18 Chapter Eighteen

A girl with pale skin in a thin nightdress stood outside on her balcony looking out into the night. Her room lights were as dark as the other windows of the house. The sky was covered by clouds and stars so at this time even if you stood below her you would see nothing but a ghostly figure. Zhou Hua Fan breathes a small puff of warm air and watches as it quickly was attacked by the cold. Her feet were bare and she felt nothing even though she stood directly on top of snow.

Her eyes were milky looking as she was once again lost in thought after being awakened from the demons that haunt her. Her body felt weak but she stubbornly stood upright. Her limbs were slowly being frozen from the icy world surrounding her. "Do you want to freeze to death before finishing your job here?" Hua Fan's blank face turns into a look of bitternes.

A shadow joins her on the balcony dressed in black. She could see his hair sway with the wind reminding her of a certain someone and for a moment her heart skips a beat. But remembering who this was the girl recovers quickly. "Scared?" She sneers at the figure who leisurely sat on the railing beside her.

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"If I were scared of words I would not be here today." He scrutinizes her and snorts, neither acknowledging nor denying her claim. "All you know how to do is pretend and fake nobility. Are you aware that the main purpose of your time here is to repent?" Hua Fan was not a person to openly show her weakness.

But at this time hearing what he said her sneer fades and she became hesitant. "What are you implying?" Was she doing something wrong? The man jumps from his spot toward her. Directly hovering beyond the railing as if he was unaffected by gravity.

His eyes glowing a faint blue as his hair floats around his attractive but forever frowning face. He remains inches from her face with a ridiculing smile. His eyes held his obvious distaste and disgust of her presence and attitude. "Little false queen, were those events of the past shown to you for nothing? Do you know what repent means?"

Hua Fan was insulted so she steels her expression to glare back at him. "I am doing that right now am I not? My grandfather has promised to keep him away to live a peaceful life. The best way for the past to not repeat itself is to not cross paths with each other." He saw she was serious and snorts again, this time with a roll of his eyes.

"Are you pretending to be stupid? Little brat this is called pushing your problems onto someone else. This is not repenting. Even after death, you are still arrogant and selfish." The man was disgusted with her way of dealing with her problems.

To this, although she knew he was right she still gave him an annoyed look. "Do you think I am an actress? Even if I died it does not make me some all powerful figure when I come back. In the end although I hold power over my grandfather's heart. Plus I have my status as the heiress there are things even I am incapable of."

He laughed harshly and backs away, "It does not take an actress to be sincere and sorry. You are merely avoiding looking at the person who will be and still is your doom." She stiffened and hissed at him even as her heartbeats quicken with fear. Her eyes flash dangerously, "You watch your tongue!" The man smirks at her and as he was about to speak again his face distorts.

The man's figure turns into air in a matter of seconds. Hua Fan felt a new gust of chilly air blow at her from behind. She shivers and her pupils shrank idue to her fear of the new presence. Her hands dig into the snow on the railing she did even dare to breathe without its permission. Frozen in place from fear.

The girl could not hide her trembling when a deceivingly gentle pair of hands are placed on her shoulders. She held her breath with a flinch with her eyes shut tight. The voice was the same but deeper and more solemn. "Child, come. It is time." She bit her tongue, the pair of hands lead her back inside.

She was quiet and accepting of his guiding but she still could never get used to this torture. Behind her, a powerful shadow stood behind the girl in a thin nightgown. The doors shut firmly behind them as they are swallowed by the darkness. "Time is a thing immortals will never need to cherish. But to mortals like you, time is a precious and irreplaceable treasure."

"Do you understand?" Faintly one could hear from behind the glass barricade of her home. The trembling voice of a bird weakly singing in face of its reaper.... "I understand..."

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