1 sex witg mr.lu

what happened last night . where I'm I .....ow no I didn't do it with Mr.lu I did . let's hope that we used protection. Mr Lu's waking up.

chapter 2 I'm pregnant with mr. Lu's baby

what happened oh no we did not we did do we use protection that leaves. I don't think so Mr.lu . go take a pregnancy test. yes mr. Lu. mr. Lu I have bad news I am pregnant with your baby. how is that possible where we drunk. yes but how do we tell everyone I am just the maid. don't worry I'll take care of that. how?

chapter 3 mr. Lu and Kahlua baby shower

this is how if it's a boy will keep it if it's a girl will never ever tell anyone that is my baby. I already looked at the scans it is a boy should we have a baby shower. yes after we get married . what do we have to get married mr. Lu. so then everyone will know that is my baby and yours and if we are not sins. okay mr. Lu. killua you do not have to call me mr. Lu anymore you can call me honey bear and I will call you sweetheart. okay. are we getting married today? yes we are sweetheart I already bought a ring. okay I will go by a wedding dress. I will tell our parents that we are getting married. okay honey bear.

chapter 4 the Wedding

look how beautiful this dresses is. mom do you think so. why don't you just use my dress honey. okay Mom. At the wedding do you mr. Lu take kukuwa to marry you. I do. you kokua text mr. do to be your husband. I do. then you may kiss the bride and have a beautiful family.

chapter 5 the baby shower

I got the gender cake ready and the balloons . the guests are here sweetheart. okay get ready to pop the balloon and Cut the Cake. okay there in pop the balloon. it's a boy guys. congratulations you to. thank you everyone for coming we will now be opening presents.

I want to look honey the first present its is diapers. look a swing. thank thank you everyone you're coming in for these beautiful gifts.

chapter 6 the baby is here

welcome home little boy. please continue reading the next book mr. Lu and kuckoo baby boy life

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