15 Chapter Fifteen

Although he was not angry anymore Zhou Hua Fan still treads carefully in case she said something to cause the disappointed expression to be directed at her once more. Her heart really could not bear for him to look rather like that again. She felt a bit uncomfortable due to the fact that the reason he looked at her that way was because of Huang Gou Heng. To think she was actually look out after him in this life when in her past life she had wanted to do everything in her power to drag him down. She gave a wary grin to her grandfather who was still mulling over her proposition.

In the future, she reminds herself to never bring up the talk of Huang Gou Heng again. In case her grandfather really couldn't bear to look at her and think she was a person easily swayed by emotions. It wasn't that she didn't know his thoughts, but its because she did already knew that Huang Gou Heng was not the type to harm her for no reason. In fact, the memory of him defending her in her past life had killed what was left of the old Hua Fan. Once was a coincidence, twice was a trick, thrice brought confusion and the rest shattered the bitterness and resentment in her heart.

That strange feeling that was left, Hua fan locked away and was afraid to let it see the light of day. "It is not that I cannot do it, but the fact is, will this make you happy? Ye Ye has already said that anything you want I will give to you and I will uphold this promise. But I just do not want you to regret it in the future." He does not want her to regret that when she is all grown up and so is he, that the boy will become an obstacle in her path once he is gone.

He knows he cannot protect her forever. Hua Fan bit her tongue and gave her grandfather a soothing look. "Ye Ye I know what you think and trust me, that will never come to pass." As long as she gets rid of that thorn Feng Meng from pestering and angering her grandfather to death then half the work will have already been finished. She is sure that with her grandfather's continuous support in the shadows due to her request Huang Gou Heng will also be lead on a safe path away from her.

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Huang Gou Heng, hopefully, once you have graduated from our school you can live a carefree life as a college student and not think about this broken family ever again. "I also have another request for Ye Ye." He lifts his head from his drink somewhat warily this time, Hua Fan in return smiled at him in a comforting manner. "I will ask Ye Ye to not let that boy know that both you and me are related to the people placed by his side." His brows furrow but he didn't reject her idea immediately like before, instead, he questions her motives a bit.

The man reminds her a bit gentler, "It is possible to do things like this. But if he does not know who to be grateful to then he will one day grow arrogant in his ways." Hua Fan recalls the times Huang Gou Heng had protected her despite her bad attitude and revulsion of his presence. The girl smiles bitterly and Jian Kong watches her expression from the corner of his eye carefully. Her eyes were unclouded but full of acerbity for the boy.

She does not like the boy, but she is going so far as to ask his help in protecting him? If it was any normal person to her he was sure the natural response would be for her to ask him to take care of her people only once then that was that. For her to be this meticulous for a person she barely knew and a person who was one of the main causes of her issues... Jian Kong did not dare think too much. Hua Fan also drank her fill before answering him casually, her actions did not betray anything.

"Ye Ye need not worry about to future too much. By then it will not matter if he is arrogant or not because it will not be my concern anymore." He thought about her words and could not help agreeing. Anyway, if he does become arrogant he could always teach the boy a lesson to know his place. Hua Fan saw her grandfather was back to normal and breathes a sigh of relief inside while laughing on the surface to ease the tension in the air.

"Speaking of the future, if it's possible Fan wants to shadow Ye Ye as soon as possible." For a moment Jian Kong stiffened in his shock, then his lip rose a tiny bit as pride and satisfaction fill his heart. "En, then you can start once your break begins." Happy with their arrangements the two finish lunch with light-hearted thoughts. Hua Fan held onto her grandfather's arm on the way out, a breeze blew her dress making her remember she hadn't remembered to bring her jacket from the car.

Jian Kong saw the pale girl worriedly cling onto his arm and thought she was cold. Looking up and at the time he realized it really was getting darker and chillier. He reminds himself to not neglect this again and orders for one of his men to bring Hua Fan a jacket. She feigns a chill and moves closer to her grandfather as if to block the wind with his taller frame. This made her more delicate in the eyes of passerby and they compliment the cute girl and handsome grandfather in their minds.

Jian Kong turns his body in a way where he could help block the wind from her, by the time they arrive at their car a brand new fluffy jacket was handed to Jian Kong. Hua Fan was stunned by the stylish fur jacket and sent her grandfather a speechless look, the old man sternly reprimands her. "Why did you forget to bring your jacket? Next time have Ning follow you as a reminder or else you may freeze to death without realizing one day." Being scolded she was not afraid but she ducks into the jacket and car with a hidden smile feeling happy inside. "En, Fan is sorry for worrying Ye Ye."

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