113 Chapter 112

"Mr.Li Zhongli although you are Chen Ai's father it doesn't give you the right to bully the younger generation." Li Zhongli sent her a sharp look of reapproach which she returns with an innocent smile. Raising a hand towards Zhong Zemin who was satisfied with the slight scowl on the man's face, he happily hands her the file he had been holding onto. Opening it up the girl gave it a quick scan to double-check quietly before handing it to her female bodyguard who took it with a lowered head and brought it over to Li Zhongli. The man took the contract and as he looks through the contents one of her men brought a canister over which Li Zhongli glances at briefly before becoming disinterested when Hua Fan was handed a small cup of tea.

The girl was perfectly at home and didn't seem to have a care in the world as she explained a few things she had added to the contract. "Along with the promises I made to you before I added a few extra clauses and conditions to help be a bit more specific with the time and date things will go down. If my Ye Ye somehow falls sick at the time of this contract and isn't capable of attending any events with your brand in the meantime you cannot seek extra benefits. If I fall ill or die then the contract cannot be used as a means of blackmail to gain more benefits from my Ye Ye. If any word of this agreement reaches my Ye Ye's ears or anyone else for that matter this contract is automatically null."

Her smile grew gentle but her eyes grew sharp, "Although it is impossible to hide our cooperation entirely from the outside world we can take preemptive measures to assure both of our safety. On the surface, we can pretend to have signed a temporary truce between our two families. Although it will cause a big stir and unsettle both sides it will also benefit us greatly at the same time." She casually took a sip of her tea and sighs softly though her demeanor was anything but soft as she spoke. "It would be a shame if either of us were uprooted, don't you agree?"

Li Zhongli had just finished going through the contract and felt odd, his brows furrow as he asks her flatly. "You are planning on dying?" Liang Zhong Zemin stiffens but the girl smiles brilliantly, "Of course not. Who would dare harm a hair on my head? I am Zhou Hua Fan." This specific addition was strange as it said nothing about the death of Zhou Jiang Kong who was getting on in his years yet it had specified the death of the girl barely into her teens dying.

Hua Fan remained carefree and benevolent, "I'm positive that Mr.Li Zhongli understands where I am coming from, I am merely doing my part as a family member. As his only grandchild of course I must take his safety and health into account at all times, is it so strange I wish for him to remain unaffected by the dealings I make?" The girl rubs the sides of her teacup looking down at her tea giving off a charming and warm atmosphere Li Zhongli could not see through. Her lips were curled into a most gentle smile but her eyes remain empty and glossy so the whole scene felt wrong and unsettling. "He is one of the only family I have left, there is nothing I won't do for him."

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Zhong Zemin also felt her words were strange and offputting so he took her hand without a word, the girl's brilliance returns as she looks back up at the silenced Li Zhongli. Her aura returns to that false warmth as before the high-strung hush that followed after her statement. "It won't be too much of a loss for you, don't you agree?" Li Zhongli could not see through this eerie child at all, he had seen many types of people in his line of work from greedy to foolishly charitable. This girl was extremely petty and selfish but she was also so generous she would give her everything to those she deems worth it.

But if she is so petty, why go through the trouble of letting an eyesore like Huang Gou Heng live when his mother was the one who took her childhood away from her? He places the contract onto the coffee table, "There is nothing wrong with the contract, but I do have a question for you that may be a cause of concern for you. Do you believe that the boy, Huang Gou Heng, that your father took home to raise should be kept alive? Though he is young, he may very well try to purposely cause disharmony between our families." Though it wasn't too obvious her hand holding the teacup trembled for a second and there was a dark flame that flickered to life into those doll eyes of hers that was most curious to him.

Zhong Zemin could clearly see that Hua Fan's smile had been frozen for a while now in answer to that man's random question and he squeezes her hand to wake her from her daze. Kept alive? Are you planning on killing him? Who allowed you to do this? Who allowed you to even think about killing him?! Her eyes blaze to life while her heart felt as if it had been set aflame by his words. How dare you threaten him in front of me?! Before she could spew the flames of her heart into his face she felt her right hand being squeezed tightly by Zhong Zemin and she quickly regains her false calm.

She blinks once and the emotions swirling in those doll's eyes die out as fast as they came but it was quickly replaced by distaste as she gave a sharp bark of laughter that was unfitting of the delicate doll. "Hahaha! Are you jesting? What kind of joke is this? Are you really trying to test me right now?" But the atmosphere was nothing but funny, it became dense and heavy with each haha leaving her lips. Zhong Zemin had a bad feeling and again tried to reign in Hua Fan's temper, but the girl no longer listened to his silent advice.

She gave Li Zhongli a predator-like grin that was completely different from the soft and playful smiles she had given earlier. Even her voice had gained a dangerous edge that sounded as sharp as knives being flung towards him flying through the air. Hua Fan faces him without flinching with an almost disturbing glimmer in her eyes, "Li Zhongli, I will give you one chance to take back the words you just asked me and never utter his name from your mouth ever again. Although I am a child do you think that I am afraid of going to war with the Li family?"

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