8 Chapter Eight

Zhou Hua Fan sat in the car beside Zhou Jian Kong obediently hugging his arm lightly. The old man shot the girl a look which she returns with one of innocence. Her eyes still teary but she was no longer crying like she was earlier. Seeing her bambi eyes being used as weapons against him Jian Kong's expression finally eases as he could sense the unease in her heart. He sighed and lays a hand on top of her head petting her gently to comfort her.

A bit stunned he was actually comforting her when she had expected a scolding Hua Fan froze for a moment before hurriedly hiding her smile and relishing this brief moment of loving contact. Although at first, he was a tad bit mad at her, seeing her being surrounded by those threatening her caused his heart to ache more. But Jian Kong was still a business tycoon and lightly reprimands her. "This would have never happened if you had let me punish Feng Ming. See what that no good son of mine is doing to you?"

Hua Fan whose eyes were closed in her happiness of being dotted on slowly flutters her lashes at him. "Ye Ye don't be mad....Fan just thought it would be better to not make a big fuss and cause Ye Ye more headaches." Who knew Feng Ming would be dumb enough to actually take action again so soon. She sneered inside. In her past life, she had gone along with Huang Gou Heng to school stupidly because she had been intimidated by him from the night before.

He must think the same forceful actions would make Hua Fan lose her temper. Eventually, she would become even more muddle-headed and do whatever he says or become putty in his hands. Her mother and father were the people she admired and cared for the most in her past life. And this affection was used against her. She would not let the yearning of her youth ruin her twice. "Ye Ye, Fan wants to ask Ye Ye to do one thing for her."

Her voice was neither meek nor overbearing. He did not guard against her and only replies gently rubbing her even more lovingly. "Hmm?" Hua Fan lowers her head to think about her next words carefully before looking back up at him straight in the eyes. The stars in them glimmering just the slightest from the brutal honesty she asks of him next. "No matter how far Feng Ming falls, Ye Ye cannot help him back up again."

Hui Ning and the driver who heard her both held their breath, HuiNing does a double-take of the girl in the rearview mirror and saw her expression. It was serene and calm. Like she was asking him to do a simple task instead of something that went against all Jian Kong stood for. Hui Ning next looks at Jian Kong's expression and was shocked once more into looking away and holding his tongue. Hua Fan did not look away from Jian Kong and saw his calm face that did not flinch.

He did not respond for a while and lightly pats her head again, his tone neither harsh nor scolding. "Will this make you happy?" Hua Fan did not expect him to ask her this question and was momentarily taken back. Seeing the obvious shock in her eyes he felt as if the last wisp of light in his heart trembled and threatened to go out. This granddaughter of his, he would stand by her side.

He would give her double the amount of happiness she would miss out on due to his own son who failed to be a good father. His stern frown lines soften more and he gently smiles at her with unconditional love that she should have gotten since birth. It was an expression Hua Fan had never seen before from her grandfather. "If that is all it takes to make my granddaughter happy, how can Ye Ye refuse?" He pushes her hair behind her ear for her while she was still staring at him with a hint of disbelief.

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"I am your grandfather, you are my only grandchild. Our Zhou family's heiress." He watches as her large eyes grow blurry and teardrops slowly fall down her cheeks. Jian Kong lovingly continues, to try and make the wall she still kept around herself falls in front of him. What grandparent could bear to see their favorite grandchild suffer grievances and unjust treatment? Not to mention one as lovely and clever as Zhou Hua Fan?

The flower of the Zhou family. "Do not be afraid. Ye Ye would never blame you." Hua Fan lowers her head, he felt the warm teardrops fall onto his lap and sighs. "Do not be afraid..." Hua Fan's cold heart warms up and cracks, she could feel the pain double suddenly feeling the lost pieces of her soul float away faster with each second that ticks by. I don't deserve his love and care, I really don't deserve it. But since he still dares to support her, Hua Fan will not let him be wronged again.

"Forgive this foolish girl for only paying respects to grandfather now...Forgive Fan..." Her broken words were hardly audible to him, but he still heard them. Jian Kong was patient with her and allowed the young girl to cry without a word, he did not comfort her as this time he was sure that was not what she was seeking. What she wanted was support, not someone who would cover up her weakness with thin paper that could easily be ripped apart again. Although he was solemn and gloomy Jian Kong knew this was already Hua Fan opening her real heart to him.

He would not let her regret it like Feng Ming and Yun Yi had done. If they did not raise this girl, he would do it properly this time and not fail her. "From now on, you will live with me." Hua Fan did not put up a false pretense again as she knew this was not a suggestion from Jian Kong but an order. "About your father...do not think any more thoughts that would harm you."

Her breath caught in her throat as she looks up at him with a somewhat aggravated expression feeling a tad bit betrayed. He lovingly pets her head, "You misunderstand, right now you are too young to fight him alone. Ye Ye will protect you until you can do it on your own." Her tense shoulders relax again and she shyly but childishly held onto his arm again like a child seeking shelter. "Fan will listen to what grandfather says." The old man's expression softens, "Fan'er is clever."

This tender endearment touched her heart, she knew he did this for her own good after all. Most would be insulted thinking Jian Kong was still going to take their enemy's side, but if they were smart they would understand that he was actually giving them the biggest leverage in his hands. His influence and protection. If Feng Ming dared to raise his hand against her again Jian Kong would personally step in and deal with him accordingly. So, in the end, Hua Fan could grow older and developed into a full adult in peace.

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