1 Greetings

Aminah..., (POV)

I took a seat in the far back of this dumb ass counseling class. I knew I had sex a lot, OK maybe too much but this is over the top. I'm not a sex addict. I'm just a sex lover.

"Good Morning you all, we're going to state our names and reasons why we are sex addicts."

I groaned in annoyance. "Since you seem sort of cooperative how about you go first Ms. Allen.

I looked up at her with the most astonished and pissed off face I could make. I will turn into Captain slap a hoe, she better not.

"Stand up please...." She smirked and sat down.

"Hi, I'm Christina."

"That's not your name Ms. Allen."

"Listen bitch I'm gonna nee-"

"Aminah! Control please." I glared at the hoe on the chair and sighed. My counselor who was sitting next to me was always with me for these reasons.

"Hello motherfuckers, I'm Aminah. I don't exactly like Captain hoe over there at the moment and apparently because I like to fuck, I'm a fuck addict. Suck my entire ass Captain hoe because honestly, I don't need this dumbass class but my counselor that I love so dearly wants me to take it so I am. And she better pray to God, Allah, Jah or whoever the fuck she worships that I don't choke a hoe in here today. But anyways, apparently, I'm a fuck addict because I like the feeling of a dick inside me and that is all."

I sat down crossing my legs still pissed off and leaving surprised faces all around the room.

"So are you all gonna keep staring or intro-fucking-duce y'all selves. I don't have all day."

One guy stood up. "Hey, I'm Stephen. As she said I don't know why the fuck I'm here." He laughed.

I smiled, I felt that I'm gonna like this guy. He was very handsome if you ask me. Maybe even my next victim.

"Most of yall know me as Wardell Stephen Curry." He chuckled.

Oh. Curry. I swear I heard that name from my father before. But I heard of Dell Curry. I wonder if that's his son.

"You're Dell Curry's son?" He nodded and smiled a toothy grin

He paused and continued. "I'm here because my wife thinks I like to 'get it in' too much. I personally think she doesn't get enough of me so forgive me if I'm wrong but-...."

I busted out laughing. "Nigga said she don't get enough dick." I slapped my knee.

The lady stared at me and sighed. "Ms. Allen, please relax." I wiped a tear and nodded.

"Okay, okay, that was my bad. I apologize." I leaned back still weak from what he said and my counselor hit my leg hard.

I grilled her and she gave me the ultimate death stare. I swear her looks make me shudder. I turned back to this cute ass guy who was still talking.

"Well, point is my wife's the reason I'm here today. I'm really not a sex addict, just as Ms. Allen said over there, I just love sex. And to be honest, Ain't nothing wrong with that. "

"Thank you, that's what I'm saying. " I groaned.

My counselor and Captain hoe stared me down. I hissed my teeth sending the hoe an amazingly bitchy eye roll that stopped halfway when my Counselor stared me down.

Throughout the meeting this Wardell guy kept staring at me and whispering to whatever friend he had with him.

"Why is he still staring.


My counselor looked stressed and stared at me nervously. "Maybe he just like what he sees, let's just hope he's tryna clap you out because I can't right now."

I'm hoping he likes what he sees and wants to fuck. Cause I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

A couple other people spoke, not that I was really paying attention. Some of these motherfuckers got **** charges. I definitely should not be here. The Wardell guy still stared and whispered on about me to his friend.

I took that as my chance to show off my body. I stood up, showing my skin tight black dress that ended right under my knees. I strutted in my black open toed pumps and my circular sunglasses propped on my head. I walked into the bathroom checking myself out, shit, I looked great.

My tight black dress accentuated my curves a lot. I was an okay looking woman. I had a nice set of big jugs and a big butt I guess. If it swallowed my underwear everyday it's big to meeeeee shit.

I brushed my messy bun up a bit with my fingers and got ready to walk out. If he's trying to pursue me, he will definitely be out there waiting.

I smirked and strutted to the hallway. As expected, Wardell was surely out there leaning on the wall sipping on some water, probably trying too figure out a way to approach me.

He looked up smirking. "Ms. Allen, huh?"

".....Or you can call me Christina." I laughed.

"Nahhh, what's your real name babygirl?"

" It's Aminah. Mimi, Mina or NaNa for short. Surprised anyone really cares."

He stared at me for a second, "If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"

"Age is just a number babyboy." I smirked and started walking away.

To my surprise, Wardell grabbed my waist and pulled me into his chest, pinning me between him and the wall. I immediately got wet.

"I suggest you let me go before I make you commit adultery." I looked at him very serious.

He leaned into my ear and bit it, "She doesn't have to know."

The way his lips rubbed against my ear and his breath tickled my neck, I was soaked, ready to have him in me.

"We can take this to my car," I placed my hands on his chest and slid it down to his pants. He was already rock hard.

"I think you need to walk back to the bathroom because I need to be inside you right now." He grunted

I smiled, "Whatever you say.." I pulled the zipper of my dress down all the way in front of him and walked to the bathroom.

He watched me hungrily, rushing after Me. "Shit."

   The bathroom was a family bathroom which means enough Space to get it in and on. I pressed him against the wall quickly removing his polo shirt.

He groaned, "Fuck the clothes, bend over."

I wasn't the one for a bossy kind of guy but I've got to say it was sexy. He grabbed me and bent me over the sink hastily in front of the mirror. I breathed in happily when he pushed himself all the way inside me. Every time I glanced in the mirror I see a shirtless Wardell with his pants at his ankles. His strokes from the back were amazing, I couldn't even keep quiet in the bathroom. I can honestly say if he were to keep going I'd cum for the first time. I watched his faces while he fucked me from the back. His eyes were closed and he had his bottom lip in between his teeth. Every once in a while he licked his lips, grunted, and moaned. I, on the other hand, made a lot of a noise because of how great his strokes were.

I watched Wardell grab a towel from under the sink and throw it on the toilet seat. He sat on it and threw his hands up gesturing me to come to him, "Come and ride this dick."

I did not defy.

I slowly slid on him, staring him in his pretty green eyes. He stared back sexily. Every time he attempted to close his eyes or look away, I grabbed his face making sure he looked me in my eyes and watched while I took his soul. He grabbed my waist breathing deeply and attempted to close his eyes again. "Mmmm mmm Daddy. Thats a no no. Look at me while I ride you." I moaned.

  After I said that I felt his legs shake, looks like I was doing a greattttt job making the cookie crumble. I rotated slowly on him then began bouncing again and his breath caught in his throat. "Ahh fuck."

Wardell finally caved in after some time and grabbed my waist, pressing his face into my chest and quickly lifting me off as he came. His cum flew everywhere before he went soft. I quickly got on my knees and sucked him till he got hard again only to make him cum harder. Yet, this time, he came in my mouth. "Damn...," he breathed.

I stared innocently as if I didn't have a mouth full of his cum. "Be a good girl and swallow." He smirked thinking I wouldn't.

To his surprise, I did, and to top it off I licked every drop off my mouth, chin and fingers. He stared at me biting his lips. "I gotta have you again tonight." He spoke huskily.

I looked at him and smirked. "Oooooh no baby, I only do one timers." I laughed while fixing my dress.

He tucked in his shirt and buttoned his pants still a bit hard. "Why? Do me more than once for a change." He grasped my waist and pressed himself against my ass while I reapplied my lipstick.

"Listen Mr....," I popped a mint in my mouth. "I don't do more than once and that's it."

"Fine so let's have another round."

"Already dressed." I winked

"Cmon don't do me like this." He pleaded

"Why you wanna go at it more than once so bad for? I'll give you exactly a minute to explain before I have to leave and most likely meet my disappointed counselor outside the door."

He sighed, "You're the first woman I had sex with outside of my marriage and I... the way you just...., I don't even know how to explain it."

"-43 seconds"

"Okay okay, just reconsider it please, I like the way we, uh, did what we um... Listen my wife is nothing like that. You're a freak and I just I need you more than this one time. Please....,"

I sighed, I think I just turned a good man out. "O-Okay Wardell. Fine. Let this be known, one more time, for a whole night, then that's it. Deal?"

"Just one more time?" He sighed, "Can I just have you for a while? Why does it have to be just one more time Aminah?"

The way my name rolled off his tongue, I loved it. "I have my reasons Wardell."

"I'm not agreeing to this." He sounded annoyed that I wouldn't cooperate. It amused me, really.

"Whatever, hurry up and give me your number so I can let you know when."

"Alright...., Aminah? "


"Can we make a deal?"

"Let me hear it first." I sighed.

"I never had another woman other than my wife so if I give it to you just the way you like it...without you telling me what to do... Or if I make your body do things it never did before, Can we make a deal that you'll be my fuck Buddy? ....at least." He scratched his head sheepishly and looked away.

"You realize what kind of predicament you're putting yourself in right?" I looked at him curiously

He nodded. "Okay I'll cut you a deal. With all the men I've had sex with, I always fucked them, and they never really fucked me. What I'm trying to say is, I never came before. If you make me cum.... -I can't believe I'm saying this. If you make me cum, I'm all yours. Agreed?"

He looked at me happily. "Agreed. I'm gonna make you cum so hard, I promise."

"Thats what they all sayyyyy Wardell."

Then there were three loud bangs at the door, "Yo Steph, you in there bro?" My eyes went wide and I looked at him.

"Imma be out in a minute Klay."

"Ii bro, imma be back in my seat waiting." Wardell chuckled

"That's my cue to leave." I laughed lowly. He nodded.

" .... Wait. You never told me your age." He looked at me waiting.

"24." I smirked.

"Don't forget to text me." He chuckled while smacking my ass.

When I walked outside and Wardell after me, my counselor was standing right there shaking her head. "Aminah you just don't learn girl."

"Oh c'mon I lasted 5 days, that's progress."

"It's progress you could've added on too."

I shrugged. "I wanted dick, and the heart wants what the heart wants."

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