9 Day 7

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

Today is the day I die.

That's all I could think about when I woke up.

I don't want to die. I sigh thinking of all the wonderful things I would leave. Having fun with everyone in the guild, going on missions and always going to far (like destroying a city), and most of all, Natsu...

I jump out of my bed when I feel something squirming under my blanket. I quickly throw the blanket off only to see Natsu.

"NATSU!!" My nerve bulged as I scream and I kick him off the bed. He wakes up and suddenly grabs me.

"Are you still alive? Does anything hurt?" He says.

"Can't you see I'm alive you idiot"

"Thank goodness"

"Do...do you think I should tell the rest of the guild?" I ask Natsu after hesitating for a while.

"Just tell them. Maybe they can help find a solution"

We walk to the guild together. When we get to the guild Gajeel was singing and everyone else was throwing their garbage at him.

Natsu kicks Gajeel off the stage and they start fighting in the corner. Meanwhile, I get on and take the mic.

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I get everyone's attention and start explaining my situation to them. When I finish, everyone is silent.

Then, Levy walks up to me and slaps me.

"Why didn't you tell us?! We're friends! We're family! Do you not trust us?" She was visibly angry but had tears streaming down her face.

"Levy..." At that moment, I also start crying. "Sorry. Sorry everyone"

☆♪☆♪☆ Third POV ☆♪☆♪☆

The whole guild started to research how to break the curse and tried everything they could think of. Porlyusica even helped out but they still couldn't break the curse.

☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

Everyone had tears in their eyes saying 'sorry' to me.

"It's okay. Everyone here has been like a family to me and I will never forget you guys. Thank you" I could feel tears welling up so I quickly walk out of the guild.

☆♪☆♪☆ Natsu's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

I watch Lucy exit the guild and see a trail of tears follow her. I quickly go after her and find her at the side of the canal near her apartment.

She quickly wipes away her tears when she hears me approaching and faces me.


☆♪☆♪☆ Lucy's POV ☆♪☆♪☆

I stand up and embrace him. His body stiffens when we touch but then he relaxes and hugs me back.

"I don't want to die. I want to be with with Natsu" I whisper into his chest. Tears roll down my face, onto Natsu's chest.

Suddenly, the skull (refer to prologue) appeared before us and we jump away from it.

It cackled and said in a playful tone, "Time's up~. Have fun in HELL!"

I feel my body heat up and I see black flames slowly engulf me. I slowly lost my strength and fell to the ground screaming. There was excruciating pain throughout my body.

"Lucy!" Natsu yells out in shock and worry. Please...get away. I don't want you to get hurt because of me... I force myself to stand and take a wobbly step backwards as Natsu came towards me.

"Stay away" I say. But Natsu doesn't listen and rushes towards me.

"I'm Salamander! A little fire won't stop me!" He walk through the flames and tries to eat it but it only grew bigger and bigger.

"...it's no use..." I weakly tell him. He pulls me in a tight hug. My eyes widen as I felt my shoulder getting wet.


"Yeah...I love you too" our faces get closer and closer until our lips crashed into each other. He put his hand behind my head to deepen the kiss and I returned it.

Suddenly, the fire started to die down. The skull once again appeared but this time, it began to crack until it shattered. A small girl of about a 3-inch height with wings appeared.

"Nice to meet you! My name is Aphrodite. I'm the fairy of love. Thank you from saving me from the curse. I don't want anymore people to die because of me..." Aphrodite looked down with sad eyes. She lifted her arms and a ball of light appeared. The light disappears and she held a silver bell. "I will someday return your kindness. You can use this to call me. But until then I bid you goodbye"

She hands me the bell and flys off.

"So fairies do exist" Natsu says.

"But they don't have tails after all." I reply thinking of our guild name.

"Let's go back to the guild to tell everyone the good news!"

"Yeah I didn't really expect to survive"

"What are you talking about? Of course you would've been fine. You have me. Also, I was talking about announcing that you're my girlfriend" *blush*

Happily Ever After