Sexual Escapades with the Chad System Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Sexual Escapades with the Chad System


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Logan, a wannabe master of carnal desire, finds himself on the receiving end of a door handle and dies pathetically. "How did this happen?" he wondered. "I only wanted to lose my virginity..." As he passed onto the his next life, he heard a 'ding' in his head. [Requirements met. Activating <<The Chad System>>] With that, he awoke in an open field. A world full of mystical adventures, powerful experts, and most importantly of all, cute girls, were now Logan's to grasp hold of. For little did Logan know, <<The Chad System>> is a magical system, far more powerful than any seen forever before, for instead of merely helping out with cultivation, <<The Chad System>> makes its users a bonafide Chad. With some help, Logan can plunder the chastity of all the fair maidens in the heavens! 6 chapters a week with Fridays off :P <3 Disclaimer: Contains Adult Themes, Violence, and Harsh Language