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Hi dear readers. I am the author, BluePen. This is my first novel, and English is not my first language. So I hope that it won't annoy you. I shamelessly rated my novel and gave it 5 stars. But, as I can see, I am not the only one, most of the new authors are doing it. After all, People love seeing their work succeed. (it would be impolite if I make an exception). By the way, how many reviews are needed for Webnovel to show the ratings?


Great story! Your english isnt to bad, the story is still comprehensible and really good. Also I'm not entirely sure what the characters look like other than hair color, a little more in depth description would be nice. Keep up the good work! Cant wait for more!


I wery much desire that this story will get the continuation as the last update was quite some time ago. Wish all the best to the author and also wish to know whether there would be any updates and if they would, when exactly. Sincerely expecting continuation reader.


Great novel with good potential. I love the story and plot progression so far. Keep up the good work author. Definitely recommend this for a read.


Guys for anyone who is reading this please review more and I recommend adding it to your collection this is a different kind of modern/cultivation world where there isn’t stuff like sci-fi in it or advanced technology but it is still modern and cultivation in my opinion this story has better potential than the novels that talk about modern technologies and future worlds because if the story is a cultivation novels then it’s a cultivation of its a sci-fi modern future then that’s what it is rarely do u find people who can combine both without making people complain or criticize it so I applaud the authors ideas and thinking I didn’t give the 5 star rating because the update isn’t consistent but that doesn’t mean that the author doesn’t care I think that he cares about it the most so he doesn’t release trash chapters he takes his time to see what to write next if u r reading this then please help advice and help correct grammatical mistakes the author might have as he is trying to improve and he deserves our support


#########################. I don't like writing reviews but I want to support the author. Lets make the story rated.#########################


i like everything except the fact that you use the cliche of "i must hide my special power or people will get jealous" he should not hide his ability this is a world that needs warriors to fight to protect humanity he who can become powerful by killing would be protected by the higher ups in order to make a stronger protector out of him


Guys the author is new but he becomes better every new chapter so if u can wait enough the qualities of the story will become better u might not like the first couple chapters for the quality but it becomes better


keep it up i love this kind of novels hunters/mercenerys and stuff devore ability eat skills and sutch but u know everyone has a start point so keep going


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I am in love with this book. The Mc's shadowed past his Insta rise. Romantic conquests in the form of Yasmine and friend as Yasiir really good power and bloodlust moment so perfect.[img=recommend]


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