6 Chapter Six

As much as she did not want to, she was too proud and arrogant to not go back like she said she would so after making Aunt Li and the maids take one car to head back home first to prepare the bath she follows after alone in the family car. Zhou Hua Fan's face openly showed her reluctance to leave as she looks back longingly at her grandfather's villa that to her was like a haven she discovered much too late. If she had discovered this welcoming place before, would she have turned out less twisted and malicious? No. Hua Fan chuckled to herself darkly, no, most likely not. "Young Miss, the mistress has called again." In the front, the driver glances at Hua Fan for any hint of her wanting to answer the call this time or not.

He felt it would be bad for him to decline the call again but Hua Fan gave him a cold and careless answer, a dangerous glint in her eyes. "If you pick up that call consider yourself expelled from the Zhou family's services." The driver held his breath and hastily declines the call without another mention of Zhou Yun Yi. He would be stupid to not listen to her after seeing the old master personally see the young miss off. Although he was hired by Zhou Feng Ming, he knew the real power behind the Zhou family was still this old master who was hard to see and meet.

He would rather insult the Zhou pair than the old master and his granddaughter. He had no idea that the young miss was actually so close to Zhou Jian Kong, but now that he knew he made a mental note to serve the young miss even more carefully in the future. She dismisses this insignificant person from her thoughts and carries on staring outside where the street lamps lit up the sidewalks the car speed past. Her thin fingers reach up to tap the glass subconsciously as she became lost in her own mind, she gave a tiny gasp that was audible to no one but herself. Making sure the driver saw nothing and heard nothing Hua Fan clutches her chest and rubs the spot above her chest, a dull ache throbbed inside her body.

Her expression turns grim, she had an idea what that sharp sensation was that still tugs at her heart even though the presence was long gone. It was a warning to her to not lose herself. To not lose her cool and become lost in a daydream. This was not a fairytale, it was not a chance for her to live a life full of happiness this time. She pinches the skin above her aching chest and tries to not wince as the new pain collides with the previous one bringing her back to reality. Do not forget Hua Fan, this was a chance to make the ones you harmed happy, not yourself, do not get carried away.

There were things that needed to be done by her and by her alone. "Don't fret, I don't want a life of peace. Your warning is unnecessary." At the doorsteps of her"home" Hua Fan was met with a not surprising sight, a long line of bodyguards stood at the gates and one of them spoke into their earpiece as soon as the car lights were in sight. Her lip curls up with derision seeing this scene, the driver hesitates to exit the car even as the men start to walk forward not allowing her inside the gates. He looks at Hua Fan through the rearview mirror, "Young miss?"

"Ha!" Her sharp and abrupt laugh causes the man to jump as she gestures for him to lower the windows. He quickly does what she asks and watches with wary eyes as the young girl smirks at the bodyguard standing outside the window arrogantly. Her eyes were full of ridicule and her pretty lips also hooked into an amused grin. The driver shivers when seeing the cold glint in the girl's eyes that does not fit her age. The young miss really IS a member of the Zhou family, after all, he dared not doubt her potential again.

The bodyguard stood firm and spoke down to her in an authoritative manner, "Miss Zhou, your father would like a word with you." You could see the twinkle in her eyes as she drawls out in a false tone of obedience. "Really~? Then pray tell, why did you stop me at the gates at such a late time of day as if I was an intruder when "Mr.Zhou" is waiting to speak with me inside?" The guard didn't take her obviously sarcastic words too seriously, thinking her juvenile and spoilt, and only answer her in the same presumptuous tone as before. He even gave her a brisk glance of indifference as if she was not worthy of his time before answering her question.

"MrZhou has ordered for this car to be taken to the shop and exchanged for the young master-" Her eyes flash but her sly grin stays still on her face, it even turns gentle to the naked eye, but the driver who was sitting not too far from the girl could feel the chilly air in the car and trembled when he saw her widening grin. But the man who was talking down to her did not see this change in atmosphere as he even made to open the door without her say so. The driver, not wanting to see the miss her had chosen to side with disrespected,(He knew he would suffer the consequences if he did not try to stop their rude behavior and show the miss his loyalty.) quickly stood and opens the driver's seat door.

He made his way to the side door the girl sat by smiling up at the bodyguard with her rose-like grin and closes the door stopping the bodyguard from opening it. He steps in between the man and the girl whose creepy smile promptly became amused seeing his actions. The driver wipes the sweat from his brows but he stood steady in face of the now frowning bodyguards who took another step closer to their car menacingly. "The young miss is not someone anyone can easily approach, I will have to ask you to stop harassing my miss. Common people without manners are even more so not allowed near."

Hua Fan was not surprised the driver stood up for her and mufflers her giggle seeing the bodyguards were ready to get physical with the driver who so bravely stood in front of their way. Having been insulted they all sneer at the "foolish" man who took the "wrong side". Is this person sick in the head? What made him assume sticking to this powerless girl was worth more than risking insulting their true employer? Is he stupid? It was clear from today and the day before that this spoiled brat was no longer in the running for the Zhou company and also did not have her father's favor.

They did not need to listen to her ridiculous and rotten orders any, longer. They don't bother hiding their sneers anymore, "You are defying the master's orders by preventing us from escorting miss Zhou back! You really want to lose your job that badly?!" The driver laments his luck as the girl behind him seemed to have no intention of speaking up, he thought of the old master's careful treatment of the girl again and steels his mind. Hiding the trembling in his legs he took a deep breath and looks up bravely in their faces.

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"Even if that is so, I cannot allow the miss to be treated like some criminal at the gates of her own home! I am not such a coward that I will allow some unruly men to bully a young girl!" The bodyguards turn red in the face seeing their intimidation tactic was of no use and the supposedly simple driver was no longer that simple but a thorn in their sights. "You-!!"That's right! The young miss is still barely out of childhood! Her actions today had made him forget she really is still young and helpless, if he let them treat her roughly she would not be able to endure!

Recalling this he became even more stable in his thinking and decision, his trembling legs no longer shake as he stood in front of her. Hua Fan gave an appreciative glance at her family driver and chuckles while tapping the car door signaling she wanted to get out of the car. This person, although she never took notice of him before her father changed the driver in her past life to become more partial to Gou Heng. She knew he never treated her badly before and even gave her a few words of comfort when she was young and heartbroken from her sudden change in status within her home. Hearing her tap the driver hesitates but still obediently turns around to open the door for her, when she was halfway out he whispers worriedly in her direction.

"Young miss, perhaps it is better for you to not come out yet. Allow me to call the old master for you and report this matter and let you wait inside the car until it is safe for you to come out." Hua Fan spares him a glance and brushes her hair from her face with a tiny smile sent his way but that was all the acknowledgment she gave. So in the end he could only stand by her side nervously as if afraid they would suddenly charge Hua Fan and drag her back to the house by force. To the bodyguards who were feeling a bit better inside while mocking her cowardly actions deep down, she gave them all a cold smile.

She knew their thoughts, and she would make sure they would all eat their words and choke on them. Did they think she was unaware of the real power she had still? Did they think she would be merciful and handle them on her own stubbornly? No, Hua Fan was no longer a prideful brat who refused to call for help. So with her hand held out towards the driver, the pretty girl stood up straight and starts to clear her throat much to their confusion. The drive guesses what she had in mind and hurriedly hands her the phone relieved she was finally making her move.

He was afraid of what would happen if she waited any longer. But to others, it was still a bewildering scene. Shouldn't this spoiled princess have scolded them already? Shouldn't she have screamed at them while demanding that they bring her mother to her? She should have threatened their jobs and life by now but..she did not. Instead, her face was stoic, even calm looking as she raises the phone in her hands to her ear. When the line is picked up on the other side Hua Fan once more shocks her audience by crying crocodile tears delicately.

It wasn't the loud and ear-piercing type of crying that was overexaggerated but the soft and timid type of crying that invoked one's sympathy for the fairer sex. The guards were dumbfounded and did not know what to do, never having seen such delicate crying before from this miss they considered wild and unruly. Just as the leader was about to speak Hua Fan calls out to the person on the otherwise weakly, "Ye Ye..."

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