world, only to be betrayed by his closest ally and reborn in a new world he knew nothing about. He will rise through the levels again, gathering new allies, challenging the dominant races of this world, building a new kingdom, and planning his revenge against his betrayer, but at what cost? Will he let the memories of his past and his burning desire for revenge consume him, or will he move forward with his life, choosing to walk on the peaceful road? *Example of writing style below* ######### Staring with eyes filled with unimaginable hatred and resentment towards the man he once called brother. Impaled through the heart with a sword he forged with his own hands. His consciousness sinking towards a bottomless abyss. With his last minutes of awareness, he cursed the name of the man he once stood beside throughout countless battles and wars. His sanity crumbling as his life flashed in front of his eyes, only to realize that he lived a fulfilling life, but deep inside flickers of a desire for revenge burned until he drew his last breath. As his soul started to disappear into the nothingness of the infinite the world stood still as if time had stopped, but it only lasted for mere seconds which was enough time for Dominic's soul to be snatched away to a place and time unknown. ########## - Daily release! -Disclaimer the cover doesn't belong to me and if the artist asks, I'm ready to change it.


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Story premise is interesting. Author is very dedicated, and has created us a complex world with RPG-style elements. Some grammatical mistakes, but those can be fixed with an easy edit. Keep writing author, you're doing good.


A weak to strong story with a RPG element. The story developent realy nicely and the characters are realy fun to read. I have nothimg bad to say about this novel and it only showed me a good impression out of this story.


Stability of updates is a REALLY big deal for a reader like me because it shows dedication to the book and shows that the author really cares about their readers. I would say that this deserves a 5/5 star rating across the board because it has a sense of uniqueness for a book on webnovel which is rarely seen but it also is rather a good read as well. -OmniFrog


Your story is not bad, I like it and it has potential. The things is the grammar. Your dialogue is a bit weird. Unless you write like that, if not, dialogue should be written like this: “How to explain the ways you annoy me? One you eat with your mouth full. Two you take all the freaking blankets. Three you never defend me in front of your mother. And four, stop taking me to terrible restaurants!” The husband complained, listing his grievances to his significant other. “You are being ridicious, love. Now come sit down, you are drawing attention to yourself.” Another thing, you have a few grammar mistakes that can easily be fixed and doesn’t throw the story off. I really enjoyed it and I have been getting into system stories for a while now. Keep up the good work!


I see a nice story. you describe the scene well This reminds me of the novel solo leveling. I like it very much


A reborn, from weak-to-strong story with RPG elements? Sign me in! I, like so many others, have a thing for these type of stories, and this one gave me (and sorry if im wrong) a lot of darksouls vibes while reading, that is always a plus! The only problem could be some mistakes here and there, but hey not a problem and it dosen't stop anyone from enjoying a good story keep it going Author!


Interesting so far. I have only read a few chapters, but I am hooked. The character design is pretty good, and the setting is also cool. Great work. Highly Recommended.


HIIIIII author!!! Im amazed reading this story of yours! I almost forgot to review this one as I continue to read. I really enjoyed it, I can visualize thoroughly your story and it is nice to rad something like this, mmmmm sum gud stuff


Is it only me or does this seem very similar to nanomancer? No offense to the author of course. Very good novel and I would like to see more of these kinds of novels.


The story is a classic fantasy revenge story with LITRPG mechanics. Overall, I'm a big sucker for plots involve righting wrong and avenging injustice so I was immediately drawn in. Only issue was the use of dialogue attribution. Specifically during the first page, it made it difficult to tell who was who. Other than that it is a great start!


The story is going crazy interesting so far. I gotta admit I'm quite curious about the main character and how things are going to end up. A few grammar mistakes - but that can happen to anyone. I definitely see potential in it and a very intriguing fantasy. Keep it up!


A good read. Jumps into the story immediately but there is enough showing of the characters and the atmosphere. The story takes its times to build up events and sometimes tension. I do wish I could see more of the world actually, considering this is fantasy afterall. My criticism is part with the RPG elements. I understand that RPG elements such as ranking up and skills need to be shown to show that this is an RPG, but I think it's best it doesn't always have to be shown. There's also the censorship of swear words. I understand that the author has already set a rating but I personally felt off reading censored words. Maybe best take away the censored swear words completely if the rating is still parental guidance. So far so good. Keep on writing!


It's a pretty good story, my friend. However, I would like to point out a few things. Yes, it is necessary to express dramatic scenes with exaggeration, but you should dial down on the adjectives, makes your sentences look redundant. Also,"Staring with eyes filled with unimaginable hatred", staring is obviously done with your eyes while unimaginable hatred doesn't exactly help your readers understand the character. Instead, try "He stared at his foe with contempt, feeling bitter regret that he had so once called, this traitor, his brother." I mean no disrespect, my friend. All I wish is to help you become better in your craft. Keep writing! :)


Okay... A revenge-lead RPG + Dungeon. So, the 20th king of Lyria trained so hard in swords and magic and it goes down to the drain and reborn as a shade instead. Not a bad RPG system, but killing a Level 7 wolf could only level up 3 levels? I think you could a little more exp in it. Must kill to get EXP instead of training? Could use some EXP potion. I don't like restrictions on one's growth that can't be done without training. About "Where do I start? How about the beginning"-- the flashback is way too flashback. It feels jarring if the flashback went to far back in the past. I think you could introduce the MC's past first, or maybe describe how Luther killed him. Grammar mistakes everywhere. Could give some editing instead. Overall: Classic revenge RPG.


Whoa. To be honest, I am not into this kind of stories but this one captivated my interest! I can see a lot of potential to your work, author. Keep writing!


The story is well written, sincere, with a dedicated author. I tried begging for comments in the author's notes and for someone to tell me how I was doing on a work I got rid of made something new out of, but nobody replied.


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