20 Chapter Twenty

After having breakfast the two went to the parlor room to enjoy some tea and snacks. Hua Fan was humming for his entertainment while her grandfather sat on the sofa looking through documents with a smile. At his side, Hua Fan was also looking through stuff. But rather than paperwork it was homework and texts books she had borrowed from her library. Her humming was soothing and childish, it also set alight atmosphere Jian Kong couldn't help but be influenced by.

His mind could not help but recall the old days he would sit by a bedside and listen to the gentle but powerful singing coming from a woman who called his name tenderly. He could still recall her smile and the way she would insist on him sitting by her side to just accompany her during those boring days she had nothing else to do.

Her voice was mature and enchanting, it drew in many people even he himself fell in love with her voice and chased after her relentlessly. Memories he tried too hard to burn into his heart so he would never forget. Almost casually without putting down his folder Jian Kong addresses the humming child. "Fan'er, perhaps you could take singing lessons." Her pencil drifts to the side messing up the character she had been writing down as she gave her grandfather a confused and astonished look. Her heart had truly been startled by his random suggestion as she could not believe her ears.

Singing lessons? "Ye Ye?" Jian Kong was not surprised by her look and even laughed lightly stunning her even more since it confirmed she had heard him right. Hua Fan did not decline his suggestion since he seemed sincere in his suggestion. But she was still bewildered by his words, "Singing lessons, but Ye Ye this will not benefit me in the future..." Jian Kong smiles patiently her way, it was warm and gave a sense of relaxation her grandfather rarely eludes.

It was so similar to her third uncle Hua Fan's heart softens even more. "Although it will not help you due to the path you choose to take it does not mean you cannot indulge and learn things aside from business. Having something to enjoy on the side and to be passionate about is also a thing to admire and envy." She showed a conflicted expression before smiling and nodding her head. "Then I will do as Ye Ye says."

Jian Kong seemed to be in a better mood and went back to his documents wordlessly while Hua Fan was still puzzled inside. After a while of finding nothing, Hua Fan sighed to herself. Forget it. If it will make her Ye Ye happy then she will just do it. It was not like it would matter much anyway. She would just change up her lesson plans a bit in the future to add this new hobby into her life.

After finishing the last question on this page of her textbook Hua Fan hums with satisfaction and closes the book to pick up the candidate list she did not get to look at before. Looking over the list most of them were from the schools around the area, one was even a college student shocking her a tad bit. He appeared serious and unapproachable even in the picture, but from the look in his eyes he was not the sleazy type but the type to look the other way disdainfully. She curiously touches the picture feeling this person seemed familiar. Her eyes then flash with recognition, and Hua Fan crumples the page accidentally drawing Jian Kong's attention.

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Placing the small pile of papers aside Hua Fan took the page she crumpled and points to it curiously while looking after her grandfather. "Ye Ye, who is this person?" Jian Kong looks over at the picture of the youth and recalled the background of him almost immediately which made Hua Fan hold her breath. "That boy? If I recall correctly he comes from a rather well-known family of lawyers. I had the fortune of working with his father once and looked into them before. That boy is a good person, he has a clean record and is rather talented."

Her gaze wanders back to the picture and without giving much away Hua Fan places it carefully back on top of the others. "I want him." Jian Kong's brow rose and he scrutinizes Hua Fan for a second before agreeing lightly. "I will have Ning make the arrangements." "No." Hua Fan lifts her gaze from the picture to her grandfather with confidence, "I will do it myself." He did not say no but he did hum to himself and went back to work.

"Trying to win talents at your age, I do not know if you will be called foolish or brave." The girl laughs cleverly, "Ye Ye I will show you my worth." The old man shook his head and sighed, seeming displeased with her words. "What show? This old man has already proclaimed you as heiress. You only need to learn well and become strong enough to protect your birthright."

She gave him a helpless but warm look, "Then I will be leeching off of Ye Ye's fame." He scoffs and gave her a displeased frown. "Who else but you will have the right to? Did I not tell you to use the resources I provide without being so polite?" Hua Fan calls in a maid to make tea and serves Jian Kong to soothe the old man.

"Ye Ye have some tea, I personally dried these for a cold day like this." He saw she was trying to win him over but unable to stay upset he somewhat grumpily took the cup she offered him. Her eyes sparkle with amusement, "Does Ye Ye like it? I had them shipped from overseas after hearing you say you missed the tea back in B city." He stubbornly clears his throat to hide the effect her care and attention had. "It is okay." Hua Fan held in a giggle so as to not be scolded.

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