7 Chapter Seven

The shock on their faces quickly turns into confusion, as the girl did not pay any more mind to their lives at all while spilling her grievances to her grandfather. "Ye Ye..." Hearing the delicate cry of his granddaughter, the man who had been preparing to finish up his paperwork before the night completely ends stood up and worries over his granddaughter instead. Hui Ning stood at the side of his desk with a concerned expression. Zhou Jian Kong rarely shows worry on his face openly so the man knew whatever was going on had to be rather serious.

When the man spoke he got his answer, "Hua Fan? What's the matter? Why are you crying?" It had been no longer than an hour after she had left, how could she have run into trouble already? The bodyguard connects the dots quickly and spoke up while reaching toward her. Intent on taking the phone away. "Young miss!" But the driver quickly blocks them and begins arguing and pushing them all back.

His expression is fierce and determined, the old master is coming to protect the miss for sure! I cannot let them take away the phone or touch miss Zhou! "Stand back! Do you all still think you are worthy of touching my young miss?! Get back!" Fan pretends to be frightened her large eyes growing redder. The girl's cries become more desperate, "Ye Ye Fan is s-s-scarreeddd!! Wuuu~..."

Jian Kong had already assembled his men and was entering his car with Hui Ning. He starts consoling her, his heart aching for the terrified girl. "Ye Ye is coming, don't worry." Hua Fan hiccups and pretends to be pacified by his words, Jian Kong carefully instructs her. "Stay in the car until Ye Ye arrives." He obviously heard the commotion in the background and had a guess on what was happening.

Jian Kong grit his teeth, fury rebuilding in his stomach. His body was trembling, Hui Ning attempt to calm him down worried he would hurt himself. "Jian Kong, calm down you may hurt yourself in your anger." The old man gave his old-time friend a fierce look but Hui Ning stood firm in his approach. So in the end he took a deep breath and spoke through gritted teeth. "That unfilial son causes me nothing but trouble! He wishes to completely ruin Hua Fan's reputation!!"

Hui Ning did not deny or reply to his cursing, agreeing with him internally. His heart grows colder towards Zhou Feng Ming just like the image of the young boy in the photos kept in Jian Kong's desk was further smeared by the passing of time. If word broke out that the young miss of the Zhou's was stopped at her own front gates. How many people would ridicule and laugh at her? How could she show herself in high society again without being talked about and pointed at on the daily?

Her life in this world would be over!! Knowing Feng Ming's attitude there was no doubt he would abandon Hua Fan fully and let her become a laughing stock! He never cared for the girl, he provides for her but that was it. Hui Ning had known since the first time he saw the child that although her lineage was respectable, she wasn't loved. When Jian Kong would secretly visit to check on her, he also noted that Feng Ming cared little to none for Hua Fan.

She was raised to be a gullible gem used for someone else's crown. And although Jian Kong knew of his son's infidelity and plans he also knew that Hua Fan was not treated badly. The girl had a part of Jian Kong's in her, that distinguished sharp aura, she was smart and clever. Not finding harm in it he had let the situation continue as such, he assumed that when Hua Fan grew older she would come to realize her own worth. Yet now, he would never have the chance to ease the girl into his empire he carefully tended for her all these years.

Feng Ming had destroyed the girl's foundation in a single night. He had shaken her core, her base, the thing Jian Kong worked so hard to cover up and protect her from. The rest of the car ride was full of tense silence that Hui Ning did not try to lighten or speak again in, the driver was sweating from the enormous pressure Jian Kong gave off. He wipes his brows and sighed to himself quietly, the second master really did it this time. Arriving at the Zhou house they saw a group of about six grown men surrounding a car, in their menacing circle was the driver who still attempts to push them back from Hua Fan who was backing up against the car door with a hesitant expression.

Seeing another car approach they all stiffen up and look at the new arrival, Jian Kong was quick to step out with a cold expression. The reactions of the bodyguards were first disbelief, the next to go pale realizing that the girl was really not bluffing earlier when she called the old master. Seeing them all look over with terrified expressions, Hua Fan also looks over and saw the chilling gaze of her grandfather. Her lost expression lightens up with relief, "Ye Ye!!" Hui Ning carefully stood beside Jian Kong and took a look at the situation with a disapproving look.

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He gave Hua Fan a once over and saw the girl was unharmed and felt the tension leave his body instantly. He glances at Jian Kong who still stood silently glaring at the guards who were frozen stiff from fear. They did not dare to move without his orders. He looked away and gestures for Hua Fan to come over quickly, the girl understood and reacts quickly by running over. The bodyguards stiffen even more but don't grab for her as they did earlier, did they have a death wish?

Hui Ning was glad that the young girl was bright, she quickly latches onto Jian Kong's arm shyly and hid behind him to timidly look at the bodyguards who were insulting her from before. Jian Kong's eyes follow her movements coldly, but she was not frightened of his icy gaze or the frown on his stern face. "Ye Ye these bad guys, as soon as they saw Fan they tried to hurt me. Even though driver Yang helped me these bad guys would still try to harm me if not for Ye Ye showing up." She honestly tattletales taking cover in his overpowering shadow, her voice sweet and full of grievances. The so-called driver Yang felt the old master's gaze fall onto him next as if asking if what she said was true.

The driver felt the sweat coating his forehead fall down the side of his face, he glances over to his young miss who took shelter behind the mountain who was still as silent as the dead and hurriedly looks down. "What the miss said is true. As soon as we had arrived these men tried to forcefully make the miss walk along the driveway and make trouble. This one did not purposely try to make trouble for the young miss but they came at us in a violent matter and even tried to drag the miss out of the car by force when she refused to come out on her own. So this humble one took it upon themselves to stop them from laying a hand on her."

Each word he spoke gathered more death flags for the people involved in the harassment of Hua Fan. They all knew their impending doom, they curse the girl inside and swallow harshly. Hua Fan herself didn't openly show her satisfaction with his wording as the way Jian Kong looks at the guards became that much fiercer. Yet even though he was obviously angry, he still said nothing, Hui Ning understood his intentions as the old master had yet to shake off Hua Fan's arm. Jian Kong would not deal with these men tonight, Hui Ning spoke gently to Hua Fan while opening the door for her.

"Young miss, let us go home. Master Zhou has arranged for your bedroom already, it has all the things you need." Hua Fan had no intention to retreat to her grandfather's house on the first day, but seeing as Feng Ming had purposely provoked her again she doesn't decline. Let this be a warning to him to behave a bit more appropriately in the future. To openly cause a scene while grandfather was back from vacation, did he really think he could get away with this type of tyrannical behavior? The answer was no. But then again Feng Ming was never told of when grandfather would return or leave, so by the time he finds out grandfather would have already been back home for days already.

From start to finish Jian Kong said nothing to her or the men harassing her as Hui Ning did most of the talking. Hui Ning made sure both were safely seated inside before looking over to driver Yang with a warm smile, "Driver Yang, was it? Master Zhou says that the young miss's car is waiting for you at the villa, he says that you can take your private care home for the night." Driver Yang felt his nose sour and the gratitude in his heart soar for Hua Fa's mercy he quickly gave Hui Ning a deep bow. It was not a mistake to choose to take the young miss's side after all!! Working for the old master was the biggest promotion anyone n the entire city could receive!

Especially someone without much of a special background such as himself. He was just a simple driver and yet due to one decision he had made he had the privilege of soaring the skies alongside the dragons and phoenix's everyone admires. All thanks to the young miss!! "Thanking old master! Thanking miss Zhou!! Thanking housekeeper Shuang!" Hui Ning's smile became more sincere seeing his honest attitude, the young miss chooses people well. At such a young age she already roped in a loyal person. "We will be working together in the future, just call me Shuang."

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