12 Chapter Twelve

Zhou Hua Fan sat in her grandfather's office waiting for him to return from his meeting and admires the view he had. Across from her, she could see the other building just as tall as theirs standing upright reflecting the sun into her eyes. Raising a hand so as not to go blind, Hua Fan turns her attention to the streets below her. The once big and dangerously fast cars that although seemed so powerful and intimidating when she was down on the sidewalks to her seem so far away now. Now that she was watching from above why did they seem so insignificant and small?

The people below who called for taxis yelled at others on the streets and raced back and forth busily were so loud earlier. But just like the cars they were not even worth her attention for longer than a millisecond making her bored of the humans below her. Is this how the gods and immortals feel when looking down on us from the clouds? Do they also feel that all of us are insignificant ants that are not worthy of their attention? She could fully understand why her grandfather had worked so hard for this spot and also why other people desired to be on a taller pedestal than they were born with.

This view although lonely and boring was very satisfying. Behind her, the door opens and she could hear her grandfather's secretary speak from the door. "Is there anything that Miss Zhou would like to drink or eat while waiting for Chairman Zhou?" She thought for a long moment and her eyes find their way to a tiny shop below the building that she recalled seeing on her way here. "Then I want lychee milk tea from that shop across the street."

The man was not phased and was rather complacent despite her request and tone which showed she considered him nothing more than a secretary. "Then I will personally retrieve Miss Zhou her beverage." Most people would have treated him like a being as high as the Chairman himself since he indeed held some power. But Hua Fan did not care for such trivial things like this, who was this person compared to herself? When he left Hua Fan turns around to give the door a single glance of indifference before seating herself directly in her grandfather's chair to play with the documents neatly stacked on his desk.

Looking through the contracts and financial situation of the Zhou company Hua Fan felt it was all rather bland. "This is what Ye Ye does all day?" Recently Zhou company has been on a steady rise again so her grandfather was receiving more and more offers from other companies to work together on projects. It was just that Hua Fan hadn't paid attention to these things in the past and let other people reap the benefits under her grandfather's nose. Opening a folder with a project in C city having to do with a new mall being opened under the proposition of Zhou company helping fund the building supplies she smirks.

This project is a big loss, even without knowing the future her grandfather had declined this one with a single glance in the past. Sure although C city was rich with opportunity and there was plenty of lands to build upon it wasn't an area within their full control. The other families and corporations there would not let her already influential grandfather peacefully pluck a piece of ripe fruit from under their nose. More than likely someone else already made plans to make their own mall in C city and steal the hype causing millions of dollars to go down the drain for anyone who did not have influence there. Of course, her grandfather could try to fight for rights but the effort would not be worth the price in the long run.

She remembered her father in the past had gotten angry one day and drank till the whole livingroom stank of alcohol due to this loss. Who told him to steal from her grandfather's desk? Did he think all of these were amazing offers with no setbacks? Her grandfather was so busy taking care of the mess and dealing with the losses that he had no time to scold Feng Meng back then. So the situation gave Feng Meng time to recover, plan, and beg Jian Kong for leniency. She only remembered this since it was the first time her father did not come home and yell at her for bullying Gou Heng at school.

Hua Fan tossed the folder in the trash without much care and grabs another folder to flip through with her chin in her hands. It was about fifteen minutes before the secretary came in again with her milk tea in his hands, the drink falls from his hands in his shock. The man was stunned to find Hua Fan in her grandfather's seat leisurely flipping through folders like it was her office. "Miss Zhou that's the Chairman's desk!" Hua Fan who was carelessly looking through a folder and comfortably leaning in her grandfather's chair raises her head from the papers in her hand to the man who seemed nervous and upset with her meddling.

The girl slowly sat up straight and closes the folder in an agonizingly delayed manner, seemingly obedient. He relaxes a tiny bit, but suddenly Hua Fan's eyes flash with a malicious light and her lip rose into a sneer. She tosses the papers onto the desk before he could stop her causing its contents to spill across the surface knocking other documents off and scattering papers worth billions across the floor. As if they were nothing more than paper machete making the secretary turn pale then red with anger. Hua Fan's eyes were as cold as ice and her lip rose in one corner like a queen looking down on a peasant with disgust and irritation.

"Ha? Who do you think you are?! Just a poor chicken being raised by a tiger out of pity and you actually dare to raise your voice at me?!" The secretary was furious being treated like this by a young child barely in her teens and took a deep breath before speaking again in a firm voice. "Miss Zhou, please forgive this subordinate for being blunt but this is the Chairman's desk, not just anyone is allowed to sit there. I will have to ask Miss Zhou to sit elsewhere until the Chairman arrives."

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Hua Fan laughs harshly and stayed in the chair making herself more comfortable. "You are asking me?" He pursed his lips and answer her with feigned calmness. "Yes-" "Then I refuse. I carry part of Ye Ye's flesh and blood so I am also considered someone who is worthy of this seat. Just a commoner like you would never have the opportunity but you dare covet this seat so much that you turn green with envy each day."

Having been rejected and insulted all in less than four sentences the man was shocked for a moment before giving up trying to be professional with the girl. "Miss Zhou!!" "Who?!" The secretary jumps out of his skin hearing the authoritative voice behind him and his knees grow weak from the shock and horror. Hua Fan peers around him to beam at the person who had just entered the room, "Ye Ye~" She calls out sweetly with a bright face full of innocence and admiration.

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