17 Chapter Seventeen

It was quiet afterward as the flirtatious little lord from the Xing family suddenly became too busy to bother Zhou Hua Fan. With his missing oppressive aura, other people slowly dared to speak to Hua Fan again to try and win favor. Although Li Ai Chen and Lee Li Wei were somewhat confused by this playboy's disappearance. Seeing that Zhou Hua Fan was unaffected and didn't say anything they tactically agree to not speak of him. For awhile the older boy was not seen and the break was coming closer and closer.

Soon the students would all have winter break and spend new years with their family back home. Snow-covered the streets and buried fallen leaves in a layer of white making the world resemble a blank portrait. Those from high society were busy thinking about the up-and-coming socialite parties that were upcoming. And also what they would wear while those from more humble families were talking about visiting family from both sides. Li Wei and Ai Chen had already subtly told her their plans for the break and she wordlessly exchanged Weibo accounts with them making their faces brighten.

Hua Fan had never owned one before but after hearing Li Wei hinting a few times she finally gave in. Ai Chen seemed happier than Li Wei though, which Hua Fan found odd. But then again the stone-faced girl looked like she did not have a lot of friends. So Hua Fan allows the young girl to delude herself for a while longer. On the last day, Hua Fan stood from her desk and placed her books into her bag in a leisurely manner.

Completely unlike the others who were in a rush to leave school. When she arrives at the exit Shuang Hui Ning was already at the school door with her coat in his hands. When spotting her he greets the girl with a smile. "Miss Zhou, the old master said to take you to bring you directly to the company since he will be leaving earlier today." These days seeing how fragile and pale his granddaughter was he could not help but worry.

So in order to be more sure of her safety he sent housekeeper Shuang to pick her up at the front door of the school everyday. If Hua Fan got into an accident during school Hui Ning would make sure that Zhou Jian Kong would be the first to know. "Bao Bei wait up!" Being called out to Hua Fan arms that were being helped into the coat by Hui Ning went stiff for a second before relaxing again. It had taken her a moment to place the voice so she was angry for a moment.

Seeing this Hui Ning pretends not to notice but he does take a good look at the boy who so boldly called the young miss by such a misleading nickname. His gaze was cold and his smile held a hint of alienation. Recognizing who it was there was a bit of surprise on his face but he recovers quickly. Xing Qiu Shen was breathless after chasing after the girl. He was just glad to have caught her before she left.

Hua Fan raises her pretty hands up for Hui Ning to help put her gloves on for her while eyeing the breathless Qiu Shen with a cool questioning look. "Qiu Shen, stop panting like a dog and tell me what you want. Ye Ye is waiting for me so I can't waste time on you right now." Qiu Shen smiled bitterly for a moment and stood up straight after catching his breath. His tone teasing and full of complaint.

"Zhou Hua Fan, it can't be that you are angry with me right?" Hua Fan chuckles, "I do not have time to be angry at someone who is as insignificant as you." Hearing her cruel words Hui Ning furrowed his brows but smoothed them over. He straightens up and opens the door for the girl. "Young miss, old master is waiting."

Hua Fan smiled at him and took a step forward only to be pulled back by Qiu Shen. Hui Ning frowned immediately with a dangerous light in his eyes as he sent the boy a dark look. "Young master Xing is rather bold to take advantage of our young miss like this. I will only tell you once, let go." Qiu Shen did not pay this person any mind and placed a beautifully wrapped present in Hua Fan's hands.

When she fully turned around to narrow her eyes at him angrily he quickly spoke before she could. His tone warm and placating, "Hua Fan, you may think I ran away like a coward. But when you open this you will understand why I was gone for so long. That is all I wanted to say." His handsome blue eyes curve into a crescent and his lips rose into an almost gentle grin.

She could see indulgence and a hint of adoration she hesitated to believe or not. This type of person is not gentle without reason. His voice was sweet and alluring, "Happy new year." Hua Fan's anger turned into confusion then coldness. But she did not throw off his hand or his gift which made him pleased.

Letting her go he walked out into the cold to casually make his way to his own family car without looking back. Hui Ning stared at the Xing heir with a chilling expression. Although he was not close to the young miss the girl was still his master's granddaughter. She was especially not someone others could casually touch or call out to. Hua Fan gave the bright red box in her hand a glance and pursed her lips.

Her thoughts were unknown to everyone but herself as she gazed at this box almost cautiously. Should she toss it? But if she did what if someone used it against her in the future? Her eyes unwittingly watch as the arrogant teen left in his family car without looking back. She gloomily exits the school in a foul mood, in the end, the box was held tightly in her hands.

Forget it, if it was something inappropriate she could dispose of it safely away from prying eyes. In the car driver Yang saw something was not right and didn't say anything in fear of incurring the young miss's wraith. When he saw Hui Ning's expression was also not right he becomes a tad bit worried. Hua Fan examines the box carefully, it was held together with a red and gold ribbon. The box was a deep red color that really gave off a festive air and from its sturdiness and quality.

Even Hua Fan could tell this box was custom made. When Hua Fan opened the box her heart almost stopped but she appeared calm on the surface. Inside the beautiful box sat a beautiful pure red coral bracelet, it was old. From its clear and smooth color, Hua Fan knew it was not some simple bracelet. Under this bracelet was a note which she read in silence.

Hui Ning was curious about the gift and saw Hua Fan had no expression seeing this gift and even read the note in silence. After reading, Hua Fan felt somewhat conflicted. She folds the note and places it beside the bracelet with a complicated expression. For awhile the car was full of tense silence until Hua Fan finally turns to face the window to watch the snow-covered building past her quietly. This "gift", Hua Fan did not know if she could accept the offer he was giving to her.

No, it was more like she was reluctant to take this beneficial offer which would make her life easier. Yet, it would also causes her plenty of headaches and may even make her grandfather scold her until her ear bled. She knew that the Xing boy was a mischievous and cunning person in the future. But to think he would be that way even at this young age. Hua Fan was wary he would cause her grandfather more problems than he was worth.

It was not that she never intended to pull him to her side without some problems along the way. But she didn't expect him to make their relationship more than that of acquaintances. Thinking about it more Hua Fan was reluctant to accept but also more reluctant to turn it down without considering the repercussions. "Housekeeper Shuang, I will ask you to not say anything to grandfather about this matter." Thinking the girl had been swayed by the handsome boy Hui Ning furrowed his brows worriedly.

"Young miss that boy is-" "I know, do not worry. I promised you I will never drag Ye Ye into my problems." She looks up at him through the rearview mirror, her eyes were firm. "Ye Ye will never have to deal with the repercussions of my actions. You can trust me when I say this."

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He saw the stubborn light in her eyes and bitterly swallowed anything he wanted to say to persuade her otherwise. His warm eyes grow a bit distant and he bluntly told her. "I cannot hide the fact that the Xing heir has made contact with you." Hua Fan relaxed and she gave him a thankful smile, him saying this was already more than she could ask for. "That is fine. I expected as much anyway. Thank you."

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