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I couldn't sleep. I forced my eyes to close multiple times but it didn't close. I looked at the ceiling deeply sighing each time my eyes wouldn't give in to sleep.

I reached for the necklace around my neck which had the word 'π‘†π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘›π‘”'. I touched it as the memories of its origin came into my mind.

I was born an orphan and started living with my uncle and aunt. The first year was okay except for my aunt. She hated me and often beat me up sometimes. My uncle abused me sometimes and starved me regularly. My cousin was the worst of all. She hated me for no reason.

I felt a tear threatening to spill out. I wiped it quickly and touched the necklace again. it made me feel strong and brought a sense of peace. According to my lawyer, my mom gave me before she died. Nobody told me how they died but this was the only thing I had of them.

I checked my phone , 15:10am. I mentally growned and stood up from my bed and walked to the window. I looked at the sky and it calmed me. As if on cue, my life always had to be ruined. My brat of a cousin stromed into my room. 'Daniel!', she screamed coming towards me.


'What did you do to my phone?', she emphasized the 'phone'. I just looked at her with a bored expression. 'Answer me!'. She pushed my arm roughly and I looked at her angrily. 'I don't know. Why will I be with your stupid phone'. She frowned and just walked out of my room muttering something like 'fag' then slamming the door.

I didn't bother saying anything else. I wore my glasses and decided to do some reading.

Two hours.

Nothing. No sleep. I felt tired and most importantly hungry. I decided to text my best friend Sophia. We've been friends since middle school and she's the only person I trust. I took out my phone and sent her a text.

Me: Hey sof, you up?

Minutes passed no reply. I dropped the phone but it chimmed immediately.

Sophia: Yes sup?

Me: Can't sleep you?

Sophia: You need to see a doctor and I'm okay.

Me: Neh, I'm okay.

Sophia: No, your not.

I sighed. Here she goes again always worrying about me. I knew not to argue with her because she always wins.

Me: Sure

Sophia: Will you see a doctor?


Sophia: Pinky

Me: Pinky

Sophia: Okay have you eaten?

Me: No

Sophia: Why? Don't tell me they're doing it again?

Me: Yes they are

Sophia: This isn't right. You should report this. it's abuse.

Me: No they'll kill me

Sophia: No they won't. Not if you report them.

Me: Let's not talk about this now.

Sophia: Fine but try to get some sleep. You can come over to my house tomorrow.

Me: Okay sure.

Sophia: GN x

Me: Night x

I dropped my phone and got back on my bed. I shut my eyes trying to force the sleep.

Fuck it!

I checked my alarm, 5:00am. Looks like I'm not getting any sleep tonight. Sigh!


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