Shadow king : in cultivation world Book

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Shadow king : in cultivation world


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here is the story of a a manupulative person who can go to any lengths to achive his goals , he hides his true personality behind his mask and no one knows what he his thinking, he used to be one of most renowned biologist who invented many vaccines but no one knows that he was the only one who started the pandamic, so now at the age of 95 he died and is reborn in the cultivational world , will his full potential be explored let's find out ____________________€_______________________ guys this is my first novel need your support for me to grow as a author and i am finding it to difficult to get a non simp mc this novel is not one of those haram here the mc will have sex only to manupulate the girl and use her as a pawn if you guys can help me improve my content i will be very great full ah and i am a new aspriant writer so please can you help me with power stone ( ah actually i dont know what is there use but some ting must be good ) good luck to myself


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