1 Prologue

♪☆♪☆♪Lucy POV♪☆♪☆♪

I walked in the streets thinking about Natsu and looking dazed.

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"I wonder what Natsu is doing." I said to myself when I heard a voice.


I turned to see an old lady with a dark cloak. Beside the lady was a sign that said 'Fortune-telling for 10 jewel'

"I see that you are destined to be cursed when you find the one you truly love"

"What kind of curse?"

"When you fall in love with someone, you....will die."

What!? There is no way that could be true! ...But what if it is? "Is there any way to lift the curse?" I looked back at the lady but she was no longer there.

"I shouldn't believe things like that" I sighed.

I walked to the guild and as I walked in, Natsu fell on me. *Ba-dump* His face is so close!! And what was that Ba-dump! It's not like I like him or anything! I blushed slightly and hurried to get up.

"Oh! Lucy good morning!" Natsu said smiling.

"Hi Natsu"

I walked inside the guild and saw the usual boisterous guild. As I looked around I saw Lisanna sitting at a table glaring at me. Glaring? Was she angry on how I was so close to Natsu?

I saw Natsu go up Lisanna and sit next to her. Why does my heart hurt so much when I look at them?

♪☆♪☆♪ Later in Lucy's apartment♪☆♪☆♪

I lay down on my bed, tired. Why do I keep thinking about Natsu!? I'm so confused right now! Do I like Natsu? When I think about Natsu my heart starts beating so fast.....I think..I think I like Natsu..

As I thought that, a skull engulfed in purple flames appeared beside me.

"Who or what are you?" My back was against the wall and my knees were pulled up to my face. I was shaking and sweat dripped off my face as I stared at the skull when it finally spoke.

"....you...you will be cursed for loving someone...you have seven days to live..spend it wisely"

When it finished speaking it disappeared without the chance for me respond.

"Why me? Just what the hell is happening!?"

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