14 Chapter Fourteen

The two spent lunch together peacefully with no interruptions and it was a rare moment of peace for both of them. With bodyguards following her grandfather of course. But other than that they were happily chatting with each other on the second floor of the restaurant. Zhou Hua Fan somewhat indulged in his attention and told him about her day honestly. She omitted the part about the boy being transferred to her school though purposely. Although she did not want to admit it, it was to protect the boy as well from her grandfather's retaliation and her plans later on.

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Although she has not seen him since that day, she knew the best way to avoid future complications with him was the pretend he did not exist. After all, the less involved with her he is the less he will have the inclination to be associated with her in the future. Without her blocking the wind for him maybe he will even find his own white moonlight in high school and live a happy life without remembering her existence as well. To be quite honest Hua Fan did not know that person's personality or temperament since she had purposely blocked him from her memories since coming back. This should count as her repaying her debts...right?

This life she would make sure her grandfather did not touch him and he could grow and branch off on a different path than the one Feng Meng carved for him. But her thoughts suddenly waver and her hand trembles as if she realized something troublesome. Seeing this, Jian Kong frowned with a hint of annoyance. "Did what that Tang girl say really upset you?" Hua Fan shook her head quickly when seeing that Jian Kong had planned to take revenge for her she smiles helplessly. "No, it is not that. Grandfather, actually I...Fan has a favor she wants to ask."

Even as she says this, she felt strange and hesitant to truly voice her thoughts. Perhaps she..cannot hide that the boy was in the same school as her after all... Her mouth opens and shuts tight because really, Hua Fan was uncertain if she even wanted to ask this of her grandfather. She had not thought this through properly before but now that she has.... By punishing Feng Meng would she not ruin Huang Gou Heng's future too? After all, Huang Gou Heng had only managed to make it in this world because Feng Meng had done everything he can to raise the boy as his heir, right?

There was an outlandish feeling inside her heart at this time, she did not know how to describe this feeling. Back then she had hated Huang Gou Heng so much that she was blinded by the things outside this hatred and yearning for parental affection. But now that this feeling was forcefully pulled from her heart and the bag over her head had been removed. Hua Fan did not know how to touch this foreign lingering emotion hidden in the corner of her heart and mind. Was it sympathy? Guilt?

Reluctance?...Fear? She took a deep breath and shook the thoughts away and focused on filtering her mind these unnecessary things. Jian Kong had been watching the girl's expression. It had gone through so many changes, he was afraid if he missed one it would be detrimental to her mentality if he answered her next request in a bad manner. This girl was calculating but she was not thinking something bad, rather if he had to take a guess it was full of good but reluctant intentions. It was as if she was afraid to ask something that would make her look like a fool but at the same time she trying to build up the courage to ask him this favor anyway.

He broods in his thoughts for a bit as she did the same across the table. What was it that could make this clever girl so flustered? Whatever it was he was sure it was not as bad as she thought it was, he assumes the girl was just overexaggerating so he spoke very casually. "If it's something you request I will not laugh at you for it. Just ask and I will do it for you."

Hearing this Hua Fan shook away her negative thoughts and conflicted emotions and decided to just ask. Hua Fan sat up straight and looks Jian Kong straight in the face. Seeing her determination he suddenly had a bad feeling. There was a mature glint in those starlight eyes, although he was sure it was nothing too big she wanted to ask of him. He saw from her tense posture that perhaps it had nothing to do with her own feelings, but perhaps his own. "Grandfather, please do not touch Huang Gou Heng."

The sound of an explosion in his mind was all he could hear as well as the boiling anger-filled words he wanted to speak out. She, does she not know the cause of all of this is because of that boy?! Does she take everything he had done for her as a joke?! But when faced with her firm expression Jian Kong closed his eyes and took a deep breath instead. "That boy, do you know what you are saying? The hearts of others is not as clear as you think."

Hua Fan no longer hesitates, since she had already said it she would stick with it. "En. I know." Even if she could pardon the boy for his existence Jian Kong could not. If that boy and his wretch of a mother had not swayed his stupid's son's heart then Hua Fan's home would still be peaceful even if it was not full of love. For that boy, his son had abandoned and dared to use Hua Fan's shares for his own selfish desires.

Was she not as aware of this as he thought she was? He felt a tinge of disappointment for overestimating the girl but still tried to guide her patiently. "Trust your grandfather on this, that boy is not as innocent as you think he is. Even if he did not purposely tear apart your home the fact is he still accepts the biased treatment Feng Ming has given him. Feeling sympathy for a white-eyed wolf will ensure your own doom in the future."

Hua Fan went quiet as if truly thinking over his words, her large eyes dim a bit. When he thought she would give up on her request Hua Fan smiled at him a bit apologetically. "Ye Ye, even if what you say is true he is still innocent in this matter." She spoke bitterly, "Feng Meng is the one at fault for forcing a child into our broken home in the first place. I do not blame the boy for wanting to live in a luxurious house instead of on the streets or in an orphanage where he could be easily bullied and taken advantage of."

"I am not saying to help him with our family or company, I just want grandfather to find him another path and guide him on a road more suited to him." Hearing her thoughts and analysis on this matter he suddenly sighs while looking at this granddaughter of his with complicated feelings. The answer became clear to him all of a sudden and he realized that her thoughts were not as naive and simple as he thought they were. But they were far too mature for someone her age and he could help feeling regret once more.

She did not want him to touch the boy or ruin his future, but she did want his help to get him out of the way. She did not seek revenge on the boy but she also did not want him to let him go and freely do as he pleases. This girl was not as far in the darkness as he thought she was. His tone softens as Hua Fan successfully gains his heartache once more, "Then be more specific with your request so Ye Ye can help Fan'er. If you do not want me to harm the boy what do you suggest Ye Ye do?"

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