1 Prologue

Keith looked at the room he was in and everything was as simple as a strapless dress, and Keith hates those devil's dresses. He always said that. Penetrating blue eyes looked at him intently; they wanted to make him fall into the depths of misery. The man walked around in silence, just looking at him. Keith had already gotten used to it, his gaze made him feel as if several daggers were stuck in his whole body. However, the human being is a masochist par excellence so he didn't care, pain doesn't matter anymore when you learn to love it. People love what hurts them.

—Keith Park, a good son according to your parents. —from a chin movement he quickly understood that behind the glass were his parent that were watching what was happening. —What's a good boy doing here? — He asked, arching his eyebrow.

—You tell me, Detective. —Keith arched his eyebrow in the same way. —It was you who brought me here, as if I were a criminal.

What a piece of crap.

—It's for a good cause. —He came to him with the key to the handcuffs. —But I'll take them off you. Let's talk like civilized people. —He finished and then took the annoying handcuffs off Keith, which he appreciated. The handcuffs that criminals use are suffocating.

—Were we going to behave like animals? —He tilted his head to the side. —I told you, I don't know anything.

Keith leaned back from the chair and crossed his arms; being in a police station is boring and annoying. Keith wants to leave that place, but not exactly to his home because it is obvious that his parents will start talking nonsense about their friends and the shameful act that they will not forget now.

—So you don't know anything about Mark Williams' murder. —The man came close to invading his personal space. —I don't believe you, Keith.

—Believe what you want, Mr. Justice. And, please respect my personal space. Just because I'm a suspect doesn't mean you can come at me like that. —Keith said while looking his eyes.

Stupid blue eyes.

Keith's eyes were connected to the man who's questioning him. How come they were once so beautiful? How come those sky-blue eyes became dark, full of arrogance, spite and a thirst for justice? Why does Ketih's chest hurt so much when he remembers the past even when he had already overcome all that?

—Keith, this doesn't have to get any worse. —He approached Keith again. —Confess who did it; it's the only way to get rid of the guilt. If you don't, you'll pay for a sentence that's not yours. —He sighed heavily. —I'll give you a break. Please take into consideration what I said. You must do the right thing. —The man came out of the gray door they came in.

"That's a stupid line that really pisses me off".

Why should we always do the right thing? Why should the bad guys be inferior to the good guys? We have always believed that justice reigns and that the good defeats the bad, but there is something that people do not understand, and by not having sensitivity they are unable to understand, and that is that evil is done because good rejects what is not convenient, or what can create a disorder between the factors.

And it may not make sense to many people, but to him it does. Society is discriminating, there is a line that divides normal and abnormal, good and bad, what is rare for them is bad and what is normal is good, therefore they always go above what is different, and this one has no choice but to be trampled on by what is supposed to be normal and good. In the end even justice can be manipulated in favor of anyone.

"Oh, Dean. Are you really a killer? Why did you do it?". Keith asked himself.

He shouldn't take justice into his own hands. In the end the only one who got screwed was him. Keith once told him and he lied to him, he said it was just a joke that he wouldn't do such a thing but he did and now they're in a police station. Each and every one of them is being investigated while he is off somewhere. He expects Dean to be away, so far away that the blame for his actions will not reach him or at least justice will not, hopefully and he can escape, if not him will be in prison for life.

Keith wonders how the others are, he can't imagine their faces when the police went to look for them, and possibly it was the same as him. It was pure fear. Although they knew that sooner or later they would come for them, but fear never disappears, and if Keith learned anything it is that even if hope accepts its defeat, fear does not disappear, it only gets stronger.

Suddenly they open the door. The detective returned with a coffee in his hands, tonight will be long.

—One of your friends confessed. — The man said.

Keith's stomach turned.

How is that possible? Senna, Shaun, Taylor and he agreed not to say anything. None of them will say anything that could hurt Dean, he's their friend and they won't betray him. They all trust each other. There's no way any of them could have said anything.

Keith thinks about it a little and decides to keep his cool and casual stance.

_ According to you... Who confessed? —He arched an eyebrow. —Tell me his name, please.

He left his coffee on the table and sat down.

—It was a girl named Alexia. —She said the culprit is Dean , stepson of the victim. —The man explained.

Keith laughs. These are absurd police strategies. They should know that in the 21st century that specific strategy is outdated.

—Well. I'm very glad, Mr. Justice. —Keith smiled lewdly. —You can go after whoever did it now.

Keith saw his chin squeeze, a clear sign that his plan had failed. The detective took a sip of his coffee and said absolutely nothing. He knows his plan has failed; he couldn't fool Keith at all.

—Mr. Detective. —Keith smiled. —Next time you should investigate who the suspect's real friends are. You should know there's a big difference between acquaintances and friends.

He'll need better strategies if he wants Keith or any of his friends to talk.

Then the hours passed and they were still in the same situation. The detective was reading some documents, information about his friends possibly. Keith, on the other hand, looked at him. That was a bad idea because Keith's stomach was tingling. Maybe it was nerves, maybe it was memories, or maybe it was his feelings. This man in front of him was one of his friends, and also his first and only love. Keith could never admit it out loud but this detective is the only person Keith has ever fallen in love with in his entire life.

—Are my friends being questioned too? —He asked.

The silence began to irritate him.

—Yeah, except Dean. —He looked over the papers he was holding. —The suspect.

Keith looked at him with annoyance. This is not the time or place to make jokes.

—And until he shows up and tells his side of the story... He's still the prime suspect in his stepfather's death.

His eyes turned dark blue, he's being serious. The man looked Keith in the eyes. The two of them were looking at each other very carefully, so much so that Keith's heart began to beat faster.

—I know it. —Keith sighed heavily. —He didn't... He couldn't have.

—I hope not. —The man stood up. —I don't want to arrest one of my old friends for having problems in his family. —He added.

That's not what this is about.

Keith got up and they both stood facing each other, the difference in height was not much but the detective was taller than Keith. The man was tall, he had muscle without being exaggerated and it was evident that the man was working out. Keith on the other hand was thin without being exaggerated; his black hair highlighted his gray eyes as well as his porcelain skin.

—Everyone has their own reality. —He laughed bitterly. —And you know that better than anyone else because you have yours too, Nathan.

Keith had hit the nail on the head. He walked away from the detective who said nothing. Keith is right, and the detective knows it. Nathan, his old friend and first love, also has a reality that few know.

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