1 reincarnation

I was going on my way I turn to go down a Ally and BOOM I get hit with a truck. I felt my brains explode. next thing I know, I'm in a werid room That's all gray bricks. [ding, you have been reincarnated into a new world WE shall give you a system to help you, good luck young mortal] "understood" [THEY have left already, you have a gift box do you want to open it? Y/N] "yes, open it please" [ding, you gained seven deadly sin C.T., you gained seven deadly sin martial arts, you gained shop system, you gained 7 monster cores.] "sweet, thanks system, wait do you have a name?" [I don't have a name you may give me a name] "I dub thee Karen, wait a sec... what's my name?" [your name is Alex, I am not allowed to give you more info on your past life Alex]

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