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Shadow Assassin: Nara Kekkei Genkai

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-MC, a child can apparently have enough hatred that it scares kurama, [something that was described as being malice itself]. -MC asks kurama to split it self in away that wouldnt harm it and it immediately agrees. Damn, and I thought kurama had a deep hatred for humans, and dont say the BS of MC having hatred that scared the focx. thats irrelevant considering the fox was fine with naruto having a **** childhood in the OG, hell he tried to take over him many times, [MC has stronger talk no jutsu than even naruto]. -MC goes to kuma and asks rikage to join and the dude just agrees. -MC is 2D, dialogues are bland, and so much stupid **** happens. this seems like a wish fulfillment, I mean FF are that but here, CD, SD and other **** that make a story are complete ignored. **: my review based on my thoughts