1 A harsh destiny


"Oh! I can't believe I have to wake up early in the morning to go to school. It's freezing outside. I don't want to get up of my warm comfortable bed. Adam, you have to brace yourself. Today is the inner energy measurement test" said Adam to himself while struggling to get up.

After a quick shower, he took breakfast that his mother made before leaving for work.

"I have to do well at the test. The monthly 1000$ scholarship will be mine." Adam said determinately.

He always feels guilty for not being able to help his mom who works for twelve hours every day just to pay for his expensive school bills. She couldn't find any good jobs because of her poor talent. She was just an ordinary woman with almost zero inner energy.

In a world where people fight to defend themselves from beasts attacks. Strength is what determines people's status. Hence normal people are on the bottom rock of the hierarchy's pyramid. They are considered no more than burdens who are meant to serve. This is the case of Marry, Adam's mom, who workes as a maid for the Scarlet Flame family, one of the five most powerful families in the capital.

After the mysterious energy spread all over the earth a hundred years ago, all living creatures started to evolve. Some of them even gained supernatural abilities.there were rumors that this new energy was on other planets and had been brought by asteroids. While others believe that its a blessing from god. And there are even ones who claim the parallel worlds to be its source...But one thing is for sure: humans lost their control over the other species who now threaten their safety.

Independence high school

The bare fighting ground was full of freshmen who were talking and laughing loud not giving a damn about the teachers' warning. But as soon as Mr.Ibrahim the headteacher came, the crowd shut up in fear and respect. He is one of the top 10 strongest people in the city and didn't agree to take his position until the city lord convinced him in person. Adam admired him so deeply cause he wasn't from a noble family yet he reached such a high position.

He said with a low yet audible voice."Hello everyone. Today your destiny will be determined. Whether you will bring honor to yourself and your family or be a burden to society. the talent test will determine your future. And You will be treated according to your results. Because origins and wealth don't matter. Only strength and contribution to Independence city is significant..."

As soon as the headteacher finished his speech, two teachers brought a medium-sized device, the talent tester which measures the amount of world energy one's body can absorb in every breath. And another one started to call the students one in a time.

The waves of disappointment started to spread over the crowd by every passing minute. the headmaster's face turned gloomy as more and more students got poor talents. But he became careful and serious as soon as the teacher called Ilyass, the successor of the Scarlet Flame family.

The young man in black walked confidently while looking at the headmaster in the eyes. When he put his hand on the device, it started to shine so brightly. Everyone was shocked by the seen including Mr.ibrahim who stood excitedly.

"I can't believe my eyes this is the legendary talent," he exclaimed. "The scarlet flame family has just got their second legendary talent genius."

talent has five levels: poor, average, above average, outstanding and legendary. The better it is the faster one can accumulate energy.

After Ilyass performance no one could put a show except for a purple-haired girl who got an outstanding talent which is still considered rare in the city. she is the successor of the holy lotus family.

Then was Adam's turn. When he put his hand on the device everybody was shocked again not because he got a good talent but because he doesn't get any. The device hadn't emitted a single trace of light.

"This is impossible !! An absolute zero! The device must be broken."

Adam couldn't believe himself he could see all his dreams shatter in front of him. his eyes became watery and his knees became extremely weak. he tried to go back to his place but he felt dizzy while looking at the laughing faces. But instead of facing the cruel crowd, he chose to run. He just kept running and running until he runs out of breath and then tears started to fall uncontrollably. He sobbed and screamed in the corner of the empty street."WHY ME … WHY ME ?"

After a while, he started to calm down and decided to tell his mother.

When he reached home the door had been already opened. Adam rushed there upon hearing his mother's screams. He found a man in a black suit grabbing his mom's neck. "What the hell are you doing?" Adam said while holding the man's arm. He tried to push him but to no avail, the man was very strong. He lifted his arm and punched Adam in the face in the blink of an eye. Adam slammed the wall and coughed out blood.

"I don't have a chance beating him he must be a ranker. Do I have to run and then call for help? But I can't leave my mom alone here." Adam who pretended to have fainted, thought.

"Hey! darling stop resisting or I will have to kill your son " the man warned while grabbing her shoulders.

Suddenly he felt a piercing pain in his stomach. Although being stabbed with a knife the man managed to hit Adam with his elbow. But Adam who is being thrown managed to stab the heart this time. He knew that he has no more chance. If he doesn't kill him now he will be certainly killed.

The man fell lifelessly on the ground. Adam was trembling in fear not only because he has just killed a human but because there was a faint dark smoke coming up from the body.

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